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Outdoor wall tiles add a touch of character, pattern and colour to a home’s exterior while offering a long lasting and durable finish that will be enjoyed for a lifetime. These tiles are available in an impressive range of options to suit all outdoor applications from pool tiles to garden wall tiles and more.

Which Types of Wall Tiles can be used Outdoors?

Just about any type of tile material can be used in an outdoor setting provided it has been rated for outdoor use by the manufacturer. In terms of outdoor wall tiles, you will notice there is often even more freedom when it comes to the available options depending on your intended application as there is no need to consider the tile’s slip resistance as there would be with an outdoor floor tile.

Bata_Outdoor wall tiles

A classic outdoor wall tile option, our Bata Brick Look Tile collection offers a rustic aesthetic that will perfectly complement the lush greenery of your outdoor spaces. These Italian made porcelain tiles are specifically designed to emulate the look and feel of a rustic, aged brick, creating a delightful country style look in your design.

Where tiles are to be installed in an outdoor setting that will be completely exposed to the elements, it is important to find an option that will hold up well against rain, hail and UV rays; glass mosaic tiles are often an excellent choice in these applications. Glass tiles are immensely strong and will stand up exceptionally well in an outdoor setting that will experience direct sunlight.

Other outdoor wall tile options include ceramic or porcelain tiles as well as natural stone tiles. These options are often most popular for use as a garden wall feature to provide a sense of colour and texture to these applications while also adding a decorative and durable element to areas such as retaining walls for example. Once again, it is crucial to ensure that your tile selection is suitable for outdoor applications; your consultant in our Perini Tiles store will assist you on the most suitable tile options for your intended application.

How to use Outdoor Wall Tiles

Outdoor wall tiles can be used in a variety of ways with different materials being better suited to certain specific applications as noted above. Glass tiles for example are an excellent choice as a pool tile as well as a decorative and colourful feature to pool surrounds, garden walls and alfresco spaces. You will also find specific options in porcelain or ceramic tile collections that can be used as a façade option or to clad retaining walls within your outdoor spaces to create that perfect finishing touch in your outdoor design scheme. Natural stone tiles are another excellent choice for these sorts of applications, providing strong elements of texture and character to an outdoor design scheme.

Woodtech_Outdoor wall tiles

If you are looking for an immensely hard wearing, durable and long lasting outdoor floor tile solution, our Woodtech External Porcelain Tiles offer a wonderful alternative option to traditional timber decking. Unlike outdoor timber options, porcelain tiles will not require ongoing maintenance such as staining, oiling or sealing, only requiring a simple clean to remove any garden debris from the tile’s surface.

Outdoor Wall Tiles & Temperature Fluctuations

When selecting outdoor wall tiles, it is always important to note the tile’s material and whether or not this will be suitable for your home’s climate. If for example your home is in an area that is susceptible to freezing conditions, porous materials such as natural stone or encaustic tiles may not be the best fit. During frosty conditions, moisture that may enter the body of the tile can freeze, expanding inside the pores of the tile which can then lead to temperature shock as it thaws. This process can lead to cracking or instability within the tiles themselves. In these cases, porcelain tiles are often recommended as a better suited alternative solution. You will find an impressive selection of porcelain tiles available with options being designed to simulate the authentic look and feel of natural stone tiles, encaustic tiles and more, allowing you the freedom of creating the same look in your outdoor spaces using a non-porous tile option.

Canaria_Outdoor wall tiles

The stylish Canaria porcelain tiles offer a realistic encaustic tile look that can be used outdoors to add a decorative touch to your alfresco areas or garden walls.

Outdoor wall tiles can be used in a number of different ways in your home from creating stylish facades to cladding retaining walls or even decorating alfresco or pool areas. It is always important to find the right tile material for your intended application however to ensure the best fit for your home’s climate and for your needs. Our team at Perini Tiles will guide you through our Richmond tile store and present you with a vast range of suitable options for your outdoor areas.