Moda fish scale tiles

How to Use Fish scale Tiles in your Next Design Project

On Trend: Fish Scale Tiles Fish scale tiles create a playful and timeless atmosphere in your interiors, looking right at home in the bathroom as a feature wall tile or even as kitchen splashback tiles. There are many exciting options available to choose from, each offering its own distinct character and charm to your overall

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Greg Natale

How to Use Concrete Tiles in your Next Design Project

On Trend: Concrete Tiles Concrete is a classic and hard wearing material that has been immensely popular in the home this year showing up in interiors the world over in our benchtops, wall tiles, flooring and even as an outdoor finish. This classic and timeless material will look right at home in a vast range

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So It’s Time to Select Tiles for your Project- Read this Guide First

Selecting tiles is a fun and exciting step in your interior design journey! Whether you are working on a home renovation or an entirely new home build, there are many different design decisions that need to be made throughout the planning process and thankfully, our expert design team at the Perini showroom can guide you

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Perini Tiles kitchen Futura tiles

How to Choose Tiles for Your Next Bathroom or Kitchen

Choosing the right floor and wall tiles for your next kitchen and bathroom project can seem daunting at first however, the task can be made infinitely simpler knowing what to look out for during the selection process. From selecting the right materials to working through the balance of your colour palette, the following simple tips

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The Latest Tile Trends You Need to Know About in 2021

Tile trends of this year are embracing a range of colours, textures and shapes to create more energetic interiors that are full of life and character. You will notice more nature themed colour palettes emerging, with bold shades of green, warm browns and luscious ocean hues being used in new tile designs along with modern

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Las Vegas

The Beauty of Green Tiles and why they will Always be on Trend

Green tiles are a hot trend this year and with good reason: their tranquil and serene vibes provide a wonderfully nature inspired colour palette for the home that will never fade from style, providing the perfect timeless touch to your interiors. With obvious connections to nature, different shades of green are often associated with a

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Handmade Tile Trends that we can’t get enough of in 2021

Handmade tiles continue to be a hot trend this year thanks to their bold, saturated colours, striking patterns and ever stylish shapes. An authentically handmade product will of course show some variations between each item – there may be some slight colour variations as well as an extraordinarily tactile undulating surface finish, reflecting and bouncing

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Terracotta trends to watch out for in 2021

This year, we are seeing a massive resurgence in popularity of not only terracotta tiles, but terracotta colour tones used throughout interiors. The traditionally warm, burnt rusty tones of this earthy material offer the unique ability to create a comforting and welcoming atmosphere in the home making it the perfect fit for trending interior decorating

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rose stone splash back

How to Create an Impressive Laundry Room Renovation

A laundry room should include an efficient layout paired with handy features that will help you use the space better while also ensuring a more organised interior. Using your home’s colour palette as an inspiration, creating the perfect colour scheme and material selection is simple using the perfect combination of wall and floor tiles along

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Handy Kitchen Design Trends that will make cooking & cleaning a breeze in 2021

Kitchen design trends of 2021 are showing a strong focus on creating an efficient and simple-to-maintain space that will allow us to spend less time cleaning and more time doing the things we love! Combining the right materials and finishes with the best kitchen organisational and cooking systems is the key to creating the ideal

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