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The Benefits of a Glass Mosaic Tile Kitchen Splashback

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Glass mosaic tile splashbacks provide a wonderfully sleek and stylish option for all areas of the home, especially the kitchen! Mosaic tiles are famous for their ease of maintenance and of course, the endless range of colour options, patterns and designs that can be created using this classic form of tile art, making it one of the most popular options for areas such as the home kitchen and laundry.

The Benefits of Glass Mosaic Tiles in the Kitchen

Glass mosaic tiles provide a vast range of benefits when used as a kitchen splashback. These unique tiles can easily be wiped clean as their smooth surface finish will not absorb liquids or dirt, making them an excellent choice around your kitchen sink or cooktop. You will also find that glass mosaic tiles are available in a vast range of options including different shapes, patterns, colours and styles, allowing you the unique opportunity to create just about any look you are after in your new kitchen.

Glass Mosaic Tile_Glacier_Hamptons Kitchen

Our elegant Glacier glass collection provides a shimmering, glamorous touch to this modern Hamptons styled kitchen completed by our design team at Perini Renovations. The collection includes several different shapes to choose from, including the timeless penny round tiles pictured above, stylish lantern tiles, fish scale tiles and more!

Grout Tips for a Mosaic Tile Kitchen Splashback

The increased amount of grout used in the application of traditional glass mosaic tiles is often of concern, especially in areas of the home that are prone to mess, namely the kitchen. Modern grout solutions directly address this issue to create an option that is much more versatile and user-friendly and will do away with the need for scrubbing stubborn marks on your grout. Epoxy grout is one of the best grout options to pair with glass mosaic tiles; unlike traditional cement based grouts, an epoxy grout will provide a non-porous finish that will not absorb liquids, making it incredibly simple to clean and maintain. Epoxy grout provides the perfect solution for the kitchen where cooking and water splatters are bound to occur, allowing you to swiftly clean up any mess with minimal effort.

Custom Patterns & Designs with Glass Mosaic Tiles

One of the biggest attractions of glass mosaic tiles is the fact that there are endless design possibilities that can even be custom suited to meet your specific preferences in terms of colour and pattern. Certain collections (such as some of our Bisazza tile collections for example) provide the option of creating a completely custom pattern or mural, allowing you to include a stunning work of art in your new kitchen design scheme. These murals can be selected from a set range of options or completely custom made to suit your own artwork, allowing you explore more unique and creative options for your new kitchen.

Glass Mosaic Tile_Bisazza Mosaic Tiles

Bisazza is a boutique Italian brand of glass mosaic tiles that offers a world of luxurious colours and textures. Collections can be custom suited to suit your own artwork and colour preferences for a completely unique style in your home!


Another exciting benefit of glass mosaic tiles is that glass is an infinitely recyclable product, meaning it can be recycled time and time again to create new products. Our vast collection includes several different recycled glass mosaic tile collections that can be used in your new kitchen design to enhance your home’s sustainable qualities. These tile collections are available in a vast range of options and shapes, allowing you to include a stunning piece in your new design that is eco-friendly.

Glass Mosaic Tile_Zafra Collection

Offering a perfect representation of natural marble, our Zafra collection is in fact made of 90% recycled glass. This elegant wall tile option can be used in a modern or classic styled kitchen to add a glamorous touch. The collection includes an impressive range of options in terms of shapes and colour including the classic subway tile format, herringbone tiles, hexagon shapes and more!

Glass mosaic tiles offer an excellent choice for the home kitchen thanks to their supreme ease of maintenance and the endless styles and options that are available to choose from. This sustainable product also provides the benefit of enhancing your home’s sustainability factor, especially where recycled glass tiles have been included in your design scheme. Our team at Perini Tiles can walk you through all of the latest glass mosaic tile options, allowing you to explore your creative side when it comes to putting together the perfect kitchen design!