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Specifying Wall & Floor Tiles for Residential Bathrooms

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When specifying floor tiles for residential bathrooms, it is important to understand the different types of materials available and how each of these can best be used in the bathroom to create a safe environment that is not only stylish, but can also be comfortably cared for and maintained by the end user. Each different tile material will be best suited to different applications in a home bathroom while also offering its own unique set of benefits. We explore the different tile types that are most often used in a residential bathroom setting while looking at the benefits and potential constraints of each tiling solution.

Specifying Floor Tiles for Residential Bathrooms

When specifying tiles for a residential bathroom, the requirements are very different to that of a commercial space. As detailed in our guide to specifying tiles for commercial spaces, the NCC and Australian Standards surrounding slip resistance requirements will usually only apply to commercial projects with different ratings required for different types of environments. This is not to say that we don’t need to consider slip resistance at all when choosing floor tiles for a residential bathroom setting but rather that the requirements are not as stringent and therefore, would allow you much more freedom in your selections when choosing tiles for a home renovation or new build. Similar to commercial projects, the use of floor mats in the bathroom is always recommended as well in order to restrict the movement of water in a space which in turn would reduce the likelihood of slips and falls.

Torquay_batgroom tiles

A luxurious glazed porcelain tile option, our Torquay collection is inspired by traditional Scandinavian design. Combining a variety of soft, breezy colours with luxurious patterns and motifs, Torquay can be used in a residential bathroom as both a floor or wall tile solution.

With this in mind, you will notice a wider selection of luxurious floor tiles available to choose from for a residential bathroom setting. From natural stone tiles to encaustic tiles, terrazzo tiles or porcelain floor tiles, the design possibilities are truly endless! It is often advised that a floor tile should ideally feature some level of slip resistance in a residential bathroom; if this is of particular concern for your project, a floor tile that has a slightly textured surface finish is an ideal option as this will offer a level of friction underfoot. The use of outdoor specific tiles is not recommended for an interior setting as these can be very difficult to keep clean with a regular household mop. Outdoor tiles feature a very roughly textured surface that is most suited for outdoor spaces where they can be hosed down or even pressure washed in order to be kept clean and tidy.

What are the Best Floor Tiles for Home Bathrooms?

Porcelain tiles are perhaps the most popular choice for use as a bathroom floor tile in a residential setting thanks to the many low maintenance qualities and benefits that this material provides. Porcelain tiles are well known for being resistant to staining, scratching, water and heat, making them one of the top choices for residential bathroom floors where a low maintenance finish is preferred. These tiles will not require sealing in order to be best protected against staining, once again enhancing their low maintenance qualities to ensure an excellent choice for busy households.


A luxurious porcelain tile solution, our Washington collection draws inspiration from modern concrete textures, offering a contemporary solution for the home bathroom. These stunning porcelain tiles can be used as both a floor or wall tile solution in the bathroom and can be mitred to suit shower niches to create a minimal and modern look.

Natural stone tiles, terrazzo tiles and encaustic tiles are also exceptionally popular options for use as a bathroom floor tiles solution thanks to their incredible longevity and durability in the home. Each of these luxurious tile options will create a rich and timeless aesthetic and unlike other tiling solutions, they provide the added benefit of being able to be professionally rejuvenated if needed throughout their lifespan in order to bring them back to their original state. It is important to note however that each of these tile materials is porous and as such will require sealing in order to be best protected against staining. We often recommend that porous tiles be sealed prior to installation in order to prevent any staining or discolouration from occurring as a result of tile adhesives or grouts coming into contact with the tile during the laying process. Once laid, the tiles should then be sealed once more to ensure a high quality finish. Depending on the tile’s wear over time, sealing is usually recommended every couple of years or so thereafter to maintain their quality.

Concrete tiles (including encaustic tiles and terrazzo tiles) will provide a rich and timeless aesthetic in a residential bathroom adding dynamic patterns and colours to your overall interior design scheme. In installations where your bathroom floor tiles will be running straight through to the shower and used as a shower base, these types of tiles are best avoided as consistent exposure to pressurised water as well as ingredients in shampoos and cleansers may damage or discolour their surface. In bathroom design schemes where you are wanting to include a concrete tile within the shower area, a porcelain concrete-look tile will offer the next best choice. These luxurious tiles are designed to emulate the lush look and feel of an authentic concrete tile while providing a non-porous alternative solution that will better withstand the shower environment. For more information on concrete tiles for use in the bathroom, see our guide here.

Residential Bathroom Wall Tiles

The design of wall tiles is not restricted by the same constraints as that of floor tiles would be. When designing floor tiles, manufacturers must ensure a surface finish that is safe to walk on, minimising trip and slip hazards to maximise safety for the end user. Wall tiles however, can feature more elaborate and detailed designs including hyper-glossy glazes, 3D elements and more, allowing you more creative freedom when specifying tiles for residential bathroom walls. Popular choices include luxurious ceramic tiles, tactile glass mosaic tiles, handmade tile options and plenty more! When choosing wall tiles for houses, you can experiment with a variety of different finishes, shapes and tile patterns to create a unique look.


Designed to emulate the luxurious look and feel of an authentic handmade tile, the Brickland ceramic tile collection features wonderfully rich and tactile irregular edges and an undulating surface finish. These ceramic tiles can be used as a residential bathroom wall tile to create a rustic and warm atmosphere that is full of character and charm!

Ceramic tiles are one of the most popular wall tiles solutions for residential bathrooms. These types of tiles are very similar to porcelain tiles however, ceramic tiles are baked for a shorter period of time and at a lower temperature than that of their porcelain counterparts. This results in a tile that is softer in density and lighter in weight, making these tiles most suited to vertical applications. For more detailed information on the differences between these two popular types of tiles, see our guide here. These qualities allow for a smoother process when laying tiles while also allowing for better ease of installation for wall mounted bathroom accessories in the bathroom such as robe hooks, wall shelves and towel rails.

When choosing bathroom tiles for residential projects, understanding the different types of materials available is the key in ensuring a high quality outcome. While there are many different types of tile materials available to choose from, certain types will perform better in certain applications, offering the best longevity and a suitable level of care and maintenance that is most appropriate for your clients. Home tiles can be sourced in an endless variety of luxurious materials, styles and finishes with each options offering its own unique set of benefits and uses. Whether you are after floor tiles in Melbourne or luxurious feature wall tiles, our Richmond tiles store houses an immense collection of standout tile solutions for residential and commercial projects. We welcome you to visit our showroom with your clients to browse our endless selection of stylish designer tile solutions or alternatively, you can reach out to us here to request tile samples for your projects.