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Tile Trends Expected to be BIG in 2021

As 2020 comes to an end, we are all looking forward to seeing some new and exciting interior design trends in 2021! Bigger, bolder colours, luscious textures and warm, earthy tones will all be showing up throughout our interior design schemes in the new year, all of which are reflected in the latest collections of bathroom tiles and bathroom design trends. Modern tile manufacturing techniques have paved the way in creating an impressive range of textures, 3D effects and perfect replicas of natural products such as timber, terrazzo and marble, all trends that we will be seeing plenty more of in the next year.

3D Effect Tiles

3D effect tiles are most often made of porcelain, offering a durable and hard wearing surface finish for the home that is suitable for all vertical applications. These tiles can be used to create feature elements right throughout your home’s interiors, from the living area for example, or as a bathroom feature wall tile and even as kitchen splashback tiles, being especially effective when used in conjunction with strategically placed lighting fixtures that will highlight the three dimensional patterning and designs.  

The ultra-modern Biscuit collection includes a range of tactile 3D effect tile patterns which can be highlighted by feature lighting to create a truly show-stopping and bold look in your next design project.

3d tiles

The Konvek collection of wall tiles offers beautiful colour variation and a convex 3d format that are suitable for all splashback areas or entire walls

Natural Stone: Marble and Terrazzo Tiles

Natural stone tiles are always on trend, offering a timeless elegance in any style of interior. Throughout 2021 however, we expect to see plenty more marble tiles (as well as porcelain marble-look varieties) in both white and black options as well as classic terrazzo tiles. Terrazzo tiles have made quite the impact in our interior design schemes throughout 2020, delivering a long lasting and hard wearing surface that can be used in all areas of the home. These sturdy tiles provide a wonderful addition to your home’s colour palette, creating a surprisingly neutral element that has the ability to pair exceptionally well with a vast range of colours, materials and finishes, as do marble tiles. These unique qualities will ensure the timeless appeal of your design, making natural stone and terrazzo tiles an excellent choice for any design project.


Terrazzo tiles offer a luscious, timeless look in the home while also being the perfect complementary material for bolder colours and material choices such as deep charcoal tones, bright metallic hardware and bold feature colours.

piccolo marble mosaics

Piccolo Tumbled Thassos marble mosaic tiles offers a timeless look and ooze opulence with the use of luxury natural stone.

Vintage & Retro Tiles

Creating a warm and cosy atmosphere that is full of charm, vintage and retro inspired tiles will continue to pop up in interiors throughout 2021 and beyond. Once again offering a wonderfully timeless option, these collections can be used in a wide range of applications throughout the home; they can perfectly complement a period style home makeover, offering a nod to the home’s heritage or alternatively, can be used to introduce a sense of pattern and colour in a more modern or contemporary space. 

vintage tiles

The stunning Tranquil porcelain tiles include a range of exciting vintage and retro inspired patterns in the collection and can be used as a feature wall or floor tile, offering flexibility in your next project.

geometric floor tiles

The Beach Club offers warm natural tones and interesting geometric shapes that create a fun retro feel. The Beach Club collection is made of concrete and is designed by leading Australian interior and fashion stylist Sarah Ellison.

Handmade Tiles

Handmade tiles have long been favoured in interiors the world over thanks to their unique and characteristic beauty. With each piece being different from the next, handmade tiles offer a spectacularly varied finish using organic curves and subtle undulations in the surface that create a water-like ripple effect among the delightfully varied colours present in the tiles themselves. There are many exciting shapes, colours and finishes to choose from when selecting handmade tiles – You can even create a completely custom order where you have the creative freedom to specify your preferred shape and colour for a look that is truly unique. The personal touch of handmade tiles in the home is simply unparalleled! 

lantern tiles

Made entirely by hand right here in Australia, the Speciale collection offers a spectacular range of exciting shapes and bold, vivid colours. From trending fish scale tiles to the timeless lantern shapes, you’ll find an option that is perfect for your project!

handmade arabian tiles

Characterised by their irregularities and imperfections, Arabian tiles are handcrafted in Morocco and offer an array of traditional colours and sizes.

Colours & Textures 

Other exciting tile and interior design trends to keep an eye out for throughout 2021 include a range of bright, bold colours, earthy neutral tones and a variety of tactile textures. Shimmering emerald greens, deep sapphire blues, burnt orange, terracotta and mossy greens will all be showing up in upcoming interior design schemes. You’ll find these colours reflected not only in new tile collections but also in wallpapers, interior painting schemes, accessories and home décor. These bolder colours are complemented with warm, earthy neutral tones such as warm, milky whites, light coffee hues and warm charcoals for a sense of balance and harmony. 

warm white wall tiles

Combining a range of up and coming interior design trends, this bathroom design boasts a beautifully textured concrete basin atop a light toned timber vanity. Soft, timber tones are reflected in the floor tiles that are offset by warm white wall tiles and bright gold hardware to create a timeless aesthetic in the space.

subway wall tiles

The Metro Porcelain collection perfectly simulate artisan tiles made and glazed by hand. Characterized by beautiful colour and pattern variation as well as offering an undulated glossy finish

As colour palettes lean towards embracing a softer aesthetic that focuses on comfort and security, a range of luscious textures will also be included in our home design and decorating schemes. Tactile concrete textures, warm terracotta tones and light timbers will be featuring in interiors in the new year, complemented by a range of sleek matte surface finishes and bright gold hardware and tapware for a timeless and elegant look.

terracotta floor tiles

Made In Italy, the Tallon porcelain collection in Cotto encapsulates natural terracotta with hints of metallic characteristics.


terracotta look tiles

Made in Italy, the Earth porcelain collection simulates Cotto tiles that were traditionally handmade and produced in Europe centuries ago. Earth offers the same handmade texture and perfectly captures the beautiful rich natural terracotta colours.

Our team at Perini Tiles can guide you through the process of selecting your new tiles as well as coordinating finishes such as paint colours, benchtops and cabinetry to create an interior style that truly reflects your own personal creative flair. Visit our Richmond Tile Showroom or book a free online design consultation to start creating your dream home!