Bathroom of the Week: Marble Designer Tiles

Seeing our projects come to life is an especially exciting experience! Creating a bold yet timeless look, our recent Richmond bathroom project uses stylish marble designer tiles that are complemented with warm honey timber tones and milky white wall tiles to create a stylish space in this elegant home. Geometric patterns are used in this

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casablanca handmade tiles

Where to SPLURGE on your next Bathroom Renovation

A complete bathroom renovation in Australia can often cost upwards of $20,000 making it quite the investment into your property. There are many different cost factors that go into creating the perfect home bathroom, from employing the best design professionals and trades to selecting the perfect bathroom tiles and fittings. As there are so many

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Match your Paint with your new Tiles

Selecting the perfect paint colour for your home that will expertly complement your new floor or wall tiles can often be quite overwhelming; after all, there are hundreds of options and possible combinations, making it quite the task to find the perfect look. We’ve paired some of our popular tile options with a selection of

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carnivale collection

How to keep your Bathroom Squeaky Clean

Keeping the bathroom squeaky clean at all times can often be quite the task!  With so many elements to maintain, from glass shower screens to bathroom tiles and of course, the usual bathroom clutter, ensuring the space is regularly maintained is key in ensuring it stays clean. Our top tips and cleaning hacks will transform

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5 Unique Splashback Tile Looks for a Hamptons Style Kitchen

The ever popular Hamptons kitchen style provides a wonderfully timeless design scheme for the home, creating an air of luxury and elegance. The style is defined by a range of natural materials such as marble and timber that is highlighted with a selection of metallic features, most often gold, brass or polished chrome. These materials

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Tips for Planning a Backyard Renovation

During the warmer months, we’re all spending more time outdoors. A home’s backyard can serve many different purposes from cooking and entertainment to relaxation, play and exercise, so it is important to create a space that is not only versatile but also beautiful and comfortable to be in while also respecting the natural environment.  Using

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5 Ways to Add Style to your Bathroom

Creating your own unique sense of style in the bathroom can easily be achieved using a range of different options. Your new bathroom tiles will set the groundwork for the space’s overall look and feel while bathroom furniture, accessories, wall and ceiling paint will provide those all-important finishing touches to help you create a space

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Complementing your Feature Wall Tiles with Grey Flooring

Grey floor tiles offer a wonderfully neutral foundation for your design, creating a strong sense of grounding without being too overpowering in your overall interior design scheme. The beauty of grey flooring is that this tone will pair extremely well with a large variety of different colours and textures to create a perfectly balanced design,

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Why are Patterned Tiles so Popular Right Now?

Using patterned tiles in your interior design project creates a spectacular sense of character, movement and energy in the space, instantly breathing life into your design scheme. These unique qualities have given rise to the immense popularity of patterned tiles and paved the way for new and exciting techniques using tiles as a feature element

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