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Tile Trends Expected To Be BIG In 2022: Textures, Patterns & Shapes

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Tile trends of 2022 are embracing a world of colour, texture and exciting earthy materials. Home colour schemes are reflecting our need for comfort, security and a sense of calm in the home and these qualities are best represented with the inclusion of more texture, pattern and shapes in our interiors along with luscious materials and nature inspired colour options. 


Three dimensional pattern tiles are steadily growing in popularity thanks to their unique ability to create a bold, dramatic statement in the home. These tiles are best used as a feature wall tile in a home’s living space, bathroom or kitchen and can be accented with the use of feature lighting that will highlight their three-dimensional pattern to create a display of light and dark, further enhancing their dramatic and stylish qualities.

Our stylish Deco Kit Kat Tiles combine the trending finger mosaic tile format with three dimensional patterns, the perfect choice in creating a sense of pattern and texture in any interior design scheme.


Patterns can be created in a variety of ways using tiles. Subway tiles for example can be laid in a range of different styles from the traditional brick bond layout to the trending herringbone or vertically stacked styles. Patterns can also be introduced in your interior design scheme using feature pattern tiles that use intricate, highly detailed designs printed onto the tiles themselves. These tiles are often used in period style homes as their repeating designs are suited to the architectural era of the building however, they have been reinvented to show selections in both traditional designs as well as more modern interpretations, allowing their use in more contemporary styled homes. 

A modern interpretation of the traditional period style pattern tiles, our Busan collection is made in Spain and features a range of stylish designs to choose from. 


Traditionally handmade tiles are created in many parts of the world using centuries old techniques. These tiles will show a wonderfully tactile undulating surface finish with slight uneven edges and varying shades of colour, making each individual tile unique from the next. This celebration of imperfections creates a warm and soothing atmosphere in the home, making them a timeless choice in any application. For those looking for an option in a different price point however, handmade-look tiles will offer a similar look in the home. 

These tiles are machine made and specifically designed to simulate the look and feel of a traditionally handmade product. It should be noted that in order to achieve the best finish using handmade-look tiles, seeking out a collection that shows a fair amount of variations between each tile is the key in creating the perfect look. Our guide on tile terms and tile variations will point you in the right direction!

Available in a selection of soft colours, our Lucida Wall Tiles are designed to simulate the look and undulating feel of an authentically handmade tile. These luscious, glossy tiles include slight variations in depth of colour, uneven edges and a wonderfully textured surface finish for the perfect look.


Finger tiles (also referred to as Kit Kat Tiles) use a small, rectangular shape to create repeating patterns in a design scheme that introduces a tactile layer to your home’s interior. Thanks to the growing popularity of these stylish tiles, they are becoming available in a vast range of materials and colours, offering an endless range of possibilities when it comes to creating a feature element in your home. Using the right materials, these tiles can be used as a timeless splashback tile, as a bathroom feature tile or even to clad a modern fireplace to create a cosy touch in the home. 

Made in Japan, the elegant Suti Japanese Mosaic Tiles offer a sleek and contemporary take on the traditional patterns and designs most often seen in traditional Japanese architecture. These luscious tiles are available in a range of deep, modern colour options and can be used to create a wonderfully tactile feature wall or kitchen splashback in the home.

Tile trends of 2022 are reflecting a need for a sense of calm, tranquillity and warmth in the home, embracing softer colour options and pairing these with elegant, timeless materials and spectacular textures to create a soothing environment in the home. Our Richmond tiles showroom is constantly being updated with new and exciting pieces allowing you the opportunity to explore your creativity to create a design style that is truly unique and personal.