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The Latest Tile Ideas for your New Kitchen Splashback

A kitchen’s splashback finish will play a crucial role in your overall design scheme. This element must be chosen carefully as it not only forms a key focal point in the space but must also be of a versatile and easy to maintain material to ensure the best experience in your new kitchen. Thankfully, there are many different exciting tile options to select from including stylish traditional or modern subway tiles, mosaic tile options, natural stones tiles, porcelain, ceramic and much more!

Kitchen Subway Tiles

The classic and timeless subway tile design has been reinvented in many different styles over the years, with our Bentwood and Esagano collections being perfect examples of such modern designs. Traditionally, subway tiles would feature a simple rectangular shape in a classic crisp white glossy finish as the perfect symbol of hygiene. These types of tiles are famous for their flexibility in design as they can be used in a large variety of ways to create stylish looks in any interior space. They are also a breeze to maintain, making them especially favoured as a kitchen splashback option. 

Our Bentwood Subway Tiles are available in an assortment of tranquil colour options that are inspired by nature, including warm earthy toned tiles, ocean greens and blues as well as a classic soft white option for that perfect touch in your next kitchen renovation project.

Taking a step away from traditional white styles, modern subway tile designs include textured surfaces, decorative tile shapes as well as a bolder, more creative colour palette to allow for more individual looks to be created in the home. Used as a kitchen splashback tile, subway tiles can be used to create a strong sense of pattern and colour in the space, acting as the key focal point of your new design scheme. 

Add a unique finishing touch to your kitchen design scheme using stylish shapes and patterns. The characteristic Esagono collection offers a modern interpretation of the classic subway tile to create a decorative touch with both bevelled and plain options to choose from in a range of soft neutral tones.

Porcelain Tiles

Another classic choice that is especially popular in the kitchen, a quality porcelain tile provides a highly durable kitchen splashback solution. These incredibly strong tiles are baked at extreme temperatures, resulting in a finished product that is non-porous and highly resistant to staining, temperature fluctuations and scratching. These superior qualities make porcelain tiles well sought after as a kitchen splashback, especially in situations where a gas cooktop is to be installed within close proximity to the splashback. As the flame from a gas cooktop radiates heat, certain clearances must be met in these sorts of installations to ensure fire safety in the kitchen; porcelain tiles in particular are the most popular choice here thanks to their impressive fire resistant properties.

sora bianco

A wonderfully tactile gloss porcelain collection, the Sora Porcelain series is available in a range of delightful colour options. These stunning tiles offer a rustic look that can be used as both a kitchen splashback and flooring solution to create a stronger sense of continuity in the design.

Terrazzo & Terrazzo Look Tiles

Terrazzo tiles have been thrown back into the spotlight recently, recalling the colourful retro design schemes of the 1950s-1960s. Instantly injecting your kitchen design scheme with pattern, energy and colour, terrazzo tiles can easily tie in with a variety of different design styles, from the sleek and modern looks to more traditional schemes. Traditional terrazzo tiles are made using small pieces of natural stones such as marble or granite that are set into a bed of concrete to create the characteristic speckled look that has become synonymous with this style of tile making. The natural stones and concrete used in their creation are all porous materials however so it is important to note that traditional terrazzo tiles will require sealing throughout their lifespan in order to ensure they remain protected against staining and moisture.


The Galleria Terrazzo Look Tiles offer the traditional and timeless look of a terrazzo in a durable porcelain finish, offering you the very best of both worlds in your next design project.

Where ongoing maintenance is of concern, terrazzo look tiles are the next best option! These modern tiles recreate that same stylish look of a traditional terrazzo finish using porcelain instead, doing away with the need for sealing your kitchen splashback tiles for good! 

Mosaic Tiles for the Kitchen

Mosaic tiles can be used in the kitchen to create a stunning feature element. Use your favourite mosaic tiles as a splashback as well as a cladding for a central kitchen island to create a unique and unified look in the space that is full of texture, character, colour and pattern. The additional grouting required when using mosaic tiles can often be a concern for those who are looking to achieve a low maintenance finish, especially in the kitchen. This concern is completely eliminated however with the use of specialised grouts (such as epoxy grout for example) which are specifically designed to provide a non-porous, water and stain resistant finish for your grout that is an absolute breeze to maintain. You can find out more about selecting the perfect tile grout in our guide which covers grout type and colour selections to help simplify your decision. 

Unique, elegant and timeless, the Star Marble Mosaic tile collection combines a variety of natural marbles in a range of geometric shapes to create a wonderfully intricate design feature.

Our Tile Showroom in Richmond is full of exciting displays that are constantly being refreshed and updated to include all the exciting interior design trends from around the world. Our team of design consultants can assist and guide you through the process of curating the perfect colour palette for your next project, whether it is a bathroom or kitchen renovation or new home build. Visit our showroom or schedule a free online design consultation to get started on your dream home today!