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Terrazzo or Porcelain Tiles: Which is More Affordable?

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When choosing between terrazzo or porcelain tiles, your decision will come down to three important factors: the overall look you want to achieve in your home, your preferred cleaning and maintenance routine and of course, your budget. We explore the differences between these two very popular designer tile options and weigh up which is the better fit for your design needs and budget.

What are Terrazzo Tiles?

Terrazzo tiles were first created as a means of using up leftover scraps of natural stones and coloured glass from the design and manufacturing industries in order to offer them a new life in a hard wearing and long lasting tile format. These assorted chips of stone and glass would be embedded into a concrete tile, scattered to create random patterns, resulting in a luxurious and stylish material that could be used in all areas of the home. These tiles continue to be created using this method with various options available that use different combinations of colours as well as chip sizes for a creative designer look. Being made using a combination of concrete and natural stones, terrazzo tiles are a porous material and well require sealing however, these tiles offer a unique benefit: they can be professionally rejuvenated over time in order to return them to their original state, extending their longevity in the home to ensure a lifetime of use.

Visit our Resources page for more in-depth information on caring for authentic terrazzo tiles.

Ditto Terrazzo Tiles_Terrazzo or Porcelain

The Ditto collection features an authentic terrazzo tile finish in the popular Kit Kat mosaic tile format. Ditto features a stylish selection of timeless colours and is suitable for both floor and wall use in your home’s interior spaces.

What are Porcelain Tiles?

Porcelain tiles are a type of ceramic product. These tiles are created using a combination of raw ingredients that are combined, formed and then baked in a kiln at extreme temperatures. This process results in an extremely durable and non-porous product that is impervious to moisture, resistant to staining, heat and scratching, all qualities that make porcelain tiles so popular for use throughout the home. Due to the immense popularity of porcelain, you will find many designs available that emulate the look and feel of other materials such as concrete, natural stones and even timber. These types of tiles are created using a high resolution digital image that has been printed onto the surface of the porcelain tile, offering an alternative solution to other tiling options that are made of more sensitive materials. Terrazzo look tiles for example, are available in a vast range of options that feature varying colours as well as chip sizes, allowing for a broader range of designer tile looks to choose from that will emulate the appearance of an authentic terrazzo product without the need for sealing.

Visit our Resources page for more in-depth information on caring for porcelain tiles.

Wynston_Terrazzo or Porcelain

Elegant and timeless, the Wynston collection effortlessly replicates the appearance of a terrazzo finish. Available in three stylish colour options for a classic look in the home, Wynston can be used as either a floor or wall tile solution in any area from the kitchen to the bathroom.

Terrazzo or Porcelain: Which is More Affordable?

When selecting between authentic terrazzo tiles and porcelain terrazzo-look tiles, your decision will come down to three key factors: firstly, the overall look of each of these options followed by the care and maintenance involved in each and finally, their different price points. As once would expect, porcelain tiles will be the more cost effective option in comparison to authentic terrazzo tiles, providing a similar designer look at a more affordable price point.

Aside from their difference in cost, porcelain tiles provide another key benefit in the home as they can be used in a variety of applications that may not always be suitable with authentic terrazzo products. This may include as a shower base tile in the bathroom and as a splashback behind a gas cooktop for example as porcelain products meet the relevant Australian Standards in these sorts of applications.

Terrazzo or Porcelain: What to Keep in Mind

Each of these stylish options will offer a long lasting and durable surface finish for a variety of applications both inside and outside of the home. Aside from the style, price and maintenance factors mentioned above, there are a few crucial points to keep in mind that may help you with your final selection. Authentic terrazzo tiles will provide a supremely long lasting finish with the added benefit of being able to be professionally rejuvenated over time when needed. These tiles are sure to last a lifetime! Although porcelain tiles are also incredibly durable and long lasting in the home, it is important to remember that the terrazzo pattern is printed and therefore, you will need to source a tile that will feature a high quality print with a fair amount of variations in the pattern to avoid any repetitions in the design which will affect their realistic appearance.


Our classic Terrazzo collection includes a wide array of colour options with assorted chip sizes, allowing you to experiment with a range of different patterns and styles in your home’s interior design scheme.

When choosing between authentic terrazzo or porcelain tiles, the choice will come down to your preferred price point, your own cleaning and maintenance preferences, as well as the overall style you are looking to achieve in your home’s design scheme. Our Richmond tiles store is constantly being updated with the latest in designer tile options, including terrazzo or porcelain tiles that are sure to impress! Visit us in person or shop for tiles online to start working on your next project today!