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The Benefits of Tiles in the Bedroom

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Tiles in the bedroom can provide your home with a range of benefits thanks to their low maintenance qualities and the limitless range of luxurious options available. Although not the most traditional floor finish for this part of the home, tiled floors in bedrooms can provide an exceptional alternative to other flooring solutions such as carpet or vinyl, allowing for both a healthier and more stylish solution that will last a lifetime.

Carpet or Tiles in the Bedroom

A traditional flooring solution, carpets in the bedroom have been a popular option as they provide warmth and a soft surface underfoot. Carpets can however, be difficult to keep completely clean as dust can settle and embed itself within the carpet’s fibres. Allergy sufferers and those with any sort of respiratory issues can often find carpeted bedrooms to be difficult to maintain. Furthermore, liquid spills can sometimes penetrate the carpet and underlay leading to the growth of mould. Floor tiles in the bedroom on the other hand will allow for better ease of maintenance in the bedroom, being simple to keep clean and tidy while also discouraging the growth of mould as they are a water resistant surface finish. Ultimately, your choice of flooring in the bedroom will of course come down to your own personal preferences in terms of style as well as cleaning requirements in this part of the home.

Cinder Subway Tiles_Cotto Tiles_Tiles in the Bedroom

A new addition to our already extensive tile collection, Cinder encapsulates the classic elegance and aesthetic charm of cotto bricks. These stunning subway tiles are available in a wide selection of luxurious colours, each featuring an irresistibly tactile texture. Made of durable porcelain stoneware, Cinder can be used as an interior wall or floor finish to create a rich and timeless look.

If you are opting for tiles in the bedroom instead of traditional carpets, it is important to note that a tiled flooring will fetch a higher price tag when considering the cost of materials and labour for your project. A carpeted floor in the bedroom will usually cost less than the cost of tiling this area however, the benefits of a tiled bedroom floor will ensure a lifetime of use!

Limitless Designs with Tiles

Floor tiles are available in an endless variety of luxurious options designed to suit each and every style. From luxurious natural stone tiles to sleek porcelain floor tiles or even smooth encaustic tiles, you will find an extraordinary range of lush options available to choose from. As tiles are available in such a wide range of options, the creative possibilities are truly endless! You can use tiles in the bedroom to create any number of creative patterns and styles in any number of textures and colours, allowing you to create an incredibly unique space that is individual to your own distinct sense of style.

Greg Natele Tiles_Pink Tiles

Designed by multi-award winning Australian designer Greg Natale, this stunning collection of glass mosaic tiles can be used in the bedroom to create dramatic features that will complement a modern or contemporary look. Available in a selection of modern colours and patterns, these stunning tiles will add a show-stopping touch to your new bedroom design!

Will Tiles be Cold in the Bedroom?

A common concern when it comes to choosing tiles in the bedroom is their hard surface and temperature. By nature, tiles will generally feel quite cool to the touch however, you can include underfloor heating in your home’s bedrooms to combat this. Underfloor heating systems include coils that are embedded within the home’s concrete slab. When turned on, these coils heat up and transfer warmth into the slab and flooring to create a luxuriously warm and comfortable environment. Another simple way to combat the cooling effect of floor tiles in the bedroom is to include small rugs beside the bed which will offer you the very best of both worlds!

The Benefits of Tiles in the Bedroom

Tiling your bedroom floors will provide an impressive range of benefits in the long term. As noted above, floor tiles in this part of the home will ensure a low maintenance finish that is especially beneficial for those with allergies or other respiratory issues. Furthermore, a tiled floor will provide a water resistant surface finish that will stand up against mould, once again ensuring a low maintenance solution for the home that is an excellent choice for children as well as pets!

Bedrock Porcelain tiles_Tiles in the Bedroom

A sophisticated large format tile, Bedrock is an Italian made collection that effortlessly captures the beauty and elegance of natural stone, complete with realistic variations in tone and pattern. A durable porcelain tile, Bedrock can be used in the bedroom as a floor or wall finish, adding a rich and timeless aesthetic in the home.

Tiled bedroom floors will often add value to the property, ensuring an excellent investment into your home. Their immense longevity paired with their unique style will create a luxurious and high-end finish in the space that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. If you are opting for porcelain floor tiles in the bedroom, these types of tiles will offer an even more versatile finish as they are resistant to scratching, staining, moisture and heat.

When selecting floor tiles for the bedroom, it is important to consider the benefits as well as any potential drawbacks in order to ensure that this type of floor finish will be the best fit for your needs, budget and lifestyle. Depending on the type of tile material you choose, you may also need to consider different styles of cleaning and maintenance in order to keep your new floor tiles looking their best over time. You will find detailed guides on different tile materials in our Resources hub here. If you are on the hunt for porcelain floor tiles in Melbourne, our Richmond tiles store is constantly being updated with the latest designs sourced from tile makers right around the world.