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The Best Tiles for Bathroom Renovations

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If you are in the process of planning a bathroom renovation, you may be wondering which types of tiles will be best to use. With so many luxurious designer tile solutions available, the decision can be tricky! In this post, we explore the best tiles for bathroom renovations, having a look at the most popular options for walls and floors while unpacking why these materials are so popular to help you narrow down your options and find your perfect bathroom tiles!

Tiles for Bathroom Floors

When choosing tiles for bathroom floors, it is important to consider not only the tile’s material, but also the tile’s finish or texture in order to ensure a safe and comfortable experience in this part of the home. When choosing bathroom floor tiles for residential spaces, the BCA’s requirements are not as stringent as they are when specifying tiles for commercial applications; a specific P Rating is not defined however, there should always be some consideration to the effects of water on different surfaces and how this can affect your bathroom floor’s resistance to slipping. Gloss and semi-gloss (also referred to as semi-lappato) floor tiles can be included in a residential bathroom however, tiles with some texture to them will offer the best grip underfoot.

Porcelain floor tiles are a popular solution for the home bathroom, boasting a wide range of impressive qualities that will ensure a high quality finish. These tiles are resistant to heat, moisture, staining and scratching, making them an ideal bathroom flooring solution for those seeking an ultra-low maintenance finish. Porcelain tiles are available in an endless array of styles including natural stone inspired pieces, concrete look tiles and even timber look tiles, allowing for any number of creative looks to be achieved.

Hola Hamptons Tiles_Best Tiles for Bathroom

Designed by Perini Design Consultancy, this elegant Hamptons inspired bathroom uses our Hola porcelain pattern tiles to create a stunning feature floor.

Natural stone tiles are another popular solution for use as bathroom flooring, providing incredible durability and longevity. From marble tiles to travertine tiles and more, there are many incredibly rich and luxurious options available to choose from when looking at natural stone tiles! It is important to note that natural stone such as marble, granite, travertine or limestone, are porous materials. Tiny pores are present throughout the material which in turn can absorb liquid or powder spills if the material is not treated correctly. It is important to seal your natural stone tiles in order to ensure they are best protected in the bathroom. As natural stone tiles are created using a solid piece of stone, their colouring and pattern will run throughout the body of the tile. This quality means that unlike other materials (such as porcelain tiles for example), these types of tiles can be professionally rejuvenated if needed, further enhancing their immense longevity in the home.

Marble Tiles_Best Tiles for Bathroom

The luxurious Marmo II collection is designed by world renowned designer, Greg Natale. Combining different varieties of natural marble, these lush tiles create a show-stopping look in the bathroom!

Wall Tiles for the Bathroom

Your choice in bathroom wall tiles will offer you a world of creative design solutions in your next bathroom renovation! From luxurious feature tiles for the bathroom to elegant pattern tiles and more, there are many exciting options available to choose from that will help you create the look you are after in your new bathroom’s design scheme.

Pez Ceramic Aqua

Ceramic wall tiles are available in a wide variety of shapes, colours and styles, allowing for the ultimate in creativity when curating your new bathroom’s design scheme. Our Pez Ceramic collection is featured in this sophisticated bathroom, adding a rich and vibrant finishing touch to the classic design.

Ceramic tiles are perhaps the most popular solution when it comes to choosing bathroom wall tiles. Tile stores will often stock collections labelled as porcelain tiles and others labelled as ceramic tiles; although each of these tiles are very similar in nature, they differ in their manufacturing process. Porcelain tiles are baked at much higher temperatures and for longer periods of time in comparison to ceramic tiles which leads to an incredibly dense, hard and almost completely non-porous material that can often be used as both a floor or wall tile in the home. Ceramic tiles on the other hand are baked at a lower temperature and for a shorter period of time. This process results in tile finish that is lighter in weight than their porcelain counterparts, making these types of tiles most suited to vertical applications only. For more information on the differences between these two bathroom tile options, see our guide here.

Ceramic tiles are a popular choice for use as a bathroom wall tile as their lightweight nature make them much easier to lay. They are also softer than other tiling solutions which in turn allows for better ease of installation of any wall accessories in the bathroom such as towel rails and toilet roll holders. Aside from providing a smoother installation process in the bathroom, ceramic tiles are available in an extraordinary amount of luxurious designer tiles solutions. This is because ceramic tiles are most often only recommended for use as a wall tile so their design is not influenced by the same restrictions as floor tiles are. There are many stylish options available to choose from including ultra-glossy handmade tiles, luscious 3D shaped tiles, elegant etched pattern tiles and plenty more!

Greg Natale Bisazza_Best Tiles for Bathroom

A collaborative effort between designer Greg Natale and world famous mosaic tile house Bisazza, this stunning glass mosaic tile collection includes a variety of organic patterns and colour options.

Glass mosaic tiles are another popular choice as a bathroom wall tile, especially when creating a feature element. These tiles are non-porous and resistant to staining, making them an excellent choice for tiling shower walls where soap and water will naturally splash around. Glass tiles will offer a simple to clean surface finish, especially when paired with an epoxy grout as opposed to a traditional cement based grout product. Epoxy grout is a non-porous option that will not require sealing. This product will actively assist in the prevention of built-up grime and dirt in your grout lines, further enhancing the low maintenance qualities of a glass tiled wall.

Things to Know When Choosing Tiles

When choosing bathroom tiles, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind in order to ensure the safest environment in your home. Bathroom floor tiles for example, should ideally feature some texture on their surface which will offer a level of slip resistance in the space. It is however, always recommended that floor mats be included within the bathroom to ensure the safety of the user.

As noted above, natural stone tiles are a popular choice for the bathroom floor however, it should be noted that these tiles are best avoided for use as a floor finish within your shower area as consistent exposure to pressurised water as well as ingredients found in soaps and shampoos can cause discolouration in these more sensitive materials. This also applies to the use of concrete tiles (or encaustic tiles) which are also porous and are not recommended for use as a shower base tiling solution.

When choosing your new bathroom wall tiles, sourcing an option that will be easy to wipe clean is ideal. Glazed ceramic tiles as well as glass tiles are both excellent choices for those seeking a low maintenance finish however, other tiling materials such as porcelain or natural stone tiles for example, will also offer a wonderfully long lasting and elegant choice. Your selection of wall tiles will greatly depend on the specific design style you want to achieve!

When shopping for bathroom tiles in Melbourne, you will notice a world of stylish choices available, each boasting its own range of benefits and qualities. When starting out on your bathroom design journey, understanding the key differences between different tile types and materials will greatly assist you in narrowing down your options to find those perfect tiles that will suit your style preferences and budget. Our team at Perini Tiles can offer you guidance and insider tips to help you find your ideal bathroom wall and floor tiles; we invite you to visit our Melbourne tiles store to browse our immense collection of luxurious designer tiles or start shopping for tiles online here!