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The Benefits of Porcelain Tiles

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Porcelain tiles offer an incredibly low maintenance solution for all areas of the home, inside and out. These tiles boast an impressive range of benefits, being one of the most popular designer solutions as a bathroom tile, kitchen tile, outdoor tile and more! You will also find that as a result of their immense popularity, many collections of porcelain tiles have been specifically designed to emulate the luxurious look and feel of materials such as natural stones, concrete and even timber, offering an exceptionally versatile solution. We explore the many benefits that these types of tiles have to offer as well as the many different applications that they can be used for throughout your home’s interior and exterior spaces.

Resilient & Durable: The Low Maintenance Qualities of Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles offer an immensely durable and resilient option that can be used in virtually any application throughout the home. Created using a combination of sand, feldspar and clay, the tiles are formed and baked in a kiln at extreme temperatures and for an extended period of time in comparison to other tiling solutions. This process results in an immensely durable, dense and strong material that is almost completely non-porous. Unlike natural stone tiles or concrete tiles for example, porcelain tiles will not require sealing, ensuring a low maintenance finish for the home. These tiles are resistant to heat and fire, moisture, staining and scratching, making them one of the most popular design solutions for any application!

Andele Porcelain Tiles

Our Andale porcelain tile collection offers a realistic representation of natural stone, being a wondrously low maintenance alternative for the home. These tiles can be used in all indoor applications as a floor or wall tile; the collection also includes a matching outdoor floor tile option, allowing for a seamless finish between your home’s indoor and outdoor entertaining areas.

Porcelain Tiles for Outdoor Areas

Outdoor tiles will often include a roughly textured surface finish that will allow for stronger grip underfoot in outdoor areas. When shopping for outdoor tiles, it is important to consider each individual tile options’ slip resistance in order to best determine if your chosen tile will be the best fit for your intended application. Outdoor tiles can easily be kept clean and tidy with a spray of water. It is recommended that any garden debris or animal droppings be removed from their surface swiftly as if they are left to sit on the tiles for too long, they can cause discoloration or staining. With the right care, a high quality porcelain outdoor tile will last a lifetime, ensuring a safe, strong and beautiful designer choice for your home’s outdoor spaces.

Resort Outdoor Tiles_Porcelain Tiles

Aptly named the Resort collection, these elegant outdoor tiles offer an exceptional non-slip finish that is ideal for outdoor spaces and pool surrounds. Available in a selection of sizes and shades, the Resort collection can be used to create luxuriously soothing spaces in your home’s outdoor area.

Styles, Colours & Textures

Due to the immense popularity and durability of porcelain tile products, you will find that there is an endless range of luxurious options available to choose from. Many collections of porcelain tiles are designed to emulate the look and feel of other materials that may not always be the best option for certain applications. Timber tiles for example, are made of super strong and durable porcelain, allowing you to include timber textures in wet areas of the home (such as the bathroom or laundry room) or as an alternative to outdoor timber decking, offering a water, heat, scratch and stain resistant solution. Other options of porcelain tile will mimic the lush texture and style of natural stones such as marble, limestone or granite while others will emulate the sleek aesthetic of concrete, allowing you an endless range of creative designer tile solutions to suit any application. As these tiles are non-porous, they will not require the same level of care as other materials would, providing an incredibly low maintenance finish that is an excellent choice for busy homes.

Caring for Porcelain Products

Porcelain tiles provide an exceptionally low maintenance solution for the home, being one of the most simple to clean materials. As porcelain is virtually non-porous, these tiles will not require sealing as natural stone tiles or concrete tiles would. Dirt and grime should ideally be cleaned off the tiles’ surface as soon as possible however, these types of tiles should not stain or discolour as readily as other tile solutions would, making them a popular choice for messy areas such as the kitchen, bathroom, outdoor spaces or entryways. Your new porcelain tiles should require nothing more than a simple wipe down with warm, soapy water to keep clean and tidy. You may also include gentle tile cleaning products in your usual routine; you will find more detailed information along with specific cleaning product recommendations in our Resources page that will help you make the most of your new tiles.

Toledo Colourful Tiles

Featuring a velvety matte finish, our Toledo collection is available in a wide selection of vibrant colours. Toledo draws inspiration from the bold colours of 1970s design, featuring deep mossy tones, subtle shades of white and grey and deep, burnt orange tiles to create a rich and sophisticated look.

Porcelain tiles offer a range of impressive benefits, both inside and outside the home. One of the most popular tiling solutions, porcelain tiles are available in a wide range of luxurious options, from stone look tiles, concrete look tiles, marble look tiles and plenty more, allowing you to completely explore your creative side when curating your home’s ideal colour scheme. Our team at Perini Tiles can assist and guide you through the selection process, ensuring each area in your home creates a cohesive and stylish colour palette; visit out Melbourne tiles store or shop for tiles online here!