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So It’s Time to Select Tiles for your Project- Read this Guide First

Selecting tiles is a fun and exciting step in your interior design journey! Whether you are working on a home renovation or an entirely new home build, there are many different design decisions that need to be made throughout the planning process and thankfully, our expert design team at the Perini showroom can guide you through each and every step of the way, from finding your own unique interior design style to creating the perfect colour palette for your project. 

How do I find my Interior Design Style?

When starting off a new project, whether it is a kitchen or bathroom renovation or a new home build, pinning down your own unique interior design style is the very best place to start. Defining your own style from the get-go will help you keep a consistent theme throughout your interiors to ensure continuity in your design. 

pastelle tiles

Finding your own unique interior design style is made simple by seeking out and researching examples of interior schemes that you find yourself particularly drawn to. Our elegant and timeless Pastelle wall tiles provide the perfect complement to this nature inspired bathroom design scheme where timbers and neutral tones meet to create an inviting and warm palette.

The best way to find your own unique style is to sift through examples either online or in printed media (such as home design magazines) and create a mood board. Include images you’ve felt particularly drawn to and take note of which elements you are particularly interested in. These could include colours, materials, joinery designs, furniture and more! Once you’ve gathered a bit of a collection, you should notice a theme emerging in your selections – You may notice you’ve chosen a variety of images that show a country style for example, which would indicate that this is your own unique creative style. 

Using this information will make the decision process easier as you now have a roadmap of sorts that will direct you through each and every decision of your renovation or building project. 

What should I bring with me for my Design Consultation?

After nailing down your own distinct interior design style, it’s time to visit our tile showroom where you can start looking at the many different options available. Our friendly team are on hand to help you narrow down your options and answer any queries that may come up. If you live interstate or find it difficult to find the time to visit you can also book a free online design consultation where your Designer will assist you through the process of selecting the perfect tiles for your style, needs and budget while also curating the perfect colour scheme for your project. 

tile selection

Your Perini Design Consultant will offer expert advice in mixing and matching your tiles and coordinating finishes for your project. We’ll also provide you with tile samples to take home to view in your own natural light to better assist in the decision making process.

Whether you are visiting our showroom or looking for an online design consultation, there are a couple of things you can prepare before your appointment that will help you make the most of your time. 

  • Drawings or Sketches: Context is everything! It is important to consider the dimensions of the space you are tiling when making your selections as this will influence the size of your actual tiles. Floor plans, elevations or simple, dimensioned sketches of the space you are tiling will be incredibly beneficial to have when visiting the showroom. 
  • Inspirational Images: You may also want to include any inspirational images you may have found online or in printed magazines as these will offer your Design Consultant better insight in to your preferences and creative vision. 

You will find a range of inspirational images of our tiles on our website under each collections listing. The stunning Undulato Porcelain Tiles for example, are shown installed in this elegant kitchen, offering ideas and inspiration of not only how the tiles will look in the home but also what types of colours and finishes will complement your selection.

  • Tile Selection Shortlist: If you’ve already browsed our website (which is an excellent first step to take when starting out on your tile selections!) you will have already seen a ton of inspirational images attached to each tile’s description along with expert advice on tiles and interior design to help get you started. Create a shortlist of your top choices from our immense online catalogue and make sure to bring this with you for your consultation – Your Design Consultant will present you with each option, offer alternatives where necessary (i.e. if you are after a different colour or price bracket for example) as well as matching tile options to help you create a complete look. 
  • Sample Finishes: If you have already selected certain materials and finishes for your project (such as benchtops, cabinetry, timber flooring, etc.) samples of these products would be a handy item to bring along with you. Our Showroom is fully equipped with samples of cabinetry finishes and benchtop options however so if you have not yet made up your mind, our team will guide you through your selections!

What questions should I ask my Perini Design Consultant?

During your consultation, some key questions to ask your Consultant include:

  • Which tiles are designed for wall or floor use? 

As there are many different tile designs and materials to choose from, it is important to specify if you are after wall tiles, floor tiles or both. Certain tiles can only be used as a wall finish (these types are often lighter in weight and can include ornate designs, uneven or textured surfaces or are made of a material that will not support a high amount of foot traffic). Your Consultant will present you with a variety of options to suit your needs and intended application. 

Seeking out advice on which tiles can be used where is a great way to narrow down your options and find the perfect match for your project. Most ceramic tiles for example (such as the stunning Gallery Wall Tile  Collection pictured above for example) can only be used for a vertical finish. These tiles are usually softer than other options, making them ideal for wall use thanks to their lightweight nature. They also provide the additional benefit of being easier to drill through, making the installation of wall accessories such as towel rails and shelving much simpler and straight forward.

  • How do I clean and maintain my new tiles?

Each different tile material will require various care and maintenance in order to maintain their longevity and finish. Porcelain tiles for example remain an incredibly popular choice for the home thanks to their low maintenance qualities. Being almost completely non-porous, these tiles will not require sealing and are incredibly resilient against scratching as well as high temperatures. Mosaic tiles on the other hand, are available in a wide range of different materials including glass and natural stone. Natural stone tiles will require sealing as well as regular cleaning to ensure any built-up grime or dirt does not leave marks on the finish. Our team can recommend the very best sealants as well as daily cleansers for all your tiles – You will also find more detailed information in our guide to sealing your tiles as well as our tile cleaning guide.

