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Subway Tiles: 6 of the Latest Styles to use in your Bathroom

Classic subway tiles offer a vast range of design possibilities in the bathroom. Their simple rectangular shape can be used to create many different layout patterns, from the simple brick bond and stacked styles to the trending herringbone and chevron tile layouts. These stylish tiles have been reinvented many times over the years, taking a step away from the traditional white subway tiles to now include a variety of exciting options such as metallic finishes, natural stone tiles and many more. 

What are Subway Tiles?

Subway tiles are a traditional tile option that will normally feature a slim, rectangular shape that is most often a similar size to a standard brick. These tiles were originally designed as a wall finish for the subway stations of New York where there was a need to create a material that could easily be kept clean with minimal effort. These subway tiles were traditionally a crisp white and would be laid in a classic brick bond layout. Since then however, we have seen many new and exciting reinterpretations of the humble all white subway tile to include different colours, textures and even reinvented shapes that will still offer the same low maintenance qualities of this classic option. 

1. 3D Subway Tiles

A modern reinvention of the classic white subway tile, 3D effect tiles create a spectacular display of light and shadow in any design scheme. These unique tiles can be used to create a feature element in any space of the home, from the bathroom to the kitchen and more. Each tile will often feature a convex profile that when laid together, will create shaded areas in contrast with highlighted sections. 

3d tiles Konvek

The Konvek collection uses a convex profile to create a spectacular 3D effect. You will find a range of different colour options available in this collection as well as a matching plain subway tile option that will allow you to create the perfect feature wall in your next design project.

2. Handmade & Handmade Look Subway Tiles

Handmade tiles continue to be manufactured today using centuries old techniques. Raw materials are combined, formed and then hand painted or glazed before being baked in a kiln to remove all moisture from the finished product. These tiles are a celebration of character: each piece is unique to the next with colour, shape and texture variations creating a wonderfully varied surface finish that is perfect as a feature wall in the home.

Elegant and timeless, the Riverside Handmade-look collection offers the same variations and organic lines created by an authentically handmade product in a glazed porcelain alternative. Featuring an impressive array of vibrant colours, the Riverside collection makes for the perfect feature wall in the home.

3. Metallic Subway Tiles

Metallic subway tiles feature a sleek metallic glaze on their surface. These tiles can be found in a smooth, flat finish or in a textured handmade look that includes a wavy-like surface. Aside from offering a simple to clean wall tile option, these tiles can also add a glamorous touch to any interior design scheme while also allowing for light to travel and bounce throughout the space. These qualities make metallic subway tiles an excellent choice for smaller bathrooms as they will effectively brighten up the interior.

Our opulent and classic Chrysos collection includes 3 stylish metallic hues: Gold, Copper and Steel. These exciting options allow you to add a glamorous and timeless touch to any interior as they can be used as kitchen splashback tiles as well as a decorative option throughout the home.

4. Ribbed Subway Tiles

A new and popular option, ribbed subway tiles can be used in your interiors to create a wonderful display of linear line work. The tiles can be laid horizontally or vertically, allowing you to experiment with the perception of space in a bathroom with vertically running lines creating the illusion of a higher ceiling and vertically running lines adding a sense of width to a room. 

The ever stylish Martino Porcelain Tile collection includes a plain and ribbed option in an assortment of timeless, nature inspired colours including these deep green tiles for a warm and elegant palette. These wall tiles can be used separately or combined to create a unique finish in your next project.

5. Pastel Coloured Subway Tiles

Pastel tones are making a splash in the world of bathroom design thanks to their playful and timeless qualities. You will find that pastel tones can pair exceptionally well with many different styles and materials, from rustic timbers to opulent metallic finishes, concrete and even natural tiles such as marble for example. If you are looking for a warm neutral tone in the bathroom that is something different from the usual classics of white, charcoal or grey, pastel subway tiles will create the perfect modern complement in your design.  

Our Sombra Wall tiles add a decorative yet classic touch to the bathroom. This collection is available in an impressive range of vivid colours as well as tile formats including classic square options as well as two stylish subway tile sizes.

6. Natural Stone Subway Tiles

Natural stone tiles such as marble or travertine for example, offer endless appeal in the bathroom and can be paired with a range of neutral tones for the ultimate in luxury. These stones offer a glamorous yet earthy touch to your interior design scheme, making them an exceptionally popular choice for the bathroom. 

red travertine

Our Red Travertine bathroom tiles can be used as both a floor tile or wall finish. The collection displays an elegant combination of rich burnt reds, oranges and yellows for a warm and earthy touch in the bathroom. 

You will find these options and many more exciting different subway tiles to choose from including a range of textures, materials, finishes, shapes and colours. Our Richmond tile showroom is full of stylish possibilities! Our team of experienced Design Consultants can assist you in the creation of the perfect colour scheme for your next bathroom design project. Visit our Showroom or schedule a free online design consultation to get started on your dream bathroom!