Tile Trend- Handmade Tiles


Handmade tiles evoke a naturally appealing human quality that simply cannot be achieved with a factory-made product.  Handmade characteristics such as imperfect edges, glaze variation and colours that contrast from tile to tile highlight their unique beauty.

When handmade tiles are baked in a kiln, colours and designs are never consistent or uniform. Colour can vary drastically from tile to tile due to the firing process and the variation of heat that occurs in the kiln while baking.

Di Lusso- Azzuro Colour

Once tiles have been fired and left to cool down the glaze will set differently in each tile.  They may also develop slight cracks in the glaze known as ‘crazing’.  In my opinion these sublime imperfections and patterns created are true works of art and breathtakingly beautiful.

Sofia is a new range of handmade tile available for the first time in Australia and offering over 30 colours and 4 different formats. Glazes are brushed on by hand as is visually evident in some of the products. Colour variation can also differ dramatically depending on the colour chosen.

Sofia Collection

‘Coke’ colour in the Sofia Collection offers a high contrast of tones that when installed create a visually spectacular effect.

Whilst other Sofia colours offer a slight yet evident variation of colour that when installed en-masse add an understated subtle movement on the walls.

Sofia- Jasper Red Colour

Sofia- Pacifica Colour