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The Latest Outdoor Tile Options & How To Use Them

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While choosing an outdoor tile, it is important to consider how the available outdoor tile options will be used in your design scheme as this factor will dictate the materials you are able to select from. Outdoor glass mosaic tiles for example are best avoided as a flooring solution but would make the perfect finish for an outdoor pool. Outdoor tiles allow you the opportunity to create defined zones in your landscape plan, with each different type of tile lending itself particularly well to certain applications, allowing you to create a customised outdoor design scheme that includes a range of materials, colours and patterns. 

The latest trends in outdoor tiles include exciting porcelain pieces that simulate the appearance and texture of a traditional terrazzo material, glistening glass mosaic tiles, soft and earthy terracotta options and plenty more! These stunning tiles each have their own range of uses that will help you create the perfect style in your outdoor landscaping plan. 


Outdoor tile options can often be used as an interior flooring material as well which allows for a unique opportunity to create a strong sense of continuity between your indoor and outdoor living spaces. 

Arcstone Outdoor Tile Options

Italian made Arcstone collection perfectly replicates the characteristic look of an authentic terrazzo tile in a versatile porcelain material. The collection features a wide range of colour and size options, allowing you to create the perfect look when connecting your indoor and outdoor living spaces. 

Using outdoor floor tiles in this way creates a seamless look between the home’s indoor and outdoor entertaining areas while also providing many advantages when it comes to care and maintenance of your flooring. These types of outdoor tiles are exceptionally hard wearing while also being made of a non-porous porcelain material making them an absolute breeze to clean and maintain. 


Timber look tiles offer an immensely durable and hard wearing alternative option to traditional timber that is often used in outdoor areas as a decking or patio material. A traditional timber deck will require sanding and polishing every years and of course, there is always the risk of mould and mildew affecting the structural stability of the timber as well as the aesthetic appeal of the material. Using timber look tiles instead will do away with all of these maintenance concerns, allowing for a much more durable and long lasting outdoor flooring solution that is simple to clean and care for. These tiles are most often made of porcelain, a non-porous material that will not require sealing while providing a scratch, stain and weather resistant option. The tiles feature the same colour and texture variations you would see in a natural timber to create a realistic look in your outdoor design scheme. 

wood tech Outdoor Tile Options

The stylish Woodtech collection offers a stunning representation of natural timber and can be used in place of traditional timbers in your outdoor spaces. Unlike timber decking, these tiles will not require regular sanding or polishing and can comfortably stand up against scratching, marking and exposure to the elements. 


Add a decorative touch to your outdoor spaces using a selection of colourful pattern tiles. Once again, porcelain tiles will make for an immensely durable and hard wearing solution in outdoor areas, allowing you the creative freedom to select from the vast range of designer tile options that are available. These collections will include a range of colourful patterns as well as assorted shapes to help you create a stunning visual in your outdoor spaces such as patio areas, paving and even as decorative outdoor wall tiles to add a touch of colour and charm to your garden. 

Marley Outdoor Tile Options

Our elegant Marley Porcelain Tiles are available in a diverse selection of modern and traditional designs in a classic 200 x 200mm size. These tiles can be used in covered outdoor spaces, making them the perfect fit for covered alfresco spaces, patios and walkways. 

The latest outdoor tiles include a range of options, from decorative pattern tiles that will add life and colour to your outdoor design scheme to versatile timber look tiles and terrazzo options that offer a hard wearing alternative to traditional materials. Our team at Perini Tiles can walk you through the latest designs in outdoor tiles to find the perfect fit for your landscape design; Visit our Richmond tile showroom or schedule a free online design consultation to start working on your dream home today!