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Subway Tiles for Kitchen Splashbacks: 5 Luxurious Looks

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Modern subway tiles for kitchen splashbacks are available in a wide selection of designer options that will allow you to create a range of different kitchen design styles. Rich, handmade look subway tiles for example, will easily complement a modern country style kitchen design scheme while sleek, elongated subway tiles are the perfect match for more contemporary design styles. We explore a selection of modern kitchen tile options that offer a new spin on the traditional subway tile splashback look.

Lush Handmade Look Subway Tiles for Kitchen Splashbacks

Handmade tiles continue to be made using traditional methods right around the world. These tiles are well known for their luxurious style, boasting unique imperfections and variations in colour, texture, shape and finish as a result of the handcrafting process. These distinct characteristics are the reason why handmade tiles are so well sought after as they offer a unique way to introduce a strong sense of character, warmth and charm in your home’s design scheme. As can be expected by a handmade product, these types of tiles do tend to fall into the higher end of the pricing scale; handmade look tiles on the other hand, offer a similar aesthetic at a different price point, allowing for a more accessible option. Although machine made, handmade look tiles will still show variations from one tile to the next, recreating this designer look for less.

Lucida white tiles

Available in a selection of neutral tones and vibrant colour tile options, the Lucida collection offers a stunning representation of a handmade tile finish, complete with subtle variations in colour, texture, shape, size and finish for a realistic look.

Reimagining the Subway Tile Shape with Elongated Subway Tiles

The classic rectangular shape of subway tiles has been reimagined and reinterpreted over the years to offer a modern take on this traditional tile option. An elongated subway tile format is one of the more popular iterations of this type of tile as it stays true to the classic aesthetic of subway tiles while offering a more modern look. These tiles are a popular choice for creating visual illusions in the kitchen as they can be laid running horizontally to create an increased sense of width in a narrow area or alternatively, they can be laid running vertically up the wall, creating an increased sense of height in the kitchen.

Muro41 Kitchen Tiles

Available in a selection of soft neutral tones as well as modern pastel options, the Muro41 collection offers a sleek, elongated subway tile shape that can be used in the kitchen to create a contemporary aesthetic.

Combining Different Tile Materials

A fabulous way to introduce more layers of texture and colour in your kitchen design is to combine two different materials in your splashback. The below example carries the stone benchtop up the wall to form a luxurious upstand. The balance of the splashback area is tiled using a classic white subway tile, adding texture, shape and pattern in the space. This technique will create more of a dramatic and sophisticated finish in your design scheme while also allowing you to experiment with a range of different looks or interior design styles.

Fracture Subway Tiles for Kitchen Splashbacks

The modern Fracture range is a sleek and slim subway tile solution. The collection includes a variety of neutral tones that will easily pair with a range of different materials such as concrete, marble or granite.

Contemporary Subway Tiles for Kitchen Splashbacks

Trends and fashions will always be inspired by the colour palettes and styles that have come before them. This year and well into the next, we’ll be seeing more retro inspired colour palettes that reflect the rich tones of 1970s designs. From rich terracotta and mossy greens to vibrant citrus tones and warm, earthy browns, the 1970s aesthetic continues to be a prominent feature of modern design. Contemporary styled subway tiles reflect this rich colour palette, while also reintroducing some of the patterns and shapes that were also popular in this era with arches and curved shapes being a popular feature.

Viva Subway Tiles for Kitchen Splashbacks

A modern representation of the rich colours made popular in 1970s design, our Viva subway tile collection includes a selection of shapes and patterns to choose from. Aside from the simple matte finish, flat surfaced subway tile option, the collection also includes a 3D arch pattern tile option that can be used to add a dramatic touch in your new kitchen.

Add a Glamorous Touch with Metallic Tiles for Kitchen Splashbacks

Your kitchen splashback tiles play an important role in the overall function of the space; the tiles themselves provide a protective surface finish that will prevent water and heat damage from occurring in the kitchen. You can further enhance the practical qualities of your kitchen splashback tiles by using them to add more light in the room with the use of glossy, metallic finishes. These types of tiles feature a sleek, shiny surface finish that will allow light to travel and bounce through the room effectively brightening up your kitchen, making it a popular solution for use with darker colour schemes as well as for homes that don’t receive as much natural light.

Chrysos Metallic Subway Tiles

Available in a selection of different metallic colour options, the Chrysos collection features a rippled, glossy surface finish that will bounce light throughout the room, making them the perfect choice for adding a bright touch to darker interior design schemes.

Modern subway tiles for kitchen splashbacks are available in a wide selection of styles and finishes to suit every design aesthetic. From retro inspired pieces to glamorous metallic finishes, you are sure to find the perfect option to suit your new kitchen design scheme! Our Melbourne tiles store houses in impressive selection of modern subway tile options – Visit us or shop for tiles online here!