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The Tile trends expected to be BIG

Natural textures, organic shapes and soft, tranquil colour profiles feature in interior design trends of 2020 as our focus shifts away from the materialistic habits of the past to a greener tomorrow. With increased attention on sustainability in the home, this notion is further reflected in upcoming home design trends which are perfectly apparent in these selected tile designs, with each style demonstrating the ‘back to nature’ approach of future design trends.

Moroccon Tiles: The Arabian Collection

handmade moroccan tilesAvailable in an impressive assortment of colours and shapes, the handmade Arabian tile collection provides the perfect representation of forecasted interior trends leading us into 2020. Soft neutral tones, playful pastels and deep, bold colours all feature in this exquisite range.

Moroccan tiles have long been a favourite in the interior design world and will continue to be a hot trend well throughout 2020, where more organic shapes and textures will be overtaking the structured lines we have become accustomed to seeing in trends of late.

An authentic Moroccan tile, the Arabian collection is completely hand made using traditional tile-making techniques that have been employed for centuries. Celebrating the unique imperfections of a handmade product, these tiles create a highly tactile surface finish in any project, instantly injecting your colour scheme with an earthy warmth and timeless appeal. Each individual piece features its own unique character with variations in shape, tone and texture that can be expected in any handmade product, creating a truly individual style in your project. 

Natural Stone Tiles: Pippa Stone

natural stone mosaicsVelvety smooth natural marble tiles create a distinct air of luxury and sophistication in the home that is simply unparalleled! The Pippa Stone collection includes several varying types of marble, from soft whites to more dramatic darker selections.

We’ll be seeing plenty of natural materials and textures in interiors in 2020, with the enduring elegance and beauty of marble continuing to be a standout feature in the design world. Displaying a naturally occurring tonal and pattern variation, marble tiles make for the ultimate statement piece in your project, instantly creating that sought after ‘wow factor’. The Pippa Stone Collection features rectified edges and a smooth, velvety-soft tile finish that simply oozes elegance and sophistication making it the perfect standout piece for any style of home, from the more traditional to the ultra-modern.

Marble Inspired Tiles: The Supreme Collection

marble look tilesA dynamic design that makes for the perfect complement to any solid coloured feature wall, the Supreme porcelain tile collection offers a modern interpretation on the organic variations more commonly seen in natural stones.

An incredibly original spin on the classic veined marble look, the Supreme porcelain tile collection boasts bold, characteristic patterns in a dramatic large format. Made in Italy, this exciting range is suited for both floor and wall use, making it an extremely versatile solution for the modern home. Thanks to the achromatic theme of this range, these tiles make the perfect complement for stronger colours such as plum, navy, blush and mint: all of which will also be featured prominently in forecasted interior design trends.

Wallpaper Inspired Tiles: Paper41 Pro Collection

wallpaper tilesPaper41 Pro uses bold, vibrant colours and patterns to create the distinct look of a traditional wallpaper using the more versatile porcelain material instead.

Created using high definition digital ink, the Italian made Paper41 Pro collection is made of ultra-thin 3.5mm porcelain. The tiling industry’s answer to higher maintenance traditional wallpapers, the Paper41 Pro range provides the same pattern and high-energy colour palette one would expect from modern wallpaper designs in a more durable porcelain material. Available in a wide assortment of designs, from abstract patterns to traditional motifs and botanical imagery, this collection promises to create the ultimate feature wall in your project.

Moroccan Mosaic Tiles: Temple Collection

moroccan mosaic tilesAnother stunning Moroccan tile, the Temple Collection offers a wonderfully organic pattern that can be used in any area of the home, from the kitchen to the bathroom.

A glazed porcelain mosaic tile, the ornate patterns created by the elegant and stylish Temple collection allow it to be used in many areas of the home. From creating a subdued feature wall in your bathroom to adding a stately touch in your kitchen as a low maintenance splashback solution, the Temple collection is available in a crisp white, minty green and a luscious sky blue, tying in extremely well with forecasted colour trends of the new year.

Concrete Inspired Tiles: Mate Collection 

chevron porcelain tilesIncluding an exquisite collection of both marble and concrete inspired surfaces, the Mate range is made of hard wearing porcelain in a sleek, matte finish to suit the modern home.

Including an incredibly realistic representation of a concrete surface, the Mate collection also includes marble-inspired designs, allowing you the freedom to contrast these two finishes for the perfect pairing in your design. Made in Italy using quality porcelain, this collection includes various shapes and sizes, from the very well sought after chevron tiles, to octagons and fes styles, enabling a vast amount of creativity in your design.

Distinct Shapes: Stellar Collection

designer shapes tile collectionOut of this world shapes and patterns make up the Stellar collection, a unique porcelain mosaic tile that can be used as both a floor or wall finish.

The perfect feature tile, our Stellar collection shows off the exciting new shapes we can expect to see a lot more of in 2020 and can be used as either a floor or wall finish. Available in various neutral tones, including a soft dusty blush, warm white and black, these mosaic tiles can either be contrasted or complemented with your selected grout colour to create a truly extraordinary feature in your space.  

3D Patterned Tiles: The Biscuit Collection

3D patterned tilesA tactile, three dimensional porcelain tile, the Biscuit collection makes for the perfect feature wall in your next project, offering a combination of both raised and smooth surfaces.

Create an absolute feast for the senses using the exciting three dimensional characteristic of the Biscuit porcelain tile collection. A symphony of pattern and texture combined with a warm and earthy colour palette, the Biscuit range delivers all the very best elements of the most popular design trends leading us into the new year.

Encaustic Inspired Tiles: The Futura Collection

encaustic inspired tilesA perfect replica of traditional encaustic tiles, the Futura collection is made of highly durable porcelain and boasts a playful range of pastel tones and neutrals in soft, geometric patterns.

Traditional encaustic tiles are often used to create a vintage inspired design, adding a softness and warmth in an interior scheme. As they are often made of cement, encaustic tiles are porous in nature, requiring continuous maintenance in the home to ensure they are not stained or damaged. The Futura collection offers that same vintage vibe often seen in encaustic tiles, combined with the famously low-maintenance porcelain tile material, catapulting this much coveted look into design trends of the future. The collection offers a modern twist on this old favourite, not only by employing a more durable material but also by introducing bold geometric patterns and shapes, available in a stunning array of pastel tones and neutrals to suit any style of design. 

With so many exciting new collections available in the world of tiles, the possibilities truly are endless. These selected styles are all perfect examples of what we can expect to see more of in interiors throughout the new year and beyond as we embrace a more natural colour palette and material selection in our homes. 

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