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The Latest Feature Wall Tiles for your Home

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Modern options in feature wall tiles are embracing a sense of character and texture to create a delightful finishing touch in your home’s interior and exterior design schemes. By defining a particular wall of your design as the feature of the space, you can create a stunning visual that will pull focus to this area as your eye travels throughout the space, taking in the overall design. From lusciously textured handmade wall tiles to elegant and stylish pattern tiles, creating a dramatic feature wall in your next project is incredibly simple with these modern options!

Handmade & Handmade Look Feature Wall Tiles

Traditionally handmade tiles will usually feature irregularities in their texture, colour, shape and even their thickness. These qualities create a strong sense of character, offering a wonderfully tactile surface finish for the home that can be used in any area to create a dramatic and stylish feature wall. As can be expected, authentic artisan made handmade tiles can often be quite costly however, their unique charm and incredible longevity more than make up for this. If you are looking to recreate that same look and feel at a different price point though, handmade-look tiles offer the next best option as a feature wall tile in your home’s design scheme. These tiles are machine made and are designed to emulate the style and texture of a handmade surface, complete with variations in colour, texture and thickness for an authentic touch.

Stellar Clay_Feature Wall Tiles

A new addition in our Richmond tiles store, Stellar Clay offers the same look and feel of an authentically handmade tile, complete with realistic variations in colour, shape and thickness as well as subtle bumps and chips that add to their handmade appearance and charm.

Pattern Tiles as a Kitchen or Bathroom Feature

Pattern tiles (or geometric tiles) can be used throughout your home’s interior and exterior spaces to add colour and energy to your design scheme. From modern geometric patterns to more traditional, classic styles, there are many exciting options available to choose from. Pattern tiles are often used as a feature wall tile in the kitchen, bathroom or laundry either as a splashback or as a full wall finish. The bold look of a striking pattern can easily be balanced out with the use of solid colours and neutral tones to create a sense of harmony in your home’s new design scheme.

Mykonos_Feature Wall Tiles_Blue Tiles

Featuring varying shades of blue, grey and white, our Mykonos collection includes a selection of stylish patterns to choose from. These timeless tiles are suitable for use as a wall of floor tile solution, allowing you to create a feature wall or feature floor in your next design project.

Create a Retro Inspired Design with Terrazzo Tiles

Although terrazzo tiles were first created in the very late 1800’s, they only started to become popular in the 1920’s during the Art Deco architectural movement. These tiles were first created as a means of using up excess materials from the construction and design industries, mainly natural stones and coloured glass. These materials would be embedded into a wet cement tile and dried out to create an incredibly durable and long lasting surface finish that could be used as both a wall and floor solution in the home. Traditional terrazzo tiles continue to be made using this method, allowing you to take advantage of the many benefits this material has to offer in the home. Terrazzo tiles are available in a wide selection of colour and pattern options, offering a timeless choice that will add an elegant pattern in your design scheme with a subtle nod to the past: a perfect choice for the contemporary home but an especially popular choice when renovating a period style home!

Flek Terrazzo Look Porcelain tiles

Made in Italy, our Flek collection offers a cost effective alternative solution to traditional terrazzo tiles. Flek is made of porcelain instead and has been specifically designed to emulate the varied patterns and colours of terrazzo.

Natural Stone Feature Wall Tiles

Natural stone tiles have long been used in the home to create a timeless, decorative touch. From the many different varieties of marble and granite, travertine and more, natural stone tiles are available in an endless selection of types, colours and patterns. Taking a step away from the traditional white marble tile options, modern collections are now featuring more striking and varied naturally occurring colours including deep jade tones, soft blush options, terracotta colours and many more.

It is important to note that natural stone tiles are porous in nature and as such, will require sealing prior to installation and then every few years or so thereafter. A quality tile sealer will assist in protecting your natural stone tiles from staining, ensuring their longevity in the home for many years to come. For more detailed information on caring for natural stone tiles, visit our Resources page.

Caido_Feature Wall Tiles_Natural Stone Tiles

Our Caido collection allows for limitless design possibilities: these tiles can either be used individually or combined to create a bold patchwork style look as a feature element in your next design scheme.

Feature wall tiles provide the perfect means of creating a stunning statement in your next interior design project, pulling the focus to a key area of your overall design scheme. There are many exciting designer tile options available that will help you create that perfect feature in your next project from elegant natural stone tiles to pattern tiles and plenty more.

Our Richmond tiles store is constantly being updated with the latest designer tiles from around the world; whether you are visiting us in person or shopping for tiles online, our team is always on hand to offer their best advice and design tips!