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The Importance of Home: Focus on Kitchen

During this period of isolation, we’re all spending much more time at home which of course, inevitably highlights any areas that may need a bit of refreshing, including the kitchen.

Kitchens of today are used for much more than just cooking! The kitchen is used as a gathering place for friends and family, a place to enjoy your morning coffee while you read your favourite book, where kids are finishing up their homework while a delicious dinner is being prepared. As such, kitchen designs have evolved over the years to include various elements such as home office nooks, command centres, utility cupboards that include pull out ironing boards or vacuum cleaners, and much more. 

If your kitchen is still in good enough condition but simply needs a facelift, now is a great time for some creative DIY work. With most hardware stores now delivering goods directly to your door, our Tile Showroom also remains open where our Interior Design team are on hand in the showroom, via phone, video chat or email to provide expert advice and tips that will help you create a stunning new kitchen. 

hamptons kitchenOld meets new in this on trend Hamptons style kitchen design. Recreate this look in your own home using distressed furniture and light fittings paired with our bevelled subway tiles to create an effortless and timeless look in your kitchen renovation.

Tile samples can be selected from our extensive online catalogue and posted out to your home, allowing you the luxury of being able to touch, feel and test out your tile selections before purchasing. 

Where a total kitchen renovation is in order however, being qualified Interior Designers our team can also assist you in creating a cohesive look in your new kitchen with recommendations of matching cabinetry and benchtop finishes to help bring your vision to life. Using this time at home is an excellent opportunity to get the ball rolling in planning your kitchen renovation, with the bonus of working from home that allows you the flexibility of being on hand for tradie visits, leading to more control over your kitchen renovation project with the ability to supervise and answer any queries as and when they arise.

Researching & Planning your Kitchen Renovation

The key to creating the perfect new kitchen is to settle on a particular design style while also ensuring a well thought out plan that maximises the space’s efficiency, storage and functionality. As we’re spending more time at home now, we are more able to see which areas of our existing kitchen need improving and which elements are already working quite well for our lifestyles, allowing for a clear and thorough project brief. Take note of which elements of your existing space are working well for your family and which areas need improving to form the basis of your project brief while also researching your options in terms of new kitchen appliances, layouts and finishes as well as specific design styles and colour schemes.

Deciding on a specific kitchen style will help make your design choices that much simpler as each style lends itself particularly well to a variety of finishes and colour choices. 

kitchen design ideasThis breezy and light nature inspired kitchen design contrasts smooth and sleek cabinetry finishes with more rustic details to create a harmonious look. Open timber shelves match up with the organic textures of the island stools, while a lavish marble countertop is used throughout the space, further enhancing the project’s natural influences. The entire scheme is brought together with the use of our Italian made Render wall tiles which feature a delightful texture that perfectly simulates that luxurious handmade look.

A nature inspired kitchen design scheme for example, instantly evokes images of rustic timber, natural marble or concrete countertops, warm neutral tones and lush greenery whereas a Hamptons style kitchen traditionally includes a light, breezy, luxe coastal vibe with crisp white and powder blue tones, luxurious metallic finishes and period style hardware. Working closely with your Designer or Builder, create a plan of your new kitchen: Listing your own unique needs and wants provides an excellent project brief for your design professional, who will base the new layout on your individual requirements to help you create that perfect kitchen. 

kitchen design ideasModern and chic in style, this stylish monochrome kitchen design uses our Arcade porcelain tiles as a splashback, perfectly complementing the design’s colour palette and contrasting the warm timber flooring. Where possible, incorporating a link between your outdoor space and the kitchen creates a highly functional floor plan, allowing for a stunning view and simple access to the outdoors.

Armed with your project brief and working together with your Designer or Builder, it is time to hone in on the exact layout and storage solutions that will make your kitchen work best for your family’s needs. Kitchen hardware manufacturers such as Hafele and Blum offer incredibly varied and unique kitchen accessibility and storage options that will help you target each and every concern you may have in your existing space, creating a more ergonomic and practical design. Our blog also provides a world of information to assist you with your researching creating your dream kitchen, from guides on selecting kitchen tapware to timeless kitchen splashback selections that will tie in with just about any design style. 

splashback tilesOur Moda penny round tiles are available in an assortment of neutral tones and shapes to perfectly complement a modern kitchen design while still offering a timeless elegance to the space. Perfectly complementing the industrial styled Caesarstone benchtop, the luscious blush tones soften the bold elements of this colour scheme to create a well-balanced look.

Using this time to reflect and take a step back from our bustling lives offers us the unique opportunity to focus on what is truly important: health, home and family, so why not create a space that truly reflects your values. Developing your own unique style in the home is simple in a few easy steps!