Tile trends expected to be BIG in 2016


Held every year in Bologna, Italy, the largest tile exhibition Cersaie gives the world’s best tile manufacturers the opportunity to showcase their latest and greatest collections and forecast not only the next big thing but also set the trends for the following year and often beyond. Going from the new releases this year we are in for an exciting 2016 with fabulous new products as well as current trends being further developed and taking on new life. Here is a rundown of what is expected to trend over the next year.

1. Brick

The raw and rustic beauty of exposed brickwork looks equally great in contemporary and classic designs. However, due to the high maintenance and the labour intense work involved in achieving this look, it has been out of reach for most people, until now.  With the new introduction of porcelain made bricks the resemblance is so true-to-life you’d be hard pressed to see the difference between the man-made version and the real thing.  Every detail, texture and colour variation has been carefully considered including the mortar and the end result is nothing short of spectacular.

Wall Tiles, Brick Tiles, Brix CollectionBrix collection

2. Geometric

Geometric tile takes on a new meaning in 2016.  Standard cubes and penny rounds are out making room for new patterns such as irregular hexagons, diamonds and star shapes.  The shape of the tile has become the focal point adding creative interest and a design element not seen before. 

Wall Tiles, Geometric Tiles, Gem Stone CollectionGem Stone Collection

Wall Tiles, Geometric Tiles, Flintstone CollectionFlintstone Collection

3. Chevron / Herringbone pattern

New textures inspired by a variety of material including porcelain, wood, metal, marble and stone will hit our shores in 2016 taking this age-old pattern to greater heights and further increasing its popularity status.  

Floor Tiles, Herringbone Tiles, NYC CollectionNYC Collection

4. Colour and handmade

Even though earthy greys and neutrals will never go out of fashion, expect a welcoming shift towards a lot more colour, personality and handmade texture in 2016 . There’s something very special about tiles made by hand that cannot be captured by a factory made product.  Handmade tiles encapsulate a unique and irresistible human quality with their subtle imperfections and colour rich tones.

Wall Tiles, Colour and Handmade Tiles, Sofia CollectionSofia Collection

5. Terrazzo look

There’s been a lot of  hype on Carrara and Calacatta marble tiles of late and as beautiful as they are, 2016 will demand you pay attention to the very stylish, edgy tones and patterns of terrazzo stone.  The technology is so advanced these days that the porcelain product flawlessly simulates the real thing making it even more irresistible when installed.

Wall Tiles, Terrazzo Look Tiles, Stone Tiles, Savona CollectionSavona Collection

6. 3D tiles

Although already introduced into the marketplace, 3D tiles will hit new levels in 2016 pushing the boundaries of design even further. New styles, colours and patterns adding dimension and pattern that appear to be jumping off the walls will hit our shores changing the way we think about tiles forever.

Wall Tiles, 3D Tiles, Hexagon Tiles, Hive CollectionHive Collection

7. Hexagon

Hexagons have been popular for some time now and are showing no signs of waning in 2016.  In fact the new breed of this versatile format have taken on new life and are demanding the spotlight once again.  Manufacturers are thinking outside the square and have created a revival by using new materials, textures, colours and formats. New for 2016 are these super-sized hexagons in an array of colours and textures creating serious drama and stunning visual impact.

Floor Tiles, Hexagon Tiles, Mellila CollectionMellila Collection