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Terrazzo Kitchen Tiles: How to use Terrazzo in the Kitchen

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Terrazzo kitchen tiles offer a stunning pattern tile option for the home. These luxurious, classic tiles can easily complement a timeless or contemporary interior design scheme while creating a strong element of interest and drama in the space.

What are Terrazzo Tiles?

Traditional terrazzo tiles were first created as a means of using up leftover materials from natural stone products. Assorted chips of natural stones that were left over from the manufacture of natural stone products were embedded into a wet cement tile to create a new, durable and supremely hard wearing material. Authentic terrazzo tiles continue to be created in this way; the randomly scattered colourful chips that have become synonymous with the terrazzo material are often made up of natural marble varieties, granite or even coloured glass.

Terrazzo Kitchen Tiles_New Tech

Terrazzo tiles offer a wonderfully timeless solution as a kitchen splashback tile or as a floor tile. Our New Tech collection includes a selection of earthy colour options in an impressive large format, making them the perfect choice as a kitchen tile.

How to use Terrazzo Tiles in the Kitchen

Terrazzo kitchen tiles offer a unique solution for the home, making for excellent floor tiles as well as a feature packed kitchen splashback tile. These unique tiles are exceptionally simple to include in a kitchen colour scheme as you can easily pick out a palette using the colours featured in the tiles themselves. If your terrazzo tiles include green toned natural stone chips for example, mirroring that same colour in your kitchen cabinetry will allow you to create a perfectly balanced look in your new design.

Terrazzo kitchen floor tiles will offer a hard wearing and durable surface finish that will last a lifetime. These tiles can easily withstand high traffic areas, making them ideal for busy homes. The beauty of an authentic terrazzo finish is that it can be professionally rejuvenated when needed to return the finish back to its original lustre (similar to hardwood timber floors). This factor ensures a lifetime of use with a quality terrazzo kitchen floor tile.

Ditto Terrazzo Tiles

The playful Ditto collection combines the modern Kit Kat mosaic tile with traditional terrazzo in a selection of elegant colour options. These unique tiles can be used as either a floor or wall tile in the kitchen, offering a versatile choice.

Caring for Terrazzo Kitchen Tiles

Being made of a combination of concrete and natural stone, terrazzo tiles are a porous material and as such, will require sealing at installation and then every few years or so thereafter in order to help protect the material from staining or marking. Specific cleaning products should also be incorporated into your regular maintenance routine to ensure the product is not damaged or discoloured as a result of harsh chemicals found in certain types of cleaning solutions. For more detailed and specific information on caring for terrazzo tiles in the kitchen, visit our Resources page.

terrazzo teknika

Our stylish Teknika collection is expertly crafted in Italy and includes an array of different colour options. Chip sizes vary in this collection for a unique and authentic touch in your new kitchen design scheme.

Alternative Terrazzo Options for the Home

Although traditional terrazzo products can be a pricey option for the home, their longevity and timeless appeal more than makes up for it! However, for those after a more cost effective solution that will not require the same level of care, terrazzo-look tile are the next best thing. These tiles are made of porcelain and feature a digitally printed image atop their surface that emulates the look and pattern of a traditional terrazzo material.

These tiles can be used in a similar fashion to traditional terrazzo tiles as a kitchen splashback or flooring in your new design however, it is important to note that they cannot be rejuvenated over time as authentic terrazzo. Porcelain tiles will however provide an incredibly hard wearing surface finish that is stain, scratch, water and heat resistant, making them an excellent choice for use in the kitchen.

Terrazzo tiles offer the perfect option for the home, making for an excellent choice as a kitchen splashback tile or as a kitchen flooring tile thanks to their durability and longevity. These tiles are also incredibly simple to incorporate into your colour scheme, easily complementing a range of different colours and materials. Our Melbourne tile showroom houses an extensive display of both porcelain terrazzo-look products as well as authentic terrazzo tiles, offering you a vast choice of both materials and colour options.