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The 3 Most Common Mistakes People Make when Choosing Outdoor Wall Tiles

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When choosing outdoor wall tiles, it is important to take several different factors into consideration to ensure the best fit for your intended applications. These include selecting the right materials, finishes and textures as well as the overall style you want to create in your outdoor design scheme along with budget considerations and of course, exposure to the elements.

# 1: Not Sticking to a Budget when Choosing Outdoor Wall Tiles

As with any home project, setting a budget and sticking to it is one of the most important steps to success. As there are so many different ways you can incorporate outdoor wall tiles into your design scheme, taking the time to carefully plan out your project will of course allow you to decide on exactly how much you can spend. Mosaic feature tiles can be used in many different ways in your outdoor design scheme for example, from creating a large feature garden wall, a small mural in an alfresco area or to coat an entire outdoor swimming pool. Confirming the extent of your tiling will allow you to measure out the quantity of tiles needed and then set yourself a budget figure for each square metre of tiling. It is also important to take the cost of labour into account when setting your budget to avoid any surprises!

Paladino_Choosing Outdoor Wall Tiles

Our Paladino outdoor tile collection includes an impressive selection of different formats to choose from, allowing you to experiment with various shapes and sizes in your outdoor tiling scheme.

Your design consultant in our Richmond tiles store will recommend the most suitable tile options that will not only fit your intended application but also your budget to assist you in staying on track.

# 2: Not Considering Materials & Finishes

During your design consultation in our showroom, your consultant will present you with a range of different tiling solutions that are suitable for outdoor applications in a range of different materials and finishes. As we are focusing on choosing outdoor wall tiles specifically, taking a tile’s slip rating and grip features into account is not necessary as these tiles will be laid on vertical surfaces only. This means that you have more creative freedom in your selections, allowing you to choose from super-glossy finishes or lusciously tactile textured or 3D effect tiles.

Canaria_Choosing Outdoor Wall Tiles

Our Canaria collection can be used as an indoor tile as well as an outdoor floor or wall tile in covered areas such as verandahs or patios to provide a decorative touch.

Glass tiles, natural stone tiles and porcelain tiles are often the most popular materials for outdoor wall applications, allowing you an endless range of designer tile options to choose from. Some collections of ceramic, terracotta tiles and handmade tiles can also be used in outdoor applications however, it is always important to confirm that your tile selections can be used in your intended application before locking in your purchase.

Among the many different types of outdoor wall tiles that are available to choose from, you will find a variety of different styles and designs. Timber look porcelain tiles for example offer a popular choice for outdoor spaces as their rustic charm and earthy look perfectly complement the outdoors. Encaustic or encaustic look porcelain tiles are another popular solution used to decorate outdoor areas, especially when renovating period style homes.

Legno_Choosing Outdoor Wall Tiles

Timber-look porcelain tiles provide a hard wearing and durable finish for outdoor spaces. Unlike traditional timbers installed in outdoor areas, these tiles will not require sanding, staining or sealing, offering you the same look and texture without the maintenance. Our Legno collection can be used as both an outdoor wall and floor tile solution.

# 3: Not Considering Exposure to the Elements when Choosing Outdoor Wall Tiles

Outdoor tiles will experience some level of exposure to the elements from harsh sunlight, heavy rain and hail. With this in mind, it is always important to take your climate into consideration when choosing outdoor wall tiles as well as the actual placement of your new tiles: Will they be completely exposed to the elements outside or will they be installed in an area that has a cover over it, limiting their exposure? These factors will affect your tile selection as certain products are only recommended for outdoor use in covered areas while other options can be completely exposed without suffering any major damage over time.

From carefully planning your project and budget to ensuring the most suitable tile materials with respect to their exposure to the elements, these are the most common mistakes people can make when choosing outdoor wall tiles. Your design consultant in our Richmond tiles store will assist you and guide you through the process of selecting the perfect outdoor wall tiles to ensure the very best outcome for your next outdoor design project.