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Terrazzo Tile Inspiration: The Pros & Cons of Terrazzo

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An authentic terrazzo tile will create a luxurious and timeless look in the home, with options available to suit both indoor and outdoor applications. These elegant tiles offer a rich history along with an impressive list of benefits, from their immense durability and strength to their longevity in any application. We explore the many benefits that an authentic terrazzo tile will offer along with key information to keep in mind when making your tile selection.

A Brief History of Terrazzo

Terrazzo tiles offer an incredibly elegant and timeless aesthetic in the home. These famous tiles are a variation of classic mosaic tile art with various iterations showing up throughout historical architecture right around the world. Terrazzo tiles as we know them today however can be dated back as far as 500 years ago in Venice, Italy. These tiles were first created as a means of using up by-products of the marble industry where slabs of marble were used for construction or sculpting. Chips and pieces of this luxurious natural stone that would have otherwise been discarded, were instead offered new life by being embedded into a wet cement tile. Once dried out, the tiles would be used in architecture and construction as a durable and hard wearing flooring solution that continues to be a popular choice for the home today. Most modern terrazzo tiles are still made in this same fashion, ensuring a more sustainable tiling choice that makes use of existing materials rather than relying on mining new stones.

Ditto Kit Kat Tile

Our Ditto terrazzo tile collection offers a modern take on this traditional material. A contemporary Kit Kat tile format, these mosaic tiles can be used as either a floor or wall tile throughout your home’s interior spaces, being a popular option as a splashback tile, as a fireplace surround tile as well as a bathroom tile option.

The Benefits of Terrazzo in the Home

Terrazzo tiles offer a sustainable choice for the home as they continue to be made using traditional methods which ensure the re-use of existing natural stone materials rather than relying on mining new stones. Furthermore, real terrazzo tiles will offer an exceptionally strong and durable wall or floor tile solution for the home, being a popular choice for both interior and exterior applications. Unlike porcelain or ceramic tiles, terrazzo tiles offer the benefit of being able to be professionally rejuvenated when necessary in order to restore them to their original state without the need for replacement. This further enhances their sustainable characteristics as they provide a long lasting surface finish that will not require replacing as readily as other flooring solutions would.

Terrazzo Tile Kitchen Splashback Tiles

Our luxurious Terrazzo tile collection includes a wide variety of colour options as well as an assortment of chip or pattern sizes to choose from. These tiles can easily be integrated into your interior design scheme by simply matching up surrounding materials and finishes in the space with the chip colours present in your selected tiles, making terrazzo a popular design solution that will easily tie in with any style of interior.

What to Consider When Choosing a Terrazzo Tile

Traditional terrazzo tiles do tend to fall into a higher price category as a result of their manufacturing process, the materials used in their creation and their increased thickness in comparison to other tiling solutions. Furthermore, these tiles will require an experienced Terrazzo Tiler in order to ensure they are laid correctly over a structurally sound surface in order to ensure their longevity. Sealing and maintenance are also factors to take into consideration when choosing a terrazzo tile finish. Being a cement tile that is embedded with scatterings of natural stone pieces, terrazzo tiles are porous and will require sealing in order to be best protected against staining and discolouration while specialised cleaning products should also be included in your regular cleaning routine; you will find more detailed information on caring for terrazzo tiles in our Resources page here.

Alternative Terrazzo Tile Options

Authentic terrazzo tiles will offer an immensely strong, durable and long lasting finish for the home that can be used as both a floor and wall tile solution in indoor and outdoor applications. This extraordinary material offers an impressive range of benefits however, if you are looking for a more cost effective alternative, terrazzo look tiles are the next best choice! These durable tiles are made of porcelain rather than concrete and natural stone, offering a surface finish that is resistant to staining, scratching, heat and moisture. These tiles offer a similar look as an authentic terrazzo tile using a high definition digital image of terrazzo that is printed onto the surface of the tile. Although these types of tiles offer an incredible alternative solution to authentic terrazzo finishes, it is important to note that unlike real terrazzo tiles, porcelain terrazzo look tiles cannot be refinished or rejuvenated; should any damage occur to the porcelain tile, it will need to be replaced instead. A quality porcelain tile will still offer a lifetime of use in the home however, making these tiles an excellent alternative option.

Landscape Porcelain Tiles

Made of durable porcelain, our Landscape terrazzo look tiles offer a low maintenance alternative option to traditional terrazzo tiles. These tiles offer a similar look to authentic terrazzo tiles at a different price point with options available to suit a variety of modern colour schemes.

Terrazzo tiles have been used in interior design and architecture for many years, offering an incredibly durable and long lasting surface finish. These elegant tiles are available in a vast range of exciting colours, sizes and tile formats, being an exceptional choice for both indoor and outdoor applications. Our Melbourne tiles store houses an immense selection of terrazzo tiles as well as terrazzo look porcelain tiles whilst our team offers expert advice at each step of the tile selection process – Visit our Richmond tile showroom or shop for tiles online here!