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Sustainable Bathroom Design Tips: Creating an Eco Friendly Space

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When planning your next bathroom renovation, taking sustainability into account will ensure not only the longevity of your design but also lower your home’s overall eco-footprint. Thanks to increased awareness surrounding sustainability in the home, leading bathroomware manufacturers are introducing more and more stylish solutions that emphasise a more eco-friendly approach to home design. From sustainable bathroom materials and fittings to stylish bathroom tiles, we look at how you can incorporate a more eco-friendly style in your next project.

Sustainable Bathroom Materials

Sustainable building materials are becoming increasingly accessible with exciting options available for just about every area in your new bathroom. Recycled timber for example has steadily increased in popularity for use as a vanity unit, creating a rich and warm aesthetic in the bathroom. Each recycled timber vanity unit is unique as a result of the recycling process. There are many classic timber options available such as Messmate, American Oak or Chestnut timber varieties.

Benchtop manufacturers are also replacing traditional engineered stone options with modern recycled glass (and low silica) stone varieties to allow for a more sustainable solution that also addresses industry wide health concerns surrounding the use of materials containing high amounts of silica. When selecting materials for use in your new bathroom, discuss sustainable solutions with your designer or builder to see what exciting solutions are available!

Mate Bathroom Tiles_Sustainable Bathroom Design

There are many modern sustainable material options available for the bathroom from recycled timber vanity units to recycled glass benchtops and more. Featured Tile: Mate Collection

Eco-Friendly Bathroom Fittings

During the process of selecting bathroom fittings for your new design scheme, have a look at water-wise options that will ensure minimal water wastage while still offering a pleasant bathing experience. Similar to manufacturers creating more eco-friendly building materials, most bathware manufacturers offer sustainable solutions that will ensure water is used efficiently in the home. When selecting your new bathroom fittings, seek out the product’s WELS rating; this rating will specify just how efficient each item is, ensuring you make the most informed decision when selecting your new bathroom fittings.

Mountains Bathroom Tiles

When selecting your new bathroom fittings, have a look at each item’s WELS Rating to ensure your selections are the most water efficient options. Featured Tile: Mountains Collection

Sustainable Bathroom Tiles

The bulk of your bathroom’s new colour scheme will be made up the tiles you choose for your walls and floors. A quality bathroom tile will offer a sustainable choice in itself as they are designed to last for an extensive period without the need for constant replacement. Taking the sustainable approach to bathroom design a step further, you also have the option of choosing from more eco-friendly solutions such as recycled glass tiles for example. Many materials may lose some of their quality each time they are recycled and have a limited number of times that they actually can be put through the recycling process before finally being disposed of. Glass however is a material that can be recycled endlessly without compromising on quality, offering an excellent choice for use as a bathroom floor or wall tile solution.

Omnia Recycled Glass Tiles_Sustainable Bathroom Design

Our Omnia collection is made from 98% recycled glass. These sea green tiles are suitable for use as a floor or wall tile solution in the home, creating a rich and sophisticated style with their blend of colours.

There are many ways to increase your next project’s sustainability factor while ensuring a long lasting and stylish finish in the home. Our team at Perini Tiles can assist you in creating the perfect bathroom colour scheme while offering expert advice through every step of the way; Visit our Melbourne tiles store or start shopping for tiles online here!