Tile Trend: Moroccan Style


Hands down, the new ‘super-model’ in the tile world are made with Moroccan design in mind and the latest arrivals with their intricate detail and sublime patterns are true works of art, not to mention breathtakingly beautiful.  Here are a few that will make you want to find a place in your home to tile.

The arabesque shaped tile is a classic exotic Moroccan motif that can be used to highlight areas of the home such as kitchen, bathroom splash backs and feature walls.

Moroccan collection

Kaleidoscope-like patterns add an exciting and bold ambience to interior walls

Jaipur collection

The ‘fan’ or ‘fish scale’ format is a popular Moroccan shape and makes a sophisticated and bold statement.  Shown here in a vivid green. Image by www.inside.com.au

Mermaid Collection in Turchese

Moroccan style includes the use of effervescent blues and greens, burnt reds and oranges and enchanting metallics, silver and gold. The Di Lusso collection is a hand made terracotta collection with a distinct Moroccan flavour.

Di Lusso Collection

Flaster tiles are hand made concrete tiles that offer captivating colours in an ornate arabesque format

Flaster collection

Although vibrant colours are most renowned in Moroccan design, subtle colours in intricate patterns are popular and the result can be dramatic.

Arcade Collection

Image- mycraftwork.com