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The Pros & Cons of Matte Tiles in the Bathroom

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A popular solution for the bathroom, matte tiles are often used to create a specific design aesthetic while also offering a range of benefits in this part of the home. These types of tiles are available in a wide selection of materials, from classic porcelain tiles to elegant natural stone tiles and even concrete tiles, offering an endless amount of creative designer aesthetics to be achieved in your new bathroom’s design scheme. In this post, we explore the pros and cons of matte tiles in the bathroom along with looking at specific options that will offer you the very best slip resistance.

Bathroom Wall Tiles: Matte Tiles vs. Gloss Tiles

Matte tiles will create a modern or contemporary aesthetic in the bathroom when used as a wall tile. From encaustic tiles to ceramic tiles, porcelain or natural stone tiles, there certainly is a wide variety of options available to choose from! Each of these luxurious wall tile options is available in a wide range of solutions: Porcelain tiles for example, can be found in options that effortlessly mimic the natural nuances and aesthetic of natural stones as well as other materials such as concrete or timber. As these types of tiles are almost completely non-porous and do not require sealing, they are a rather popular solution for the bathroom as they will offer a low maintenance solution. Alternatively, concrete tiles (also referred to as encaustic tiles or cement tiles) will often feature rich and dynamic colours and patterns, making them an excellent choice for those after more of a dramatic feature in their bathroom design scheme. There are many different matte wall tile options available to explore, allowing you to achieve an endless range of luxurious designer looks in your new bathroom!

Carnivale Porcelain Tiles_Matte Tiles

Our Carnivale collection of luxe porcelain tiles includes a textured bathroom feature tile option as well as a matching matte finished wall tile. These elegant concrete inspired tiles will create a sleek and modern look in your bathroom design scheme.

It is important to note that unlike glossy wall tiles, matte tiles will not reflect light throughout the space, creating more of a flat look that is usually best for larger spaces. Gloss tiles reflect light and allow it to bounce throughout the room which in turn creates the illusion of a larger space as they create a stronger sense of depth. Matte tiles on the other hand will not create the same affect, making them an ideal solution for larger spaces or alternatively, they can be used as feature tiles in the bathroom and paired with gloss tiles, allowing you the best of both worlds, especially in a smaller bathroom design.

Choosing Slip Resistant Bathroom Floor Tiles

Bathroom floor tiles are available in both glossy and matte finishes. Although it is natural to assume that a matte tile will offer the best resistance to slipping, this is not always the case as these too can lead to slips and falls, especially when paired with water and the natural oils from our bodies. If you are looking for a bathroom floor tile solution that will offer you the very best resistance to slipping, a slightly textured surface is often the very best option as this will offer you more friction underfoot when using the space.

terrazzo tiles_matte tiles

Floor tiles with a gloss finish can be used in a residential bathroom however, they are not recommended for use in a commercial or retail setting as these types of projects have very specific requirements in terms of slip resistance that need to be met. Our New Tech terrazzo tiles feature a lush honed finish that will add a glamorous touch in a home bathroom, whether they are used as a floor or wall tile in the space.

When it comes to specifying floor tiles for residential use, there are no specific requirements in the BCA pertaining to their level of resistance to slipping. There are however, very specific restrictions as to what can and cannot be used in commercial flooring which will vary depending on the type of building (i.e. a factory floor will have different requirements in comparison to a retail post office for example).

Our quick guide to tile ratings offers more information on the various rating and testing systems that different types of tiles will go through before they become available for sale.

With this in mind, you do have more freedom in what types of finishes you can use for your own home however, some consideration to slipping is always recommended, especially in special circumstances (for example, when creating a bathroom for users with mobility constraints). Whether you opt for gloss, textured or matte floor tiles in a residential bathroom setting, including a rubber lined bathroom matte beside your shower is always a good idea as this will ensure a safer and more comfortable experience in the bathroom that will decrease the likelihood of slipping when your feet are wet upon exiting the shower.

When it comes to choosing bathroom floor tiles, it is important to also note how different tile materials can and cannot be used in the space. Porcelain tiles that are specified for use as a floor tile will offer a flexible solution that will not require the same level of care and maintenance as other options would however, they won’t always provide the same sense of character and charm as other tiling solutions such as natural stones or concrete tiles for example. On the other hand, most natural stone tiles and concrete or encaustic tiles cannot be used as a flooring option within a shower area as the constant exposure to pressurised water as well as certain ingredients in cleansers and hair products may lead to discoloration, staining or erosion of the tiles themselves. In these cases, we would recommend the use of a porcelain floor tile that has been designed to emulate the aesthetic of these more sensitive products, allowing you the same look.

Matt tiles in the bathroom can be used to create a rich and modern aesthetic, whether they are used as a floor tile or as a wall tile. These types of tiles are available in a wide selection of different materials, from traditional porcelain or encaustic tiles to elegant and luxurious natural stone tiles, each of which will offer its own specific range of benefits as well as maintenance requirements in the bathroom. If you are on the hunt for the perfect bathroom tiles in Melbourne that will be best suited as a flooring solution, we invite you to visit our Richmond showroom to explore our endless collection of designer tiles! Our team will offer expert advice, specific to your requirements and design preferences to ensure the best possible solution for your home.