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The Latest Handmade Look Tiles & Why They Are So Popular

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Handmade tiles continue to be made using traditional techniques. These tiles boast soft, undulating surfaces, organic edges and wonderfully varied colourful surfaces that can either be glazed or unglazed depending on the design being created. Handmade look tiles however, are machine made and have been specifically designed to offer a similar look to traditional handmade tiles, being a great alternative option. These are some of our favourite new styles in handmade look tile options, each offering its own exciting range of benefits and a unique style! 


Classic designs in handmade look tiles draw inspiration from traditional styles (such as subway tiles for example) to create a modern option that has the ability to seamlessly tie in with a range of different interior design schemes. Classic handmade look tiles will look right at home in a period style home as well as a contemporary styled interior thanks to their simple and elegant format. 

Lucida_Handmade Look Tiles

 Made in Spain, our elegant Lucida wall tiles are available in two different formats and a range of modern and traditional colours. These classic tiles offer a simple and timeless solution that will look right at home in just about any style of interior, from vintage inspired designs to more modern looks. 


As handmade look tiles are machine made rather than made entirely by hand, more hard wearing and contemporary styles can be achieved that take a step away from the traditional styles and combine the old with the new. Contemporary styled handmade look tiles will often show slightly shaper edges and will include more matte or semi-gloss finishes rather than the traditional glass-like sheen as seen on traditional handmade tiles. These modern finishes effortlessly tie in with a range of trending materials such as rustic timbers, smooth concretes and natural stones to create a perfectly balanced colour palette in the home. 

Axel_Handmade Look Tiles

Sleek and modern, our Italian made Axel collection includes a range of smooth, slim format tiles that are suitable for floor and wall use. The collection includes a range of modern colour options with each individual tile showing a slight colour variation from the next to create a wonderful look inspired by the assorted colours seen in traditional handmade tile options. 


Eclectic or maximalist interior design schemes are making a strong comeback in the new year as we all look to include more personal items in our homes that create a sense of warmth and security. These design schemes throw away the rules of minimalism and instead embrace bold, vivid colours, intricate details and patterns and varying textures to create a stunning display of one’s interests and personality. This truly is a design style you can make your own! 

As handmade look tiles offer wonderful variations in colour, texture and pattern, you are sure to find the perfect design to suit your own personal aesthetic. Pattern tiles for example will allow you to experiment with a range of different colours, shapes and formats to create a unique look in your home while intricately etched designs will create an exquisite vintage touch to finish off your design. 

Konya_Handmade Look Tiles

Our elegant Konya collection features bold, hyper-detailed patterns on a luscious glossy surface. These handmade look tiles are inspired by traditional and vintage designs, making them the perfect wall tile option for an eclectic or maximalist design scheme. 

Handmade look tiles offer an excellent alternative option to traditionally handmade tile options. These collections allow for a range of modern styles to be achieved with options now available in various colours, shapes, patterns and even sheen levels that can be used in a variety of ways throughout your home’s interiors. 

Our showroom’s displays are constantly being updated with all the latest options in designer tiles while our team of consultants can assist and guide you through the process of not only selecting your new tiles but also offering tips and inspiration on coordinating finishes and materials that will perfectly complement your tile selection. Visit our tiles showroom in Richmond or schedule a free online design consultation to get started on your next project today.