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Stylish Fireplace Tiles: Inspiration for your Fireplace & Hearth

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Coming into Melbourne’s cooler winter months, finding ways to create a warm and cosy atmosphere in the home becomes an all important task. A fireplace is the epitome of cosy and comforting winter evenings, offering both heat and ambience in your home. Fireplace tiles can be used to add a stylish feature element in this area while also providing an exceptionally long lasting and simple to care for surface finish. We explore the different options available and the many benefits tiles have to offer in these types of installations.

The Advantages of Fireplace Tiles

Tiles will provide a range of exciting benefits when used to clad a fireplace surround and hearth. The right tiles in this application will provide a surface finish that is simple to clean and maintain while also offering the opportunity to create a stunning feature of this area in your home. As there are many different tiling materials, shapes and patterns available to choose from, you can create a stylish design element that will act as a feature in your home’s interior design scheme. Tiles provide a heat resistant material that is ideal for this type of application while also offering incredible versatility and longevity as a fireplace surround or hearth material.

Volos Fireplace Tiles

The luxurious Volos natural stone tile collection includes an array of varying shades of charcoal. These stunning subway tiles can be laid in a variety of different tile patterns to create an elegant feature element in your home’s interior design scheme. The Volos collection provides a rich and earthy choice for use as a fireplace tile solution, being an excellent option as a hearth tile or as a fireplace surround.

What Types of Tiles can I use for the Fireplace?

There are many different tiling solutions that are ideal for use as a fireplace tile. You will find options available in our ceramic tile, porcelain tile, concrete tile and even natural stone tile collections that will help you create that perfect look in your design. These tiles will provide a hard wearing surface finish that will stand up exceptionally well against heat while also allowing for quick and easy clean-up. Ceramic tiles are an especially popular choice as a fireplace surround tile however, it is important to note that these types of tiles are softer and lighter in weight than other solutions such as porcelain for example. This means that they are perhaps best suited for vertical installations only and should ideally be avoided for use as a floor tile laid across your fireplace hearth as their softer nature may not provide the strength required in this application. Instead, consider using porcelain, natural stone or concrete tiles to clad your fireplace hearth.

Bata brick tiles

Our Bata brick-look tiles create a rustic, country style look. These luscious porcelain tiles effortlessly emulate the appearance and texture of a distressed brick while also offering the flexibility of allowing their use in creating a range of different tile layouts and patterns. These porcelain tiles make for a stunning feature element, ideal for use as both a fireplace surround or hearth tile.

Care, Maintenance and Tile Grout for Fireplaces

Aside from ensuring you have specified the right tile materials, tile layouts and patterns for your fireplace’s design, we must also have a look at the type of grout that is used as well as any potential maintenance of your selected tiles. As a general rule of thumb, porous materials such as concrete or natural stone tiles will require sealing in order to ensure the very best protection against staining or discolouration over time. These types of tiles should ideally be sealed prior to installation as tile grouts and adhesives may discolour the tiles during installation if they are not properly sealed and dried beforehand. After installation, your tiles will require sealing every few years or so thereafter in order to ensure their longevity in the home.

Specifying a heat resistant tile grout is a must when it comes to creating the perfect fireplace surround and hearth. These types of tile grouts are often cement based and are specifically designed to withstand higher temperatures than that of other types of tile grout. Our team at Perini Tiles will assist you in the selection of the perfect tile grout when creating your new fireplace’s design during our consultation with us.

Mattone Fireplace Tiles

Another fabulous subway tile option, the Mattone collection is a rustic porcelain tile that features a roughly textured surface finish along with a mottled, shiny glaze. These luxurious fireplace tiles are available in a selection of six nature-inspired colour options, each suitable for use as a fireplace surround or hearth tile.

Using tiles in your new fireplace’s design offers an impressive range of benefits: tiles can be used to create a stunning feature element in your home, allowing you to experiment with a range of different tile shapes, textures, colours and patterns. A tiled surface finish will also offer a simple to clean and long lasting solution for the fireplace, ensuring a stylish yet incredibly functional option. Our team at Perini Tiles will assist you in the selectin of the perfect fireplace tiles to ensure the very best outcome for your next project! Shop for tiles online or visit our Melbourne tiles store to get started on your design journey!