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The Latest Bathroom Tile Options: Celebrating Texture & Pattern

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The latest bathroom tile options explore colour, pattern, texture and shape as a means of adding a unique and personal touch in the home. Our latest additions to our already extensive collection of bathroom tiles each offer a stylish yet timeless look while allowing you to experiment with a range of different combinations to create a personal touch in your new bathroom design.

Moroccan Bathroom Tile Options

Traditional Moroccan tiles will often feature striking geometric patterns available in an array of luscious colours ranging from rustic neutral tones to heavily saturated colours. These timeless tiles will create a strong sense of character in the bathroom, being a popular choice for use as a feature tile. Our new Oasis porcelain tiles offer an exceptionally low maintenance bathroom tile solution being a non-porous alternative to traditional ceramic handmade Moroccan tiles. These tiles will not require sealing and are resistant to staining, scratching, moisture and heat, making them an excellent fit for the bathroom.

Oasis Moroccan Bathroom Tile

Available in a selection of timeless geometric shapes that are designed to be combined with each other, our Oasis porcelain bathroom tile collection features a stylish neutral colour palette that will create a rich and earthy atmosphere in your design scheme.

Creating Texture & Pattern with a Mosaic Bathroom Tile

Classic mosaic tiles have long been a favourite choice for the bathroom as they add a strong sense of pattern and texture. Contrary to popular belief, cleaning grout lines between tiny mosaic tiles in the bathroom is not an issue when using modern grout products; an epoxy grout for example will provide a non-porous grouting option that will assist in the prevention of built-up grime and dirt, making cleaning the bathroom a breeze! Find out more about tile grout options in our guide here. Stria is a new bathroom tile option included in our already extensive collection of designer tiles. These elegant tiles feature a contemporary Kit Kat tile format as well as coordinating classic square tiles to help you create a cohesive colour scheme in your next bathroom design project.

Stria Kit Kat Bathroom Tile

A new addition in our extensive range of designer tiles, Stria is available in a large range of contemporary colour options. Available in a stylish Kit Kat tile and classic square tile format, Stria offers a versatile bathroom tile solution for the home.

Playful & Timeless Pattern Tiles

Classic pattern tiles are often used in the bathroom to create stylish feature elements. Showcasing an elegant repeating pattern, our new Alice collection presents a romantic yet playful bathroom tile option that will create a ‘fairy-tale’ like feel in your new design scheme! This Spanish designed tile collection includes both pattern tiles as well as solid colour options that can be combined to create a balanced colour palette in your home. The sleek matte finish and glazed surface of the Alice collection ensures a low maintenance quality in your new bathroom that will not require sealing.

Alice Pattern Tiles

The stunning Alice collection includes a selection of striking pattern tile options as well as matte finished solid coloured tiles, allowing you to mix and match these luxurious options to create a unique look in your new bathroom design scheme.

Terrazzo Look Bathroom Tile Options

Authentic terrazzo tiles are created using a random scattering of stone pieces embedded in a concrete tile. These elegant tiles offer a timeless and hard wearing option for the bathroom, being a popular choice in design and architecture for centuries. Modern porcelain tiles are available in terrazzo-look options that replicate the style of an authentic terrazzo finish at a different price point. These designer tiles offer a non-porous alternative solution, making them an ideal fit for busy homes where a low maintenance quality is desired. Our Ceppo Stone Porcelain collection includes an array of stunning neutral colour options that effortlessly replicate the randomised patterns of a true terrazzo finish. These elegant bathroom tiles can be used as both a floor or wall tile solution in the bathroom and will not require sealing, making for an excellent alternative option to real terrazzo tiles.

Ceppo Terrazzo Look Tiles_Porcelain Bathroom Tile

Available in a selection of rich and earthy neutral colour options, our Ceppo Stone Porcelain tiles offer a stunning alternative to real terrazzo tiles for the bathroom.

Experimenting with Light & Shade with 3D Tiles

3D tiles combine raised and lowered surfaces to create contemporary styled feature walls in the home. These types of tiles are available in a wide selection of colours, patterns and shapes that allow for the creation of incredibly unique and varied designs. A new addition to our collection of wall tiles is the Cookie collection. Cookie includes a delightful range of contemporary colour options in both a 3D and flat subway tile option, allowing you to mix and match to create your own distinct look in the bathroom.

Cookie 3D Subway Tile

Our new Cookie subway tiles include a flat and 3D tile option, both available in a smooth satin finish. These dynamic tiles can be used in the bathroom to create stunning feature walls; highlight their raised surface finish with targeted feature lighting for a bold finishing touch!

The latest bathroom tile options include elegant colours, patterns, shapes and textures, each offering its own unique look in your home. From stylish 3D subway tiles to dreamy pattern tiles, there is a world of colour and texture to explore when creating your new bathroom design scheme! Our team at Perini Tiles can guide you through every step of the process to find your perfect bathroom tile options; visit our Melbourne tiles store or shop for tile online here!