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The Benefits of Concrete Look Porcelain Tiles

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Concrete look porcelain tiles offer an excellent alternative solution to traditional concrete options (often referred to as concrete tiles, encaustic tiles or cement tiles). Porcelain options will provide a hard wearing design solution that is resistant to staining, scratching and moisture, ensuring a high quality finish in designs where encaustic or concrete tiles may not always be the best option.

What are Concrete Look Porcelain Tiles?

Concrete look porcelain tiles are collections that have been designed to replicate the look and feel of a traditional concrete tile. Concrete tiles (often referred to as encaustic tiles or cement tiles) have long been used in the home to create a colourful and vibrant interior design scheme, using combinations of shapes and patterns for a timeless and elegant aesthetic. These tiles are often used throughout interior spaces such as hallways, living rooms and kitchens and can even be used to add a decorative touch to covered outdoor areas such as entryways and patios. Porcelain tiles in concrete look varieties will create the same elegant look in your design scheme while offering a range of exciting advantages.

Nassu Concrete Look Porcelain Tiles

The Spanish made Nassu collection offers a luxuriously decorative pattern tile option that can be used throughout your home’s interiors as an alternative solution to traditional encaustic tiles. These glazed porcelain tiles are available in a range of vibrant colours and patterns to suit any style of design!

Vintage & Modern Tile Designs with Concrete Look Porcelain Tiles

Concrete look porcelain tiles effortlessly combine the old with the new, offering a modern take on this classic design option. Modern tile designs available in concrete look porcelain tiles are available in options that replicate the designs and styles of the past, providing the perfect solution for applications where an authentic design touch is desired. Options are also available in more modern tile designs with a variety of contemporary patterns available to choose from. These options in particular allow you to add a vintage touch in your interior design scheme thanks to the tile’s look and texture while providing a modern twist in the contemporary colour options and patterns available.

Dolce Pattern Tiles

Colourful, elegant and full of character, the exciting Dolce collection includes a range of impressive patterns and graphics that will instantly create a timeless look in the home. The collection effortlessly combines modern and traditional tile design styles to create a luxurious solution for the home.

A Low Maintenance Tile Solution

Traditional concrete or encaustic tiles often require some level of care and maintenance in order to ensure their longevity in the home. These tiles are porous in nature and will therefore require sealing upon application and then every few years or so thereafter to help keep them protected from staining.

Of course, sealing is not a complete safeguard against staining and certain materials can still penetrate into the body of the tile and leave a mark behind. Concrete look porcelain tiles on the other hand are a non-porous option that will not require sealing, offering a low maintenance alternative solution for all areas of the home.

Concrete Tiles in the Bathroom

Further elaborating on the porous nature of traditional encaustic tiles as noted above, porcelain tiles offer a flexible solution for spaces where encaustic tiles would not be the best fit. Traditional concrete tiles are often best avoided as a bathroom floor tile, especially within the shower area as soap scum and ingredients in shampoos or conditioners can damage and discolour these tiles. Concrete look porcelain floor tiles are an excellent alternative solution in these types of installations as the material can better stand up against these ingredients, offering a surface finish that is simple to keep clean in the bathroom.

Bold and charismatic, the Arcade collection offers a wonderful alternative solution to concrete tiles for areas such as the bathroom where concrete tiles are often avoided as a flooring option.

Our Richmond Tiles Store houses a vast range of options in both traditional concrete or encaustic tiles as well as porcelain concrete look options. Visit us to browse our range and discuss your project with our helpful team!