Different types of tiles can only be used in certain applications with each option coming with its own set of recommended cleaning and care guidelines. Our Woodtech External Porcelain Tiles for example offer a spectacular low maintenance outdoor tile option that can be easily kept clean and tidy with a simple wipe down.

  • How long will it take to receive my order?

Our tile collections are sourced from all over the world: We carry Australian designed, Italian, Spanish, and plenty more exciting collections! Most tile collections can be fulfilled in a matter of days but best to order early in the case that your quantity is not available straight away.  Your Design Consultant will ensure you are well informed of the timeframe involved in receiving your order. 

Selecting your Tiles in 5 Simple Steps

With so many exciting tile options available, it can be quite overwhelming to figure out just where to start! Following these simple steps will help you narrow down your tile options and find your perfect match:

  • Select a Colour Scheme or Design Theme: Start off the tile selection process by settling on a colour scheme or interior design theme for your space. Defining the overall look you want to achieve will allow you to start narrowing down options in terms of colour, texture and style to create a cohesive palette. 
  • Set a Budget: When formulating a budget, it is important to take into consideration the cost of the tiles themselves as well as laying costs. Some tiles can attract a slightly higher laying cost in terms of labour or materials. For example, large format porcelain tiles will often cost more to lay in comparison to smaller tile formats as a result of the additional weight and of course their overall size which requires a completely smooth and flat surface beneath them to ensure a quality finish. Mosaic tiles, although significantly smaller and simpler to work with, will require more grout, adding to the project’s cost of materials. You will find more detailed information on the cost of tiles and laying process in our guide: The Cost of Tiles – Why Tile Prices Differ.
  • Size and Format: When selecting tiles, it is crucial to take your space’s measurements into consideration to ensure your tile selection is well proportioned. Large format tiles are especially popular in large space, sitting perfectly in proportion with the space however they also have their place in smaller spaces. Find out more in our guide: How to use Large Format Bathroom Tiles.

Washington porcelain tile collection

Contrary to popular belief, large format tiles such as our Pamir Porcelain tiles can make a statement in smaller spaces as well as larger rooms. By selecting a tile size that will neatly fit into a small space’s measurements, you are effectively creating a near seamless finish that also boasts the benefit of having minimal grout!

  • View and Test your Tiles: Although using printed or online media is an excellent way to start your tile selection journey, it is always best to view the product itself to gain the most realistic view of its colour, texture or sheen level. If you are ordering your tiles online, our team can arrange for samples to be delivered directly to you before making your final decision or you can visit out showroom where you can view a range of tiles and take home your samples to view in your home’s natural light. 
  • Confirm your Selections: Once you’ve made a decision on your perfect tiles, it’s time to place your order! When ordering tiles it is important to take a few things into consideration: firstly, ensure you have ordered enough tiles to complete your project. It is always a great idea to add approximately 10% extra to your quantities to make sure there is some wiggle room (this will ensure there are some extra tiles from the same batch in case they are needed during installation and can also be stored away for later use should a tile need replacing or fixed items such as cabinetry for example are being replaced).

Why shop at Perini Tiles?

Shopping at Perini Tiles, you can expect a complete and thorough experience with a team of highly trained and experienced individuals. All of our consultants are qualified interior designers and can offer their guidance and expertise in selecting the perfect tiles for your intended purpose while also assisting you in the creation of a complete look for your home, expertly curating matching paint colours, benchtops and cabinetry finishes. You will leave our showroom with a selection of free tile samples to test out in your own home’s natural light as well as a breadth of insightful information that will help you create the perfect design scheme. 

Our showroom is constantly being kept up to date with all the latest in interior design trends, offering a range of stylish and creative options to choose from such as our super versatile Volos collection for example. This natural stone tile can be laid in a variety of patterns to help you create that perfect look, from herringbone and brickbond styles to stacked or staggered designs.

Our showroom is kept up to date with all the latest interior design trends, with an impressive range of tile options that included unique pieces from all around the world. Creating your own distinct look is simple with such a vast range to choose from! 

Our team will also provide expert advice on the best cleaning and maintenance requirements to ensure your new tiles remain in tip-top shape for many years to come. Each of our clients can expect a top quality experience at Perini Tiles with expert advice and guidance at every step of the way!

Can I shop online at Perini Tiles?

Perini Tiles offers both online and in-showroom experiences for our clients. You can book a free online design consultation with our staff where will discuss the best tile options for your needs, budget and style while also assisting you in the curation of the perfect colour palette. Tile samples can be ordered straight from our website and delivered directly to you so you can test out the product and view it in your home’s natural light. Once you are happy with your selections you can place your order on our website where our team can arrange delivery Australia wide.

It can be tricky to know just where to start when selecting your new tiles while also ensuring your entire colour scheme is coordinated with the perfect benchtops, cabinetry and paint colours that will tie your new look together. 

Visit our tile showroom or book a free online design consultation to get started on your project!