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The Latest Decorative Tiles have arrived – We’ll show you how to use them in your Project

New tile collections are introducing an impressive range of bright, vivid colours in the home with selections in both trending and timeless options to help you create the perfect design scheme. Designs in tiles are now including more varied materials, with luxurious marbles, durable porcelain or ceramic tiles as well as unique and decorative shapes and patterns that allow for more creative design schemes in our interiors.

Classic Blush Marble Tiles

A trending tone in fashion and home interiors, blush has found its place as a new neutral option, offering a step away from the traditional neutral colour options of white, cream, beige, grey or charcoal. Just like these shades, blush can be easily integrated into just about any style of interior, from modern rustic looks, contemporary interiors and classic colour schemes providing a unique and timeless option. 

blush marble

Suitable for floors, walls and kitchen splashbacks, the Blush Marble Tile collection includes two classic styles in a luscious pink marble. These natural tiles are streaked with lashes of blonde highlights and bold, deep charcoal veins for a distinct look in the home.

As with all natural tiles, marble will require sealing in order to ensure that the material is protected against staining or marking. Sealing your tiles creates a protective barrier, with impregnating sealers being the most popular choice (these types of sealants penetrate into the body of the tile to provide protection from within while still allowing the tile to breathe). You will find more detailed information in our Guide to Sealing your New Tiles.

Emerald Green Tiles

Green tiles provide another timeless option for the home that is not traditionally included in the neutral colour palette but can still pair exceptionally well with a variety of materials. Green tones instantly create feelings of warmth and tranquillity thanks to their obvious connection to nature and the outdoors. This soothing colour option has been included in many different styles or formats of tiles, from luscious mosaic tiles to decorative lantern tiles and plenty more, offering you a range of different design solutions that will allow for more colour and pattern in your next interior design project. 

Berber lantern collection

Inspired by the traditional tile designs of Morocco, the Berber Lantern Tiles are available in a range of different patterns and colours. These ornate feature tiles are most suited to wall use, making them the perfect choice for a bathroom feature wall, kitchen splashback or decorative feature throughout the home.

Geometric Pattern Tiles

Current trends in pattern tiles are embracing bold geometric line-work to create a show stopping feature design element. Drawing inspiration from the stylised decorative tile patterns of traditional Art Deco and vintage design styles, modern interpretations use brighter, more striking colours and more structured patterns.

The stunning Argo Hexagon Porcelain tiles make use of geometric line work, ornate shapes and bold colour options to create a wonderfully durable pattern tile collection. Offering an ultra-realistic representation of traditional encaustic tiles, the Argo Hexagon series is available in a range of colour options and unlike real concrete tiles, will never require sealing.

Porcelain tiles provide an excellent choice when it comes to selecting new pattern tiles as the options available are incredibly varied and versatile. You will find many collections available that perfectly replicate the natural look and feel of products such as timber, concrete, natural stones and more, allowing a more economical alternative that offers the freedom of design in allowing you to use these materials in areas of the home where they are most often avoided (such as natural timber in the bathroom for example). 

Vintage Splashback Tiles

Vintage styled finishes or materials in the home create a warm and inviting atmosphere as they allow us to recall the romance and excitement of times gone by. Filled with charm and elegance, handmade or handmade-look tiles offer the perfect choice for a traditional or classically styled kitchen or bathroom design scheme while also providing an effortlessly low maintenance splashback option. 

Made in Brazil, the Avanos Ceramic tile collection boasts a tactile variation in colour and surface finish to recreate the look of a traditionally handmade tile. These stylish ceramic tiles are completely glazed, meaning that unlike other ceramic tile options, the Avanos tiles will not require sealing, making the collection an excellent choice as a splashback.

These sorts of tiles are usually referred to as ceramic tiles and are different from porcelain tile options. The key difference between ceramic and porcelain tiles is that ceramic options are usually much lighter and softer than porcelain tiles while also being porous in nature, meaning that they will need to be sealed in order to maintain a clean finish. Glazed ceramic tiles however, will not require sealing as the glass-like glaze acts as a protective barrier. Being lighter in weight, ceramic tiles provide an excellent choice for vertical applications and can be found available in a large variety of decorative designs as the limitations that often restrict the design possibilities of floor tiles are not an issue with wall tiles. 

These latest exciting tile designs create a world of colour, texture and pattern in ay interior project whether it is a bathroom or kitchen renovation, new home build or extension. Our tiles showroom in Richmond offers a vast collection of ever changing displays while our team of design consultants can guide you through the process of curating the perfect colour palette for your project. Visit our showroom or book a free online design consultation to get started on your next project!