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The Beauty of Green Tiles and why they will Always be on Trend

Green tiles are a hot trend this year and with good reason: their tranquil and serene vibes provide a wonderfully nature inspired colour palette for the home that will never fade from style, providing the perfect timeless touch to your interiors. With obvious connections to nature, different shades of green are often associated with a variety of feelings, emotions or activities. Lime green for example can evoke a highly energetic vibe in a design while warm, mossy greens create a luxurious and cosy atmosphere, making these tones ideal for bedrooms and living areas. 

Using the right shades of green, you can create different atmospheres in the home, from a soothing and relaxing vibe in the bathroom to a high energy and creativity boosting look in the kitchen. Green tones will also provide the added benefit of being easily coordinated with a range of exciting materials from brass or gold to soft grey concretes and more!

Green Bathroom Tiles

Using green tiles in your bathroom design scheme will create a soothing atmosphere that is perfect for aiding in relaxation. Warm, natural green tones as well as soft mint shades are often used in salons and day spas as these particular shades of green are most commonly associated with hygiene, health and wellness while also invoking feelings of calm and serenity. 

These qualities make green tiles especially favoured in the bathroom, an area of the home that is dedicated to cleanliness as well as relaxation. Green wall tiles can be used to create a striking feature element in the space, pairing well with soft grey tones, warm whites and deep, charcoal hues. Complete the look with a range of earthy touches that will enhance the space’s aesthetic appeal and create a warm and welcoming vibe; warm timber textures, soft grey concrete and natural stones such as marble or limestone will all work together brilliantly in a nature inspired bathroom design scheme!


Authentically handmade in Morocco, the exciting Arabian wall tiles feature the traditional organic edges and soft, undulating surface finish that handmade products are so well known for. The collection is available in a range of earthy colourways, including a range of luxurious and timeless green options that will help create a cosy and comforting atmosphere in the bathroom.

Green Kitchen Tiles

Create a striking yet timeless look in your new kitchen design scheme using various shades of green for an inspiring atmosphere. Dusty light to medium green tones are often especially favoured in the kitchen as either a cabinetry option or as a tiled splashback feature. This particular shade of green offers a timeless and elegant aesthetic in the home kitchen, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere thanks to its traditional use in country style interiors. Aside from dustier green tones, pastel mint is another favourite choice for the kitchen, once again providing endless appeal and ensuring your kitchen colour scheme never goes out of style.

Our Italian made Biscuit collection includes a mixture of smooth surfaces, geometric patterns and even 3D effect pieces to create a lusciously tactile patchwork effect that is perfect for a dramatic splashback tile option. Set off the look with lighting installed beneath overhead cupboards to accentuate the raised areas and patterns of this collection for a dramatic look!

These warm green tones both inspire a sense of creativity in the home while also creating an elegant yet welcoming experience in the kitchen. There are many classic pairings available to choose from when creating a colour palette using dusty green tones, from warm white marbles to deep charcoal tones, soft grey concrete and honey toned timbers as well as gleaming brass, bright gold or matte black hardware and tapware that will complete the look. 

Mix and Match Green Tiles

Green tiles will continue to remain on trend in the world of interior design thanks to their ability to create a warm, soothing and inviting atmosphere in the home. Another key reason why we’ll continue to see green as a favourite colour in the home is that it is an option that can tie in exceptionally well with a vast range of various colours and materials, making for a lively and intriguing colour palette every time. 

Omnia pool collection

The stunning Omnia stone look mosaic tiles make for a show-stopping feature outdoors in this swimming pool

Green tiles can be easily mixed and match with a range of different options, from classic neutrals such as white, beige, charcoal and grey to bolder varieties such as lemon, chocolate, black, burnt orange and even royal purple and sapphire options. 

Las Vegas

Minty green tiles are paired with playful blush and warm grey tones to create a welcoming vibe in this entry way using our stylish Las Vegas floor tiles. Pastel tones can be easily matched with a variety of different colours and materials in the home, making them an excellent alternative option to traditional neutral tones.

Green tiles can create a variety of different looks and styles in the home while also providing the additional benefit of pairing exceptionally well with a large range of colours and materials. These qualities ensure green will continue to feature prominently in interiors thanks to the versatility of this luscious earthy colour. 

Our team at Perini Tiles can assist you in the creation of the perfect colour palette for your next interior design project, expertly curating your new floor and wall tiles, benchtops and cabinetry to create that designer touch! Visit our Richmond tile showroom or book a free virtual design consultation to get started on your project today!