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Subway Tile Trends: Are Subway Tiles Going out of Style?

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Subway tiles have been a classic, go-to choice for home renovators for many years thanks to their elegant simplicity. Another reason for their popularity is that subway tiles can be laid in an impressive range of different patterns that cannot always be achieved with other tiling options, making them an incredibly versatile solution for the kitchen or bathroom. But are subway tiles going out of style? Let’s explore some subway tile trends!

Subway Tile Trends: Why are Subway Tiles so Popular?

Subway tiles first rose to popularity as a hygienic wall tile solution for the subway stations of New York where they provided a surface finish that was simple to keep clean and maintain. Since then, we have seen many different variations of subway tiles including various textures, colours and finishes to reinventions of the classic rectangle shape. You will find many subway tile collections available that feature some variation of this classic, simple shape such as picket styles, elongated subway tiles and the timeless chevron tile shapes and patterns.

Baguette_Subway Tile Trends

Our Baguette collection offers a modern take on the traditional subway tile shape using a unique picket-style design. The collection includes six stylish colours to choose from and can be laid running vertically or horizontally across your walls for a contemporary look.

Another factor that influences their popularity is that subway tiles can be used to create a range of different patterns in your home such as the traditional brick bond style, vertical or horizontal stacked patterns and plenty more.

Subway tiles are simply a versatile design solution that can be found in such as large variety of styles and materials, making them a classic choice for any area of the home.

How to use Subway Tiles in the Home

Subway tiles can be used in any number of ways throughout your interior design scheme depending on the specific material your new tiles are made of. Most natural stone tiles for example can often be used as a stylish floor tile solution, allowing you to use natural stone subway tiles throughout the home for a continuous flooring solution.

Chrysos_Subway Tile Trends

Our stylish Chrysos collection offers a luxurious metallic option for the home that can be used as a splashback in the kitchen or laundry as well as a wall tile option in other spaces to create a bright and reflective surface.

Ceramic subway tile collections are often lighter and less dense than porcelain tiles or natural stone tiles. This quality leads to more decorative styles being available in ceramic tile collections as these are often restricted to wall applications only. From luscious glossy handmade subway tiles to intricately etched, 3D effect options, these tiles are popular for use as a splashback tile in the laundry or kitchen or as a decorative touch in the bathroom.

Subway Tile Trends: Are Subway Tiles going out of Style?

That all depends on how they are used! Modern interpretations of subway tiles will offer a more contemporary look in your interior design scheme, complimenting a designer home perfectly. Classic white subway tiles however, although always on trend, do tend to become a little overused in certain applications. The key to ensuring a timeless look in your home’s design scheme is to include a high quality tile that offers a modern variation of the traditional classic white subway tile. Variations on the shape of the tile, the texture, finish or colour are all options to consider when creating your interior colour and materials palette.

Metro Porcelain Tiles_Subway Tile Trends

Our luxurious Metro porcelain tile collection recreates the look and feel of authentic handmade tiles in a hard wearing porcelain option. Available in a selection of earthy colour options, these tiles make for a stunning addition to any space, from the kitchen to the bathroom.

Subway tile trends have evolved over the years since their inception to include a vast range of options from reinterpretations of the classic rectangular shape to new materials or finishes becoming available, allowing you to experiment with a range of different options that will better showcase your own creative flair. Although subway tiles themselves are a trend that is most definitely here to stay, considering variations of the classic white subway tile is the key to ensuring your design scheme boasts more of a unique quality.