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The Benefits of Timber Look Tiles

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Traditional timber provides an elegance and warmth to a home’s design scheme, adding character and timeless appeal. Timber look tiles however, emulate these characteristics to create a design solution that is infinitely more durable and hard wearing. These exciting tiles are available in a stunning range of hyper-realistic options, allowing you to introduce timber finishes in areas of the home where they would often be avoided. The benefits of timber look tiles are

What are Timber Look Tiles?

Timber look tiles are a specific variety of porcelain tile that have been designed to emulate the appearance and texture of a natural timber product. Porcelain tiles are baked at extremely high temperatures, higher than that of ceramic tiles. This process results in an extremely dense and almost completely non-porous material that will require little to no maintenance in the home aside from a general clean.

wood tech external tiles

Our classic Woodtech External Porcelain Tiles offer the perfect solution for adding a touch of warmth, texture and charm to your outdoor spaces. These tiles can be incorporate in your outdoor design scheme in many applications from being the perfect solution as a pool surround tile, an alfresco floor tile solution or to create pathways around your outdoor areas.

Modern tile manufacturing techniques have allowed for an ultra-realistic representation of authentic timber, capturing the naturally occurring variations in colour and tone to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. You will find many varied collections of timber look tiles available, from classic timber parquetry styles or planks to rustic looks and even distressed timber options, allowing you a world of creative options to choose from for your next project.

The Benefits of Timber Look Tiles

Offering an impressive range of benefits in the home, timber look tiles can be used to complement a range of different interior design styles from classic and traditional interiors to more modern and contemporary looks. These tiles can be used in just about any application throughout the home, making for an ideal choice in wet areas where you would often avoid using timber such as the bathroom or laundry for example and even as an outdoor tile in your patio, alfresco or as a pool surround option.

Designed to effortlessly replicate the naturally occurring variations in texture, colour and tone, the delightful Dante timber look porcelain tiles are available in a range of luscious colours with options for outdoor use as well.

How to use Timber Tiles in the Home

Timber look tiles can be used in any area of the home, even in areas where traditional timber is often avoided such as the bathroom or laundry room for example. As these spaces often experience more humidity and moisture than other areas, authentic timber is often avoided as it can be affected by these factors, leading to mould or structural instability. Timber look tiles on the other hand will not be affected by the excess humidity or moisture, making them an ideal choice in these wet areas.

wood grain timber look tiles

Designed to replicate the organic textures and tones present in a natural timber, our Huski collection is available in a plank tile and as a chevron tile format. Offering three stylish and timeless colour options, this collection can be used throughout your interior spaces to create a strong sense of continuity within your home.

Certain collections of timber look tiles can also be incorporated in your outdoor design scheme, replacing traditional decking solutions with an option that is easier to keep clean and will not require sealing, polishing or maintenance. Outdoor tiles in a timber look design will offer more grip than indoor varieties, making them an exceptional fit for outdoor applications. Being a porcelain product, these tiles are almost completely non-porous, meaning that unlike other outdoor tile solutions (such as natural stone or concrete tiles for example) you will not have to seal them at any time throughout their lifespan, making them an excellent choice where a low maintenance solution is required.

The benefits of timber look tiles are varied, from offering a low maintenance solution for both indoor and outdoor design schemes to being an excellent alternative solution for timber where this natural material is best avoided. The many different patterns, colours and tones available in timber look tiles allow you to easily experiment with a range of different options to create your own distinct interior design scheme in the home.