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Tile Size Variations: Why are my Tiles in Different Sizes?

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When selecting your new tiles there are many things to consider, from colour and style options to shapes and sizes. Each option in a tile store will include a nominated standard tile size in its description so why then are there tile size variations present within the same collection or batch?

What is Nominal Tile Sizing?

The term ‘Nominal tile sizing’ refers to the most common size options that are available in various floor or wall tile collections. You will find that most tile stores will house selections of wall or floor tiles that range in size from the smaller formats of 200 x 200mm to larger sizes of 600 x 1200mm especially in porcelain tile collections where these jumbo tile sizes are simple to achieve with modern tile manufacturing techniques.

Denali Porcelain Tiles_Tile Size Variations

The Denali Porcelain Tile collection offers a realistic replica of natural stone complete with variations in tone and pattern for an authentic touch. The collection is available in an impressive range of varied sizes to suit all applications.

Noted tile descriptions or specifications will include a standard tile size similar to those noted above that will allow you a realistic idea of the product’s overall size however, it should be noted that some variations in these sizes can occur. If the product states it is 600 x 600mm it may actually be 597 x 597mm or similar.

Nominal Tile Sizing: Why don’t my tiles line up?

Although tiles are labelled with a specific tile size, it is always important to note that minor variations can occur not only against other ranges with the same nominated size but also within the same tile collection and across different batches.

Slight variations in tile sizes have long been a standard factor of the tile manufacturing industry with tiles in specific collections and even batches varying in size by a few millimetres in length or width. This is not a fault in the tiles. Should your project require very specific tile sizes, we recommend this be discussed with your consultant in our tile showroom prior to placing your order to ensure the very best outcome for your design.