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The latest Kitchen Tile Options that will Stand the Test of Time

Kitchen tile trends are constantly evolving with different colours and textures being featured heavily in the design world and then vanishing just as quickly as they appeared. Some trends however, have everlasting appeal, meaning that they will always be in style for many years to come. 

There are several standout kitchen tile options to consider, ranging from the unique beauty of natural stones to the timeless elegance of subway tiles and mosaic tiles.

Natural Stone Tiles

Natural stone finishes in the home have always been a fashionable choice since the beginning of modern home design. From kitchen benchtops to fireplaces and of course, bathroom and kitchen tile solutions, natural stone will always play a major role in home interiors, offering timeless beauty in any space.

natural stone backsplash

Featuring a chevron pattern, the Stone Zig Zag collection makes for an opulent statement kitchen tile choice that is suitable for both floor and wall applications.

Natural stone kitchen tiles create an opulent and luxurious finish in the home, providing a classic design option that has the added benefit of both immense longevity and durability. Natural stone finishes will require a small amount of upkeep over time in order to maintain their lustre and integrity however, they more than make up for this with their everlasting appeal and natural beauty. 


Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo tiles have been in the spotlight of late and with good reason! These incredibly versatile and stylish tiles offer ageless elegance in the home, with an incredibly durable surface finish, making them an ideal choice as a kitchen tile. Suitable as both a splashback tile as well as a floor finish, terrazzo tiles have the added benefit of being easy to work with as well as providing an environmentally friendly tile solution. Terrazzo tiles are usually created using chips of various marbles as well as quartz, quartz powder and onyx stones set into cement. Due to this process, each piece will vary meaning that every single project will feature its own unique and individual look. 

terrazzo tile backsplashes

Our Terrazzo tile collection features an assortment of chips and tonal variations to suit your own unique design style. A classic and timeless kitchen tile choice, Terrazzo creates a stunning feature in the home!

If natural stone is not preferable in your design, you will also find incredible simulated terrazzo finishes made of high quality porcelain. These porcelain alternatives include the same variations that can be expected in a natural material, without the need for continued professional upkeep. See terrazzo look tiles HERE

Subway Tiles

White subway tiles have long been the go-to choice for kitchen splashbacks. Their clean and crisp appearance make for an easy to maintain surface finish as well as offering a perfect complement to a standout feature benchtop. Over the years, the humble subway tile has evolved to include a vast amount of colour and material options, ranging from bevelled mirror subway tiles to natural stone finishes and even durable porcelain tiles, allowing their use as both a floor and wall tile.

subway tile kitchen backsplashes

The Vattacan subway tile collection includes several different colours. Their glistening surface finish make them a perfect kitchen tile option as they are simple to keep clean and have the added benefit of allowing light to bounce and travel throughout the space. 

Although subway tiles have constantly been reinvented over the years to include more colours, materials and finishes, they continue to feature in modern kitchen designs. Combining classic design with modern colours and materials, subway tiles allow for an extremely versatile design choice, making for a stunning addition to any style of home. See all subway tiles HERE


Mosaic Tiles

Another long-time favourite over the years, mosaic tiles have also featured heavily throughout history thanks to their versatility in design. Mosaic tiles allow the ultimate in creativity, enabling the creation of intricate floor and wall murals while also injecting any kitchen design with spectacular colours and patterns that simply cannot be achieved with any other tile option.

mosaic tile kitchen backsplashes

Our Moda mosaic tile collection in Dots blush looking stylish on this kitchen splash back


Modern mosaic tiles are available in a rainbow of varying colours, with pieces often made using thick glass, natural stone, porcelain, and even precious metals such as white and yellow golds. The possibilities truly are endless when it comes to finding the right mosaic to suit your own unique style!

Natural stone, Terrazzo, Mosaic and Subway kitchen tiles have all stood the test of time, featuring heavily in interiors for centuries. Offering an incredible range of options in terms of colours and materials, these luxurious design options promise to remain a popular kitchen tile choice, creating an ageless colour scheme that can be enjoyed for many years to come.