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Our Best Selling Tiles

Reflecting on our most popular collections of 2019, it is clear that neutral tones and natural textures reign supreme! Leading into 2020, tile trends continue to embrace an organic, ‘back-to-nature’ colour palette, with a strong emphasis on texture and pattern, as well as bold bursts of vibrant colours, creating a dramatic element in your design.

 Sharing a common theme of timeless elegance and appeal, the following tile collections have been our best sellers over the last year.

Terrazzo & Terrazzo Look Tiles

Terrazzo tiles offer a stylish, hard wearing and sustainable choice in the home. Made using predominately recycled materials such as marble, quartz and even glass that is then set in concrete, terrazzo tiles offer a playfully patterned finish that is suitable for all areas of the home. The natural materials and concrete used in their construction are however, porous and as such, will require regular sealing to maintain their finish. For those seeking a maintenance-free alternative, Terrazzo-look tiles offer the same beauty and unique style of a natural terrazzo but are instead made of quality porcelain, a virtually non-porous material that will not require the same continued maintenance as that of a natural finish. Both terrazzo and terrazzo inspired tile designs have proven to be incredibly sought after over 2019 and promise to continue being a favourite for many years to come!

Valentina terrazzo lookThe astonishingly realistic Valentina terrazzo-look porcelain tile provides all the beauty of a natural stone with the incredibly hard-wearing and versatile properties that make porcelain a very well sought after material in the busy home.


Finger Tiles

Making for a wonderfully tactile feature wall, finger tiles effectively create a discreet pattern in any space, providing the perfect complement to larger format tiles. Available in a myriad of different materials, including porcelain and natural marble, finger tiles offer a timeless look in your design thanks to their simple yet elegant format and style. Finger tiles also have the unique ability to create the illusion of added space in your design as they can be laid vertically to add the perception of increased height in a room, or alternatively they can also be laid horizontally for added width in your design. 

bathroom wall tilesOffering a sleek slim profile and a raised surface, the Houston sticks collection is available in an array of different colours


Yubi collection finger tilesThe Yubi collection is a slim format glazed porcelain collection suitable for walls and available in 8 versatile colours.


Neutral Stone-Look Tiles

Inspired by the organic textures, patterns and colour variations seen in natural materials, stone-look tiles are often made using the more durable porcelain material. Porcelain will not require regular sealing or professional maintenance, providing an incredibly durable surface finish for your project. A virtually maintenance-free alternative to natural stone, porcelain tiles are available in an enormous range of shapes, colours and textures with many designs being a near exact replica of natural stones, timber or even concrete. Similar to natural materials, concrete is also a porous material that will require sealing and ongoing maintenance however, a concrete-look porcelain tile offers an exquisite alternative for the busy home!

bathroom tilesPerfectly emulating the tonal variations of a concrete tile, the Washington porcelain tile range provides you with the very best of both worlds: The warmth and organic patterns of concrete with the enduring strength and durability of a porcelain tile.


Patterned Tiles

Patterned tiles create a playful, bold and dramatic atmosphere in any design, being especially popular in the renovations of period style homes and vintage inspired interiors. Patterned tiles such as our Harlow collection, provide an authentic touch in a vintage inspired interior, with a striking array of colour choices and patterns available to choose from. In place of the more traditional encaustic materials, these porcelain tiles provide the same look and texture of antique tiles, combined with all the modern benefits of porcelain.

floor tilesOur exciting Harlow collection features a breathtaking array of traditional and modern patterns. Made of quality porcelain, this collection is suitable for both floor and wall applications, allowing an incredible amount of flexibility in your design.


Vibrantly Coloured Handmade Tiles

Handmade tiles inject your design with a soft, organic touch, bringing a unique quality to any space. Strong, vibrant hues ranging from shimmering emerald greens, Mediterranean blues and deep, glowing mustard tones have all made a splash in top selling tile trends of 2019 and will continue to take over our interiors throughout 2020. Entirely created and glazed by hand, many of our handmade tile collections are custom made to order, allowing you the ultimate freedom of design to include a piece that is truly one of a kind.

handmade wall tilesThe Casablanca collection includes an incredible array of trending colours, from delightful mossy greens to deep ocean hues. These vibrant colour choices are complimented with earthy neutral tones to achieve the perfect balance in your design.


Carrara Marble Tiles

Sophisticated, elegant and timeless, the classic look offered by a natural marble tile is unparalleled. Featuring distinct veining, patterning and colour variations, Carrara Marble has long been a favourite design choice in interiors and promises to continue being a popular material for the home. This year, the layout styles of choice have included the traditional herringbone and chevron patterns, blending in seamlessly with just about any interior design style.  

marble wall tilesUndeniably luxurious, the timeless elegance of marble tiles will always be on trend! Our collection of Carrara marble tiles is available in a wide variety of formats, finishes and patterns to help you create the exact look you are after.

As tile designs continue to grow and evolve, the colours, textures and materials found in nature continue to be classic choices for the home, as all of these top selling collections prove. Offering a world of creativity, character and an immense collection of both classic and trending tile choices, our Richmond tile showroom is your one-stop-shop for all your tiling needs!