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The Bathroom Renovation Trends You need To Know

1.  Freestanding Baths 

The freestanding tub adds an ultra modern ambience to the bathroom and is often the luxury piece at the top of all bathroom renovation lists. With so many stunning styles available, the tub often defines the space and becomes a striking stand-out decorative feature of the bathroom design.

Bathroom design Auhaus Architecture

Bathroom Renovation Toorak.

Bisazza Hayon bath.

2. Black Bathrooms

A black and moody colour scheme adds serious drama to a bathroom.  Becoming increasingly popular, this colour palette can be achieved by adding black bath ware, tiles, paint and/or accessories.

Image via

Bathroom Renovation, Hawthorn.

3. Hexagon / geometric tiles.

Move over square tiles, geometrics are here to stay.  In terms of shapes, hexagon is still the big winner, however the new generation of hexagons include a move away from the traditional hexagonal to rhombus, cement, wood-look, and 3 dimensional surfaces.

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4. Cement Tiles

The revival of cement tiles have taken the tile world by storm.  Inspired by their old world charm and beauty, we are seeing not only a resurgence of traditional patterns and designs but also innovative and modern interpretations of the classics.

Bisazza cement tiles designed by Paola Navone

Bathroom Designed by FJ Interior Design

Bathroom designed by Christopher Polly Architects.

Georgia Collection. See More..

5. Timber

The beauty and timeless allure of timber in the bathroom can not be understated. There are many ways to introduce timber into the bathroom whether it be with timber tiles, timber bath-ware or via a simple timber feature wall. The latest growth in this tile style is the development of new surfaces- polished and smooth to create elegance and sophistication or imperfect and rustic for a touch of character.

Timber porcelain tiles

Parland Collection. See More..

Design by

6. Freestanding vanity

It doesn’t seem very practical but the stunning aesthetic appeal of a freestanding vanity can make quite a statement. These art deco inspired vanities are a modern take on a classic era not to mention adding a little wow factor to the bathroom.

Hayon vanity.


7. Moroccan look

Our love for Moroccan style tiles shows no signs of waning in 2015, in fact it seems to be getting stronger.  New designs displaying characteristics of brush-strokes and colour variation all add to their appeal.  It’s also hard to beat the alluring shape of a lantern tile not to mention the charming patterns and designs available.

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Image- Architektura Wnetrz

8. Mosaics Tiles

Mosaics present the perfect opportunity to add strong visual impact and creative flair to your bathroom.  With so many innovative colours and shapes available its hard to choose our favourite. From strikingly intense hues to soft natural nuances and shading effects the choice is endless. And epoxy grout is the solution to keeping all that grout clean and scrub-free. The new wave of epoxy grout is extremely durable, waterproof and almost completely stain proof.

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