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The Benefits of Flooring with Travertine Tiles

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Flooring with travertine tiles offers an earthy, timeless and sophisticated look in the home, this traditional material is available in a wide range of naturally occurring colours, each of which creates a stunning textured surface finish that will complement any range of classic or contemporary interior design styles.

Flooring with Travertine Tiles: Durability & Longevity

One of the most popular drawcards of using natural stone floor tiles in your home’s interior spaces is that these materials can be professionally rejuvenated when need be. Unlike other common floor tile solutions, natural stone tiles such as travertine will of course, feature their surface pattern and colouring running throughout the entire body of the tile. Porcelain floor tiles for example will feature their pattern and colour on their surface rather than throughout the entire tile; this unique quality allows you to refinish your natural stone floor tiles over time to ensure their longevity.

Tumbler travertine tile

Our stylish Tumbler range is a natural travertine tile option that includes varying shapes or tile formats. These tiles show off the authentic beauty and elegance of this luxuriously earthy natural stone and can be used as both a wall or floor tile option throughout your home’s interiors.

Flooring with travertine tiles will also offer an incredibly durable surface finish that is incredibly forgiving when it comes to scuffs or marks! Thanks to the uniquely textured surface that also often includes rich patterns and variations in colour, you will notice that these floor tiles will not show up dirt or marks quite as readily as other floor tile options (such as smooth, glossy tiles for example).

Natural Beauty of Flooring with Travertine Tiles

Travertine tiles will feature a range of naturally occurring colours, tones and textures, allowing you to experiment with a range of sophisticated and classic colour palettes in your home. When flooring with travertine tiles, you have the option of selecting from a range of rich and earthy colour options from deep red rusty tones, soft whites or dove greys and plenty more.

red travertine collection_Flooring with Travertine Tiles

Available in a selection of timeless and trending tile formats, our Red Travertine collection features a rich, earthy variation in colours ranging from burnt orange to deep red and brown. These exquisite tiles can be used throughout your home’s interior spaces as a wall or floor tile solution.

Caring for Travertine Tiles

Being a natural stone product, it is important to note that travertine tiles are porous. This means that they can easily absorb liquid or powder spills if they are not properly sealed using a quality tile sealer. A tile sealer will usually need to be applied to the surface of the tiles prior to installation (so as to prevent tile adhesives or grouts from damaging or discolouring the natural stone) and then every few years or so thereafter. A quality tile sealant will assist in the prevention of staining or marking of your travertine tiles, ensuring their longevity in the home.

You will find more detailed information on caring for natural stone tiles as well as maintaining your tiles sealer on our Resources page.

Stone-Look Tile Options

For those looking to recreate the look and feel of a natural stone product but would like to explore an option that will not require the same level of care, stone-look tile options are the answer! These tiles are most often made using porcelain instead of natural stones such as marble or travertine, allowing you to take advantage of the many benefits of porcelain tiles while still creating a luscious natural look in the home. Porcelain tiles will not require sealing and are resistant to scratching, staining, moisture and heat, making them a highly durable option that is suitable for busy areas of the home such as your entry ways or kitchen for example.

Solo_Flooring with Travertine Tiles

Our Solo collection is available in a selection of different colours, sizes and formats allowing you to recreate the authentic look and feel of natural travertine tiles using a porcelain material instead.

Our Richmond tile shop is constantly being updated with the latest travertine tile options, offering a range of exciting solutions in a range of colours and formats. Whether you are visiting our showroom in person or shopping for tiles online, our team is always on hand to offer expert advice on tile types and colour schemes that will best suit your creative vision.