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The Norsu Home Bathroom

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Tiles have come such a long way in recent times and designing a new bathroom can be filled with utter excitement at the thought of selecting beautiful new finishes.  The abundance of colours, styles and designs available have exploded and walking into our tile showroom can make you feel like a child in a candy store.  The options are endless and the opportunity to create a space that is perfectly you is there for the taking, so when Nat and Kristy from Norsu Home ventured in for a visit they instantly felt at home. They were armed with an exciting new project that involved transforming a traditional ‘ugly duckling’ house into a designer Scandi inspired home.

The Norsu Home was so exciting as the project was to adopt their custom branding theme of blush colour and this is exactly where we started when selecting the tiles for the bathroom.

The Patagon hexagons were an obvious choice as they were the exact right shade of blush and have a stunning multi textured surface that glisten in different shades of light.

marble tiles

Patagon Blush Hexagons
From here, and to keep in with the Scandi theme, Statuario marble tiles were selected.  These luxurious tiles were installed in a breath taking herringbone pattern and filled 3 walls of the bathroom.

bathroom tile ideas

Stone Subway in Statuario
Cement coloured porcelain Sidney Cement tiles were installed on the floor to tie in all the different colours in the bathroom.

The end result is nothing short of fabulous- a bathroom that perfectly reflects the owner’s fun personality and sense of style.
In the words of Nat-  ‘ Every time I walk into our bathroom, I get a giddy excited feel. No longer do I cringe at the poor decisions I made, I proudly show anyone who will look. It’s fun, yet it has a sense of calm…there’s no better thing to do than relaxingly soak in the tub (with chips and a beer) gazing around at our blush, marble and brass wonderland. How lucky are we’

Other stunning featues of this bathroom included pink basins from Nood Co, brass taps from Sussex and a custom made timber vanity from Ingrain Designs.
Its easy to feel overwhelmed by the vast variety of tiles available and it has never been more important to seek expert advice.  Visit our showroom where one of our qualified interior designers will walk you through the process of explaining the different tile types available and help you put together a colour selection to suit the style of your home.

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