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The Cinder Collection: Inspired by Cotto Tiles

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Cotto tiles have been used in architecture and design for thousands of years, being a staple in the homes and structures of ancient Rome, China and more. A type of terracotta tile, Cotto tiles will infuse any project with a warm sense of character, creating a rich and tranquil atmosphere in any part of the home. These luxurious tiles will however, require a certain level of care and maintenance in order to ensure their longevity and integrity; if you are looking to recreate the same look but are concerned about the ongoing care these tiles would require, porcelain tiles will offer the next best solution!

What are Cotto Tiles?

Traditional Cotto tiles are a type of terracotta tile that is made using an iron rich red clay and baked in a kiln to harden. These types of tiles are most often made by hand and date back to ancient civilisations, being a staple of design and architecture in Egypt, Rome, Spain and China. These tiles feature a luxuriously rich aesthetic that celebrates natural colours, textures and materials in the home adding an irresistibly warm and tactile quality to any project.

Terracotta Tiles Vs. Porcelain Tiles: What’s the Difference?

Unless otherwise specified in the product’s description, you will find that most traditional Cotto tiles (which are a type of terracotta tile) are un-glazed and arrive un-sealed. This means that the tiles will be porous and will require a certain level of ongoing care and maintenance in order to be best protected over time. You will find a detailed guide on caring for terracotta tiles in our Resources page here.

Cotto Tiles_Living Room Tiles

Available in a wide selection of rich and earthy colours, the stylish Cinder collection offers a modern interpretation of traditional Cotto terracotta tiles. Made of durable porcelain, Cinder can be used throughout your home’s interior and exterior spaces to create rich and rustic looks!

Although Cotto tiles are incredibly popular and will add a timeless sense of character to a variety of applications, the added care required to ensure the material’s longevity may not always be the best fit for one’s lifestyle. In these cases, looking at porcelain alternative options is an ideal solution. Combining the many benefits of porcelain with the rich and luxurious aesthetic of traditional Cotto tiles, modern tile solutions such as our stylish Cinder collection offer the very best of both worlds! These tiles will feature the luxuriously rich and warm stylings of traditional terracotta or Cotto tiles while also allowing you to take advantage of the many low maintenance qualities of classic porcelain tiles. Porcelain tiles are baked at an extremely high temperature and for a longer period of time in comparison to other tiling solutions; this process leads to a material that is almost completely non-porous and will not require sealing in order to be protected. Porcelain tiles are also resistant to heat, water, scratching and staining, making them an ideal solution for those seeking a low maintenance finish in their home.

Cotto Tiles_Cinder Porcelain Bathroom Tiles

Combining the rich and earthy qualities of traditional Cotto terracotta tiles with the durability and flexibility of porcelain, the luxurious Cinder collection offers a low maintenance finish for the home. These non-porous tiles will not require sealing in order to be protected from staining, making them an excellent choice as a bathroom tile.

Modern Interpretations of Traditional Cotto Tiles

As noted above, porcelain tiles will offer a low maintenance finish in the home, making them an ideal alternative solution to traditional Cotto tiles if your lifestyle does not permit for the additional care these classic rustic tiles would require. Modern interpretations of Cotto tiles include luxurious porcelain pieces that will feature the same rustic qualities of elegant Cotto or terracotta tiles. From variations in colour or tone to lush textures, these ‘lookalike’ tiles offer the next best option to the real thing, allowing for this luxurious designer look to be more accessible.

Our Cinder range offers a realistic representation of traditional Cotto terracotta tiles while taking this elegant look a step further by introducing a selection of rich geometric patterns as well as a wide selection of lush, earthy colours. From deep, mossy greens to deep terracotta tones and a selection of classic neutral colours, the luxurious Cinder range can be used to add a vibrant finishing touch to any interior design scheme!

A luxurious new addition to our already extensive catalogue of designer tiles, the lush Cinder collection offers a realistic representation of traditional Cotto terracotta tiles while allowing you to take advantage of the many benefits of a low maintenance porcelain material. We welcome you to view the collection in our Melbourne tiles store where our friendly team is always on hand to help guide you through your tile selection journey; visit us or shop for tiles online here!