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Terracotta Tiles for Outdoor Areas

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Terracotta tiles for outdoor applications are available in a wide range of luxurious designer options from classic square shapes to lantern tiles and more. These elegant yet rustic tiles can be used in a wide range of applications, both inside and outside the home to create a rich and timeless look. With summer fast approaching here in Melbourne, now is the time to start planning different ways to breathe new life into your home’s outdoor spaces. We explore a range of different terracotta tiles that are all suitable for use in outdoor areas, each offering its own unique style and charm.

Caring for Terracotta Tiles

Terracotta tiles offer a rich, warm and rustic look in any application, being especially popular for use in outdoor spaces. These timeless tiles have long been a popular choice for external use, making an excellent choice as a paver tile, a patio or verandah tile or as a flooring solution for an alfresco area. As with all materials designed for use in outdoor areas, it is important to keep a few things in mind in order to ensure these tiles are best maintained. Terracotta tiles are porous and as such, will require sealing in order to be best protected against staining. Garden debris or animal droppings should be swiftly swept away from outdoor tiled areas so as not to cause any damage to the tile. For more tips on caring for terracotta tiles for outdoor spaces, see our Resources page here where you will find a downloadable guide.

Bolzano Terracotta Tiles for Outdoor Spaces

A luxurious new range in our extensive terracotta tile collection, Bolzano is made in Vietnam. These timeless tiles feature an extruded edge that adds depth and character to their smooth yet tactile finish. Available in a selection of classic shapes and sizes (including an elegant subway tile option) the Bolzano collection can be used in outdoor areas as both a floor and wall tile making it an ideal option for paving garden paths, patios and alfresco spaces.

Bolzano Outdoor Tile

Available in a selection of classic tile shapes and sizes, the Bolzano terracotta tile collection comes in two earthy shades that will create a warm and rich aesthetic in your home’s outdoor areas.

Eco Terra Terracotta Tiles for Outdoor Design

An Italian made tile, the lusciously tactile Eco Terra range is completely crafted by hand using traditional tile making methods. A versatile design solution that can be used in indoor and outdoor designs alike, Eco Terra is bursting with character and charm. These irresistibly tactile tiles can also be used as a floor and wall tile solution in outdoor spaces, being especially popular for cottage or country style homes thanks to their unique sense of character.

Eco Terra Terracotta Tile

Available in a selection of elegant tile shapes and sizes, the Eco Terra range offers a wonderfully textured, handmade quality to your home’s outdoor design scheme.

The Ember Collection: A Modern Outdoor Tile Solution

Combine the rich warmth of a traditional terracotta tile with modern smooth and sleek surfaces using the Ember collection. A unique feature of this modern collection is that each tile comes pre-sealed for your convenience. This means the tiles are ready to be laid straight away, saving time and effort during this stage of your outdoor remodel. With this in mind, it is however recommended that the Ember tiles be re-sealed every few years or so (depending on their wear over time) in order to ensure their continued durability and longevity in any outdoor application.

Ember Terracotta Tiles for Outdoor

Smooth and sophisticated, the Ember collection combines the rustic charm of traditional terracotta with a modern tile format. These stylish matte finished tiles are an ideal solution as an outdoor paver with a subway tile and classic square tile option available to suit your specific design preferences. The collection also includes a matching stair nosing to complete the look.

Traditional Charm with the Hanoi Rustic Collection

If you are after more of a traditional, rustic vibe, our Hanoi Rustic collection is the perfect choice! These decorative outdoor tiles can be used as a floor or wall tile in both indoor and outdoor applications to create stylish features in your design scheme. This rich and earthy outdoor tile option is handmade in Vietnam, boasting the usual variations in texture, tone, shape and finish that make handmade tiles so popular. The Hanoi Rustic collection is available in two classic tile formats: a classic square tile and an elegant lantern tile shape, allowing you to create stunning and unique features in your outdoor design scheme.

Hanoi Rustic Terracotta Tiles for Outdoor

Available in two rich and earthy tile formats, the Hanoi Rustic collection is a stunning handmade tile solution that can be used as a floor tile or wall tile in both indoor and outdoor applications.

Terracotta tiles for outdoor areas offer a rich, earthy and charming aesthetic whether they are used as an outdoor floor tile or decorative wall feature. These timeless tiles will pair exceptionally well with a range of different design styles from traditional to contemporary, while offering a lifetime of use and enjoyment.

Our Melbourne tiles store houses an immense collection of vibrant terracotta tiles where our team is always on hand to offer expert advice and guidance at each step of the tile selection process – Visit us or shop for tiles online here!