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The 10 Most Popular Tile Collections

Tiles provide one of the very best solutions for your floors and walls, offering a strong, durable and immensely hard wearing surface finish that will last a lifetime. Perhaps the most exciting aspect of searching for the right tiles though is seeing just how many incredible options are available! Unlike other traditional flooring options such as timber or stone, tile designs open up a world of possibilities, allowing for more creativity in your next design project. From intricate patterns to unique shapes, bright and bold colours and warm, comforting neutrals, there is a perfect fit for every type of project, design style or personality. 

Over the past year, we’ve seen so many exciting tile combinations and colour stories come to life in our showroom; we’ve celebrated the creation of each of our client’s projects while also welcoming a range of new and innovative tile options into our collection. The most popular tile options of 2020 include a selection of timeless patterns, materials and colourways that we are sure to be seeing plenty more of well into the new year!

Pattern Tiles

Patterned tiles instantly fill your design with a touch of charm and character, allowing you to be creative with your design choices for a style that is truly unique. You will find an enormous amount of options available to help you create the exact look you are after in your design project, from modern geometric patterns to more decorative and ornate traditional styles. 

Press ceramic tiles

Our Press collection offers a wonderfully low maintenance alternative to pressed tin panels, creating an air of luxury in any interior design scheme. Perfectly simulating the ornate designs and raised patterns of tin panels using a durable ceramic material, the Press collection includes a range of traditional colour and pattern options to choose from.

Real Terrazzo

Real terrazzo tiles have long been a staple material in the world of interior design, showing up in homes and commercial projects across the world for many years. Thanks to the timeless aesthetic of this incredibly unique option, terrazzo has seen a huge surge in popularity over the last year and will continue to impress in interior projects for many years to come. 

terrazzo wall tiles

Our authentic Teknika Italian Terazzo tiles are made up of chips of natural stones that are embedded in a concrete base with each individual tile boasting a unique style and pattern.

Handmade Look Tiles 

Handmade look tiles offer a wonderful organically textured surface finish for the home. Specifically designed to offer the appearance and feel of a handmade product, each piece is often made of hardy and durable porcelain, with each piece showing slight variations in not only shape but colour as well to create a spectacularly varied finish in your project. 


Available in a wide assortment of colours, our Sora Porcelain Tiles create a vibrant, glossy finish in the home and offer the flexibility of allowing their use as both a floor or wall tile.

Subway Tiles

The humble subway tile has been reimagined numerous times over the years however, the timeless appeal of this classic style has never been in question! Subway tiles can be laid in a wide variety of ways, from the traditional brick bond style to the more modern stacked bond or vertical stacked bond layouts. You will find more information about the many different styles and tile laying patterns of subway tiles in our guide here. 

subway tiles kitchen splashback

Our delightful Sicily Ceramic Tiles are available in an exciting assortment of colours to suit every type of design style. Using the traditional subway tile shape, the collection includes both matte and glossy tile options to help you create the perfect look in your next interior design project.

Handmade Tiles 

Always on trend, handmade tiles create a luscious, earthy touch in the home thanks to their delightfully undulating surface finish and unique quality. Each piece shows individual variations with no tile being the same as the other. This quality creates a warm touch in your design that is simply bursting with character and charm. 

handmade tiles

The Speciale collection is handmade right here in Australia and includes an exciting range of shapes and colours to choose from. You will find more handmade options and inspiration in our Guide to Handmade Tiles.

Terracotta Tiles

An especially characteristic material, traditional terracotta infuses any interior design project with a warm, natural touch that is truly timeless. Terracotta tiles are usually handmade using reddish-brown clay and can be left in their natural form for a smooth, matte finish or glazed in an assortment of colours and sheens to create a bold and vibrant look.  


The Prato Terracotta tiles are lovingly handmade in Mexico. Each piece features the unique characteristic of an authentically hand crafted product with no two pieces being the same, creating a brilliantly tactile finish.

Terrazzo Look Tiles

Offering a wonderfully low maintenance option that is suitable for any interior design project, terrazzo look tiles are made using porcelain in place of concrete. Being a non-porous material, porcelain will never require sealing, offering a stain and scratch proof surface finish that will last a lifetime. You will find more exciting options and inspiration in our guide to Terrazzo Look Tiles. 

terrazzo look tiles

Our luscious Arcstone tiles perfectly simulate the variations seen in a traditional terrazzo tile using highly durable porcelain as an alternative option for your interiors.

Retro Tiles 

Retro tiles have made quite the impression throughout 2020 – a trend that is most definitely here to stay! The beauty of retro inspired tiles is that they offer a uniquely personal option as there is a vast range of both patterns and colours to choose from. These qualities mean that you have the freedom to choose a style that truly reflects your own creative flair and personality, a look that will never go out of style!

retro floor tiles

Our Atlantic concrete tiles include an impressive range of colours and patterns, offering the perfect selection for showcasing your own unique creative flair!

Marble Tiles 

A classic and timeless option, marble tiles will always be a hot trend for the home! Thanks to their classic and endless appeal, marble tile looks have been carefully reinterpreted over the years to create exciting new options that take a step away from the more traditional shapes. Form luxurious mosaic tiles to lantern styles and even unique paddle shapes, you will find an impressive range of different shapes and styles of marble tiles to choose from, offering a new spin on these classics. 

Pez collection

Our stunning Pez marble tiles use a unique capsule shape to create a wonderfully tactile finish in your next interior design project. Natural stone tiles are a timeless option, a trend that you can rely on in a classically styled home!

Encaustic Tiles

Providing a smooth and sleek surface finish, encaustic tiles are made of concrete and can be created using any combination of patterns, shapes and even colours. Being a porous material, concrete will require sealing however, its strength, durability and classic aesthetic equate to a wonderfully timeless finish for the home.  

Argo Green

Our incredible Argo collection of concrete tiles is handmade and includes an exciting range of bold colours to choose from. Made in a stylish hexagonal shape, the collection features a trending geometric pattern on the surface to create an element of interest in your new design.

2020 has seen many exciting new tile collections come into their own, from stylish concrete tiles to bold and energetic retro tiles, with each option offering its own unique charm and aesthetic in any interior design project. Our Richmond Tile Showroom houses an impressive display of trending and timeless tile options to choose from with our team always on hand to offer you the very best advice and design tips.