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The Perfect Wall Tiles For Laundry Room Makeovers

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Wall tiles for laundry rooms provide a simple and effective means of safeguarding the space from splashes and moisture while also providing a touch of colour, pattern and character to your overall design scheme. Using a tiled splashback in the laundry will also provide a simple to clean surface finish that allows for dirt and moisture to be swiftly wiped away. There are many exciting wall tile options that provide a classic finish while allowing you to easily coordinate the laundry’s colour scheme with the overall design of your home for a continuous look.

Does a Laundry Design have to Match my Kitchen?

Matching a laundry room’s design and colour palette with your kitchen is a sure fire way to ensure a strong sense of continuity throughout the home, making for a cohesive and coordinated design theme. This is however, much more practical in home layouts where the laundry and kitchen are situated within close proximity to each other. In floorplans where these two utility areas are placed further apart however, you have the option of either matching your kitchen’s colour palette and style or creating a whole new look as the distance between the two spaces will allow you more creative freedom. 

Do you need to have a Splashback in the Laundry?

Including a splashback in the laundry is ideal, especially behind the laundry trough. Keeping water splashes and moisture away from your walls will ensure there are no issues with mould and mildew in the space later on down the track. Using a quality splashback along with proper ventilation in the space will ensure a mould-free laundry room that is a breeze to keep clean and maintain!

What Type of Tile is Best for a Laundry Room?

The best laundry wall tiles will depend on several factors specific to your project, from your budget to your preferred style and colour preferences. As the laundry room is prone to humidity and splashing, it is important to ensure your splashback tile selection is simple to clean, care for and maintain. Porcelain, glazed ceramic or glass wall tiles have been especially popular choices in the laundry as each of these tile varieties offer a sleek and smooth surface finish that will resist water damage while also being simple to wipe down and keep tidy. Although natural stone options are also popular choices here, it is important to note that as natural materials are porous, they can be susceptible to marking or discolouration if not properly sealed and maintained. 

Our guide on tile cleaning provides more in-depth information on the best cleaning practices and materials for each of these selections. 

Laundry Wall Tile Options & Ideas

Porcelain tiles are one of the most popular wall tiles for laundry room applications due their impressive durability and strength. These tiles are baked at exceptionally high temperatures which result in the tile being non-porous. This means that porcelain wall tiles will not readily absorb liquids or moisture while also doing away with the need for regular sealing. When paired with cement based grouts however, it is recommended that grout lines be sealed to ensure the porous grout is also protected over time. 

Perfectly simulating the look and feel of a handmade tile, our Bala Porcelain Tiles feature luscious organic lines and an elegant undulating surface finish. These elegant wall tiles are Italian made and available in a two different sizes that can either be used individually or mixed together to create a unique and stylish pattern in your new laundry room design. 

Although there is a little more care and maintenance involved when it comes to natural stone tiles, no one can deny the magnificent and timeless beauty of these materials. Marble mosaic tiles for example are available in a vast range of shapes, styles and even colours, offering an impressive selection of elegant options to choose from that will make for a striking statement in the laundry room, especially when the look is mirrored in an adjoining kitchen design. You will find more detailed information on the specific care and cleaning advice for natural stone tiles in our guide on the topic. 


Rich, elegant and luxurious, the Rose Stone mosaic tile collection is available in a selection of different shapes, each featuring the distinct pink, grey and white streaks of this spectacular natural stone.

Ceramic wall tiles are another popular choice in the laundry, especially varieties that include a baked on glaze on their surface. This glaze forms a water and stain resistant barrier across the tile, doing away with the need for regular sealing. This ensures a wondrously low maintenance surface finish for the busy home. Glazed ceramic wall tiles are also available in a vast range of deeply saturated colours, making for a striking visual statement in the home that can be used throughout your interior spaces for a strong sense of character. 


Fill your laundry design scheme with pattern and texture using the stylish NYC ceramic tile collection. This stylish collection includes options in the trending herringbone tile format as well as in a structured stacked style for a range of different options. 

Wall tiles provide the perfect solution for keeping a clean laundry room while also providing you the perfect means of adding a touch of character and charm to the space. With so many exciting options available to explore, the possibilities truly are endless! Our Richmond tiles showroom is full of the latest in designer wall tile options for you to explore. Our team can recommend the very best colours and materials to perfectly coordinate your interior design scheme to ensure a continuous look in the home. Visit our showroom or shop for tiles online here to get started on your next project!