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Stylish Travertine Tiles for the Home

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A timeless and elegant choice for the home, travertine tiles offer a versatile and stylish solution that can be used in a number of applications throughout your interior and exterior design schemes. These elegant natural stone tiles are available in a wide range of naturally occurring colour options, allowing for endless design possibilities to be achieved. We explore the many benefits and uses of traditional travertine tiles for the home.

What is Travertine?

Most often found surrounding rivers, lakes and hot springs, travertine is a form of terrestrial limestone. This metamorphic rock is formed as a result of intense pressure and heat underground. Containing calcium and carbonate, natural travertine will feature luscious veins, patterns and swirls in its makeup for a rich and earthy look. This natural stone is available in a range of naturally occurring colours such as cool white, soft tan and even deep, rusty red tones. Although travertine is not a variety of marble, there are many similarities and it is often confused with various types of marble. Both materials are comparable in terms of their hardness and strength however, their patterns, colouring and texture are quite different! Explore the differences between these two luxurious natural stone tiling options in our guide here.

Tumbler Travertine Tiles_Floor Tiles

Rustic, tactile and timeless, our Tumbler collection combines classic square tiles with a traditional subway tile format to create a stylish yet classic pattern. These travertine tiles can be used throughout your home’s interior spaces as a wall and floor tile solution, creating a warm and welcoming vibe in any style of interior design.

Are Travertine Tiles Slippery?

Travertine surfaces provide a uniquely non-slippery texture, making them a popular choice for use as a pool surround tile or as a bathroom floor tile in the home. It is important to note however that these types of floor tiles are best avoided as a shower base tile as they can be damaged with exposure to pressurised water.

How to use Travertine Tiles Around the Home

Travertine tiles are a popular choice for use as a paver surrounding indoor or outdoor pools, as an indoor floor tile in the kitchen, laundry or bathroom as well as a feature wall tile throughout the home’s interior spaces. These stylish stone tiles are available in a wide selection of naturally occurring colour options from soft grey tones to deep, rusty reds and more, ensuring an option to suit any style of interior design.

Red Travertine Tile_Bathroom Tiles

Travertine can be sourced in a number of luxurious colours from warm, rusty reds to luxurious creamy colours or soft grey tones. Our Red Travertine collection includes a selection of timeless tile formats from classic subway tiles to hexagon tiles and more.

In the bathroom, travertine tiles can make for an elegant choice as a feature wall tile or as a bathroom floor tile however, they are best avoided as a flooring solution within the shower area itself. Exposure to pressurised water as well as ingredients found in cleansers or shampoos can cause some damage or discolouration on the tile’s surface; in these applications, a travertine replica tile made of porcelain is recommended instead. These lookalike tiles will create the same luscious aesthetic as a natural travertine tile using a durable porcelain finish instead which will not require sealing and can comfortably withstand being used as a shower base tile.

Perini Solo collection_Porcelain Tiles_Grey Tiles

Available in a selection of neutral colour options. Our Solo collection is a porcelain floor and wall tile that can be used as an alternative to traditional travertine as a shower base. Solo captures the subtle variations in tone and pattern seen in an authentic travertine material while offering an option that will not require sealing and can withstand exposure to pressurised water.

Care & Maintenance of your Tiles

Natural stone tiles can be kept tidy with a mop or wipe down using warm, soapy water. Harsh and abrasive cleaners should be avoided so as not to damage the tile’s surface and finish. There are also many cleaning products available that are specific to natural stone, with solutions that can be used regularly as part of your usual cleaning routine as well as stronger cleansers that can be used less frequently for a deeper clean. Travertine tiles will also require sealing in order to ensure they are best maintained over time. We would recommend natural stone tiles be sealed prior to installation as tile grouts or adhesives may cause discolouration during the laying process. After installation, natural stone tiles should be re-sealed every few years or so depending on their wear. For detailed information and product recommendations for cleaning and maintaining your new travertine tiles, see our Resources section here.

Caido_Travertine and Marble Tiles

A natural stone tile collection, Caido is available in a selection of various options such as travertine or marble tiles. Each tile option can be used individually or combined with other options within the range to create a unique and elegant feature element in your design.

Travertine tiles can be used in a wide variety of ways throughout your home’s interior and exterior design schemes. These timeless tiles can be used as a wall or floor tile in the kitchen, laundry or bathroom as well as an outdoor paving solution or pool surround tile, offering an immense range of design possibilities to be achieved. Our Melbourne tiles store houses an immense collection of natural stone tiles in an endless range of shapes, styles and patterns. Visit our showroom or start your search in our online tiles store to get started on your project today!