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The Best Floor Tiles for Kitchen & Living Areas

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As spills and mess are common in the kitchen, finding the perfect floor tiles is a must to ensure a quality design that will also offer a low maintenance and durable finish. Kitchen floor tile options range from luxurious natural stones to ultra-durable porcelain tiles, offering a vast range of options that will perfectly complement your overall kitchen design scheme while also providing a surface finish that is simple to keep clean and will last a lifetime. 

As a result of the popularity of open plan style homes, the kitchen and living space is often combined to create one large area. As such, creating a sense of continuity in the home is paramount in ensuring the perfect look. Modern floor tiles offer the perfect solution as they can be used to create a seamless look that will tie all these spaces together without having to introduce separate flooring solutions in each zone of the home. The key to creating the perfect design scheme in these styles of interiors is to select a strong and durable floor tile that can easily be used throughout your interior spaces and then, ensure the size of your new floor tiles is in proportion with the area. 


Porcelain tiles are renowned for their impressive strength and durability making them a popular choice when it comes to selecting the right floor tiles, especially in the high traffic environment of the kitchen. 

Made in Italy, the Andale collection offers a realistic representation of natural stone in a durable porcelain material. These tiles can be used to create a soft, muted look throughout your interiors, effortlessly connecting your kitchen, dining and living spaces for a continuous theme in the home.

These tiles are water, scratch and stain resistant and as they are made of a non-porous material, they will not require sealing during installation or at any time throughout their life span. Due to their popularity and impressive low maintenance qualities, modern porcelain tiles are available in a range of stunning options that perfectly replicate the look and feel of a range of different materials, from natural stones such as marble to concrete tiles and even timber look tile options, allowing you the ability to take advantage of the many benefits of porcelain products while being able to introduce these luscious materials throughout your entire home. These tiles are also available in a vast range of impressive sizes, allowing you to create a near seamless look using large format tiles in your interior design scheme.


Natural stone tiles have long been a favourite design solution for the home with marble, slate and travertine tiles being especially popular choices. Unlike porcelain tiles, natural stone floor tiles are porous which means that they will require sealing in order to be protected from staining or marking. These tiles will also require specific cleaning products in order to ensure the material’s integrity and avoid damage to the natural tile’s surface. 


The sophisticated Arrow collection includes various natural marble stone options that have been cut into the classic chevron tile format. These luxurious tiles can be used as a flooring solution throughout the home making for a rich and elegant look that is truly timeless. 

Although there is some care involved in properly maintaining these floor tiles, the luxurious and timeless appeal of natural stone products is simply unparalleled; these materials have proven to be a sturdy and durable floor finish, being used since ancient times as a rich and elegant option that has stood the test of time. 


Another classic option, encaustic tiles (also referred to as concrete floor tiles) have traditionally been used in interiors as a means of introducing pattern, texture and colour to a design scheme. These hard wearing tiles have historically been favoured in the more traditional settings of period style architecture such as Victorian and Edwardian homes however, modern interpretations of traditional encaustic tiles will often feature more contemporary colour ways and structured patterns to create a new look that can be used in all styles of home. 

Designed by leading Australian interior and fashion stylish Sarah Ellison, the Beach Club encaustic tiles feature bold, vivid colours and exciting retro inspired patterns. The collections is inspired by nature, using an Autumnal colour palette that will add a vibrant touch of colour to your interior spaces.

Once again, these tiles will require sealing in order to maintain their luxurious matte finish in the kitchen however, they provide an incredibly strong and durable flooring solution that is perfect for modern and classically styled kitchen and living spaces alike! 


Terrazzo floor tiles have seen a surge in popularity over recent years thanks to their ability to create a striking and unique pattern in any design scheme while providing yet another strong and durable flooring solution. Traditional terrazzo tiles are created using concrete tiles that contain chips of coloured glass or natural marble to create the distinct speckled look these types of tiles are so famous for. 


Designed and made in Italy, the stylish Teknika Terrazzo collection includes varying chips of marble that are set into a bed of concrete in a range of modern colours. These tiles offer a sustainable floor tile solution for the home as they are often created using by-products of the construction and design industries, offering new life to these materials. Terrazzo tiles are also famous for their incredibly long lasting and highly durable qualities, making them a well sought after flooring option in high traffic areas. 

Terrazzo tiles are known for being a long lasting and durable flooring solution, making them an excellent choice for high traffic spaces. These sustainable tiles provide a strong design element that can be easily balanced out with a range of simple solid colours and natural materials in your design scheme for a harmonious look. 

When selecting floor tiles for the home, keeping the material and size of the tiles in mind is the key to creating the perfect balance in your interiors, from the kitchen to the living and dining space. Our team at Perini Tiles can recommend the very best floor tile solutions to meet your needs, colour palette and budget for the perfect look in your next project. Visit our tiles showroom in Richmond or schedule a free online design consultation to get started on your next project today!