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Terracotta trends to watch out for in 2021

This year, we are seeing a massive resurgence in popularity of not only terracotta tiles, but terracotta colour tones used throughout interiors. The traditionally warm, burnt rusty tones of this earthy material offer the unique ability to create a comforting and welcoming atmosphere in the home making it the perfect fit for trending interior decorating styles such as the popular Hygge trend for example. 

Why is terracotta so popular right now?

Creating a nurturing and comforting home environment has been at the forefront of interior design trends this year after the difficulties and shifts in our routines throughout 2020. With people spending more time at home, working, playing, learning and working out, the design of our home’s interiors are also shifting to accommodate for more activities while also providing a strong sense of security and comfort. 

A spectacular collection of designer tiles, the concrete Beach Club series has been created by top Australian interior and fashion stylish, Sarah Ellison. This exciting collection features a rich colour palette of warm mustard tones and rich terracotta hues in an eclectic selection of patterns.

Interior design trends are drawing inspiration from the Danish concept of Hygge (pronounced hoo-ga) which describes a way of life that focusses on the enjoyment of simpler pleasures. Using the principles of the Hyggee way of life, interior design trends aim to create a welcoming and cosy space that focusses on the enjoyment of the home, creating a peaceful, pleasurable and serene environment. Terracotta toned tiles provide the perfect complement to this style of interior thanks to their rich earthy hues and the wonderful textural element they provide to a space. Their unique and characteristic rusty tones instantly evoke feelings of warmth and comfort making terracotta a perfect material or colour option to suit the Hygge principles of interior design.


A true terracotta tile, the Prato collection is a handmade collection from Mexico. Being a handmade product, no two pieces are identical creating a wonderfully tactile patchwork of tones and organic edges – the perfect selection for a Hygge inspired design scheme!

How to Mix & Match Terracotta 

Terracotta tones provide the perfect complement to warmer colour schemes in the home thanks to their luscious earthy qualities. Trending colours to keep an eye out for this year include warm, milky white, natural emeralds and mossy nature inspired hues as well as vibrant rusty colours such as orange and brown which all pair exceptionally well with the warmth and vibrant terracotta colour as well as terracotta tiles themselves. 

Made using a combination of natural clays and iron compounds, terracotta tiles have long been a favourite choice for the home. These classic tiles have featured in home design trends for hundreds of years thanks to their characteristic burnt orange and brown tones that create a strong sense of warmth and comfort. 

red travertine collection

Our stunning Red Travertine collection includes a range of different shapes and patterns that all feature a combination of classical terracotta tones. The rich burnt tones featured in these stylish mosaic tiles perfectly complements the brass tapware and timber vanity unit in this trending bathroom design.

Being inspired by the rich colours most often spotted in nature, it is no surprise that the warm tones of terracotta will work especially well with other natural materials and organic textured surfaces. From timber to natural stones and even concrete, terracotta tones will tie in perfectly in a nature inspired colour palette. As these materials and finishes are most common in either matte or satin finishes, it is important to include a highlight feature that will lift your colour scheme and provide an element of depth. Metallic or glass elements provide the perfect solution here, instantly providing a sense of dimension to your colour palette. Trending brass or gold fittings and hardware can be incorporated into your design while glimmering glass accessories can be scattered about the space to increase light in the room, creating a perfectly balanced colour scheme in your new design. 

With the rise in popularity of more comforting interior decorating and design trends, warmer terracotta colours and textures provide the perfect solution to creating a welcoming atmosphere in the home. This trend is strongly reflected in modern tile designs as well as soft furnishings and other decorative home accessories offering a delightful spin on this traditional colour option.

Earth Collection

Our Earth porcelain tile collection made in Italy,  offers the same handmade texture and colours as natural terracotta tiles. Unlike the real thing, these porcelain tiles do not need sealing.

Our team at Perini Tiles can assist you in the curation of the perfect colour scheme for your next home project, guiding you through the selection process of your wall or floor tiles, cabinetry finishes and matching benchtop options for the perfect designer look. Visit our Richmond Tile Showroom or book a free online design consultation to start working on your project.