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Tile Trends Expected To Be BIG In 2022: Colours & Materials

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Tile trends of 2022 reflect the need for a sense of warmth and comfort in the home with a range of textures, soft, warm colours such as pastels and earthy tones as well as a range of wonderfully tactile materials such as concrete, terrazzo and natural stones. Using textured surfaces in the home provides a comforting touch, a sense of security and of relaxation, ensuring your home’s new design creates the ultimate sanctuary! From delightful pastel tones to luxurious natural materials and nature inspired colour palettes, these are the top tile trends to keep an eye out for in 2022!


Pastel toned tiles create a sense of wonder in any interior design scheme. Their soft, delicate tones are often associated with playfulness, romance and warmth, making them a strong choice for ensuite bathrooms, as a living room feature wall or as a country kitchen splashback tile. Pastel tones such as mint green, blush pink and lemon yellow are often used in design schemes as an alternative option to traditional neutral tones such as beige, white or grey. 

Nakito_Tile Trends 2022

The Nakito Porcelain tiles feature a trending slim format finger tile in an array of soft and playful pastel tones. These trending tiles offer the perfect choice as a bathroom feature wall or a kitchen splashback, adding a pop of soft colour as well as a delightful textured finish in your design scheme. 

Pastel tones offer the same qualities as traditional neutral tones in the sense that they can effortlessly tie in with a range of different materials and colours, offering a soft contrasting touch to bolder material choices such as timber, stone or concrete for example, each of which you will find included in trending colour schemes of 2022.


Taking a step away from the soft colourings of the trending pastel tones, rich earthy colours provide a luxe nature inspired colour palette that complements just about any style of home, from contemporary styled architecture to traditional and classic homes. Earthy toned colour schemes include rustic, textured timber-look tiles, natural stone tiles such as marble or travertine and deep, rich terracotta tones. Each of these luscious, nature-inspired tiling options adds texture and warmth to a design scheme while creating a comforting atmosphere, perfectly suited for relaxation. 

earth collection_Tile Trends 2022

The aptly named Earth porcelain tiles offer a perfect simulation of traditional Cottos tiles which were handmade in Europe centuries ago. Italian made, this collection is available in impressive large formats as well as a stylish brick or subway tile shape. 


Terrazzo tiles continue to be a hot trend in the world of interior design thanks to their classic charm and unique, speckled patterns. Traditional terrazzo tiles are made using small pieces of natural stones (such as marble and granite for example) or coloured glass that is embedded into a concrete tile before drying off. Each tile is unique to the next, providing a stylish choice as a floor tile or wall tile throughout your home’s interiors. 

For those looking for more of a lightweight and low maintenance option, terrazzo-look tiles are the next best choice. These tiles are made of strong and durable porcelain and are specifically designed to simulate the look and feel of an authentic terrazzo tile.

New Tech_Tile Trends 2022

Sleek and stylish, the elegant New Tech Terrazzo tile collection includes a range of soothing, earthy tones in a modern large format that is perfect for creating a continuous flooring finish throughout your open plan living, dining and kitchen areas. 


Similar to terrazzo tiles, you will find that natural stone tiles are available in two options: traditional, authentic natural stones such as marbles, granite, limestone and more and stone-look options that are made of porcelain instead for more of a lightweight material option. No matter which material you choose, natural stone tiles offer a timeless material selection for any space of the home from the kitchen to the bathroom, adding a luxurious finishing touch to a design scheme. 

Piccolo_Tile Trends 2022

The luxurious and elegant Piccolo Marble Mosaic tiles feature a stylish fan pattern made of small pieces of Tumbled Thassos and Carrara natural marbles. These show-stopping tiles can be used as both a floor or wall finish making them a timeless choice for any area of the home. 

These tile trends can be used throughout your interiors, from the kitchen to the bathroom and even as a floor finish in your transitional spaces, acting as a means of connecting each area of the home. Offering a timeless, elegant and classic look in the home, you will find that each of these trending options can pair exceptionally well with a range of different interior design styles from contemporary to traditional. Our team at Perini Tiles can guide you through the very best trending designer tile options to suit your requirements and personal design style. Visit our Richmond tiles showroom to get started on your new year projects!