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Stone-Look Porcelain Tiles: An Alternative to Natural Stone Surfaces

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Stone-look porcelain tiles provide a durable alternative to natural stone tiles for the home, offering an exceptional range of benefits. By combining the beauty and elegance of natural stones with the many benefits of porcelain, you can create a luxurious yet low maintenance style in your home’s design scheme. Our top picks in natural stone-look porcelain tiles includes stunning interpretations of terrazzo tiles, marble tiles and more!

The Benefits of Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are well known for their impressive strength and the many benefits they offer. These tiles are resistant to scratching, staining, moisture and heat, making them one of the most durable solutions for the home. Being a non-porous material, porcelain tiles will not require sealing, ensuring a low maintenance solution that can be used in any application throughout your home’s interior spaces with outdoor tile options available as well. As a result of these benefits, porcelain tiles remain one of the most popular tiling solutions available which has in turn encouraged the creation of luxurious designer tile solutions that effortlessly mimic the appearance and texture of natural materials such as stone and even timber.

Travertine Stone-Look Porcelain Tiles

Natural travertine tiles offer a timeless and elegant solution for the home. These tiles are often used as an interior floor tile or decorative feature wall tile with some options also being suitable for use as a pool surround tile. Being a natural stone product however, travertine tiles will require sealing in order to best maintain their finish. Porcelain travertine look tiles will create the same luxurious look in the home with each individual tile showing subtle variations in tone, colour and pattern for a realistic appearance.

Perini Solo collection_Travertine look tile

Available in three modern neutral colour options, our Solo porcelain tile collection displays the elegant variations one would expect to see in a natural travertine tile. Suitable for use as an interior floor and wall tile in the home, Solo offers a low maintenance and luxurious style in any application.

Terrazzo Inspired Tiles

Although not entirely a natural stone product, traditional terrazzo tiles will contain assorted chips of marble or granite within their speckled patterns. These pieces of natural stone are embedded in a wet cement tile before being dried out to create an incredibly durable material that can be used as a floor or wall tile in interior or exterior applications throughout the home. Once again, terrazzo tiles are a porous material and will require sealing. For those looking for a solution that will not require the same level of attention, terrazzo porcelain look tiles are the next best thing. These tiles feature are high definition image that has been printed onto the surface of the tile with randomised patterns and colours working together to create a varied look between each individual tile.

Ceppo_Stone-Look Porcelain Tiles

Available in a selection of timeless colour options, the Ceppo porcelain range offers a stunning interpretation of the classic terrazzo tile pattern.

Marble Stone Look Porcelain Tiles

Real marble tiles are available in an endless range of naturally occurring colours from classic black or white options to modern pink, jade, grey and more. Marble tiles are often used throughout the home’s interior spaces to create a timeless, elegant and sophisticated style, pairing well with a range of different textures and materials such as timber or concrete for example. Modern porcelain tile replica tiles offer a near perfect representation of this luxurious natural stone, offering the same designer look at a different price point. These types of porcelain tiles have proven to be an immensely popular choice for use as an interior floor tile, often being used throughout a home’s entry way, living and dining area to create a luxurious look while offering a sense of continuity between these spaces.

Montoro Marble Stone-Look Porcelain Tiles

The luxurious Montoro collection can be used as a floor and wall tile throughout your home’s interior spaces. Available in a selection of five timeless colour options in a stylish hexagon tile format, the collection effortlessly emulates the natural variations in tone and pattern seen in authentic marbles.

Sukabumi Stone-Look Porcelain Tile Options

Named after Sukabumi in West Java, Indonesia, authentic Sukabumi stone tiles are most often spotted being used as a pool tile in spas and resorts. These stunning green toned tiles boast incredible benefits in these types of applications, being a thermally stable solution that has a low rate of water absorption. Porcelain replica tiles allow you to introduce this look in other areas of the home, creating a luxurious yet colourful style in any application. Combining the luscious look of traditional Sukabumi tiles with the benefits of porcelain tiles, you can create a stunning spa-inspired look in your home – an excellent choice as a bathroom tile!

Villa Sukabumi Look Tiles

Available in a selection of sizes and textures, the Villa collection is inspired by traditional Sukabumi stone tiles. A Spanish made option, Villa can be used throughout your home’s interior spaces and can also be used as a pool tile, offering a luxurious natural look in any application.

Porcelain tiles offer an incredibly versatile solution for the home with options available for both interior and exterior applications as well as pool tile solutions. By combining the style of a natural stone surface with the many benefits of a porcelain finish, you can enjoy the very best of both worlds when creating the perfect design scheme for your next project. Our team at Perini Tiles will guide you through the tile selection process, offering expert advice at each step to ensure the best solution for your home. Visit our Melbourne tiles store or start your search by shopping for tiles online here.